Labour Candidate is BBC Bias Complaints Judge.

(Hat-tips to all who highlighted this in the comments)

Update. Craig has more on this. Good work Ryan.

Update 2. I see that Sarah Bell, the BBC hack who couldn’t find a single non-LibDem supporter in the constituency of her LibDem Facebook friend Susan Kramer, hasn’t tweeted for a few days. Told to keep a low profile, perhaps? (Facebook screenshot from Ryan, via Beeb Bias Craig)

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  1. Martin says:

    So there’s a shock, not! Now we know why so many of those complaints get brushed aside.

    Me thinks a letter to the BBC trust is needed here. No BBC employee should be allowed to be a political candidate.


    • Dazed-and-Confused says:


      Perhaps you could take this issue up with the “Media Standards Trust”, a quango advocating open and honest journalism. Surely they’ll fight your corner for you, in regards to blatant BBC bias.

      On second thoughts……Scrub that!!!…..It’s board members include Robert Peston and Julia Middleton of Common Purpose fame –

      So yet again, those claiming to be fighting for transparency, are actually one sided stooges with an agenda of their own.

      Ho Hum….


  2. hippiepooter says:

    Do you think the BBC Trust are going to do anything?  After the way they grudingly reached minimal findings against Bowen because a complainant persisted for 2 years I can’t think of a bigger waste of time trying to make the BBC impartial by complaining to it.  It’s got so bad it needs to be a political issue and Parliamentary action taken to clear out the biased scum.


  3. Martin says:

    I was being sarcastic about writing to the BBC trust. Writing to those twats would be like writing to Stalin to complain abou tHitler.


    • hippiepooter says:

      [email protected]


      Dear Mr Summers,
      I’m really worried about the amount of bias the BBC shows against the Conservatives and UKIP.  I was very concerned about what I could do about it, but then I heard you work in the complaints department and are a man of absolute integrity who can be depended upon to deal fairly with complaints.  What a relief to know there are still people like you Mr Summers, I was beginning to worry that the BBC is so bent they’d probably even employ a Labour Party candidate to deal with election complaints.
      I’ll leave it to your ‘ealing hands Mr Summers.
      All the best, …

      OK, get this, got an automated response that he’s out of the office till 20 April, and it gives his mobile number as well! .. No, I’m not going to .. but you can always send him an email! 🙂


  4. Travis Bickle says:

    I just sent him an e-mail inviting him to join this debate.  I also got the out of office response witgh his mobile number.  I will give him a ring and read every comment posted onto his answer machine.

    Like Martin I will also submit a complaint to the BBC about impartiality rules being broken.


    • hippiepooter says:

      The Conservative Party and UKIP have got more then enough grounds to send an open letter to the DG of the BBC demanding that a whole range of journalists are pulled from election coverage due to their bias.  It wouldn’t happen, but it would put BBC bias centre stage in this election campaign and lead to more people treating BBC coverage with caution.  Conservative spokesmen would be enboldened to tackle BBC bias in interviews and more likely to be forthright in their views without fearing BBC interviewers playing rhetorical games to falsify and demonise what they say.  Could only be good for this election.


    • hippiepooter says:

      I had a chat with Nick Collins last night 🙂

      Also sent the story the Daily Mail’s way, but nothing on it as of yet apart from mis-attributing this story on its election blog as having been broken by Guido, not Ryan on beebbiascraig’s comments.  I’ve let them know, as Ryan posted better information, apart from breaking the story.

      Chris Summers has now deleted his Facebook account.  A clear admission the BBC has something very serious to hide.  This needs to be a major story.


  5. TooTrue says:

    This site is driving me crackers. Sometimes I can comment, sometimes I can’t because the box wont accept text. And when I want to reply to a reply to me at times I can’t.

    Anyway, before I knew that this stupid Summers shmuck was sitting on the complaints thingy, I submitted a complaint to the Trust on Sarah Bell’s unashamed promotion of the LibDems. Dunno how seriously they will take a complaint from a non-Brit, but they don’t take any complaints seriously anyway, so that evens that out. They have finally updated the Complaints site a bit to make it easier to navigate around but it still has that awful green background.

    Once the BBC appeared to do something about gross bias on their website, possibly as a result of my complaints. In the course of an hour I sent off a furious flurry of abuse (though free of swear words) to the Complaints website, Steve Herrmann, editor of the BBC News website* and Newswatch.

    Perhaps that is the way to go – complain to as many people as you can think of to stir them up a bit and have more of a chance of them making at least some small effort to abide by their Charter.

    I also sent Herrmann a complaint re Sara Bell (and also got an “out of the office” automated reply):

    [email protected]


  6. TooTrue says:

    On e-mailing Herrmann I got a phone number for the duty manager. Maybe that means he’ll do his duty and take the matter seriously.

    (Or do his duty by the BBC and not take it seriously.)