Beautiful Monday morning, not a cloud or a plane in sight, so what better time for the BBC to run one of it’s very special polls which shows the world is warming to the USA since Obama came to power. The inherent bias in this World Service poll is TRULY wondrous with the US under the evil Bush seen as more malign than Russia or China! But hey, maybe the BBC needs another poll to explain why it is that even as the US under Obama gets better World Service poll ratings, Obama’s own poll-ratings in the US have slumped? Something about the enemy within…?

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  1. hippiepooter says:

    Wow!  The BBC spearhead a hate campaign of epic proportions against Bush and he was unpopular, they have a lovefest that never ends with Obama and he’s popular.  Wow.  That’s amazing!

    Like you indicated, better for the cultural Marxists at the BBC to wallow in the success of their propaganda than focus on how the American people are waking up to the true nature of the Manchurian candidate the MSM got in power.


  2. deegee says:

    I always thought the BBC opposed Global Warming 🙂


  3. Jack Bauer says:

    When it comes to the crypto-Marxist Obama, the lumpen Marxetariat apparatchiks at the BBC believe in GLOBAL FAWNING.

    Funny how those living under the Obama regime aren’t so sanguine about the socialist ruin he promises the United States.

    Just look at the polls of those who have a vote, as opposed to those living in a socialist 3rd world shit hole  — and that’s not just the UK.


  4. deegee says:

    Statistics are not my strongest skill but I can read a graph and the graph the BBC uses to illustrate this poll doesn’t justify the BBC’s conclusion or Steven Kull’s that the improvement has anything to do with an ‘Obama’ effect.

    The climb in the US approval rating began in 2007 and has remained consistent. Obama assumed office in January 2009. What happened in 2007? It certainly wasn’t Obama.

    I would have thought a far more significant result is that the two countries Pakistan and Turkey have significantly negative opinions. Pakistan has 52 per cent with a negative perspective and just 9 per cent with a positive one. Turkey has 70 per cent with an unfavourable view—up seven points from last year. Turkey and Pakistan are American allies and essential to America’s current efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan and not insignificantly Turkey has a common border  with Iraq and Pakistan with Afghanistan. Turkey and Pakistan are also significantly hostile to the UK. Wasn’t the great one supposed to improve relations with the Muslim world?

    It’s a small point but why have South Africa and Israel not been surveyed – ever?


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Left unexamined:  how much of this popularity bounce is due to the fact that Boooooosh is gone and how much is due to His Light Shining Upon Us.

    Even if McCain was President now, the US would be looked upon more favorably simply because the Bush-bashing would be over.

    Also what deegee said.


  6. deegee says:

    et more polls. 
    A plurality of Jewish voters would consider someone else for President. 
    According to the 2008 exit polls, Barack Obama won 78% to 21% among Jewish voters. (I assume the 21% is a typo and 81% is the correct figure) Now, in the second year of Obama’s presidency, only 42% of voters would re-elect him, while the plurality (46%) would consider voting for someone else.

    W =-O W


  7. DP111 says:

    <i>Obama’s own poll-ratings in the US have slumped? Something about the enemy within…? </i>

    The BBC would reply that no prophet or messiah is accalimed ih his own country. Obama is a messiah, and it is nt a surprise that evil capitalists, bankers, Republicans, Tea partierts, Sarah palin typed, want to destroy the messiah.


    The messiah has raised his income to over $5m. Not bad for a messiah.


    So whp says that socialism does not pay. Ask any BBC executive or the high ups on the BBC ladder.