BBC reviews that Channel 4 debate between Darling, Osborne and Cable. No guesses who is determined as the winner. Arise Sir Vince.

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  1. dave s says:

    I have noticed that the BBC commentators ,along with others of the same mindset, keep on portraying the Tory reversal of the NI extra tax as a tax cut.
    I would have thought it was simply a decision not to take more in tax from the nation. Not a cut but a sensible , for once, realisation that the state’s share of the GDP has to fall.
    The creation of the 53/47 overspending state is a sure and certain recipe for national bankruptcy sooner or later.
    This is never pointed out but an organisation that depends on a forcibly removed share of the nation’s wealth to stay afloat is by it’s very nature unable to comprehend basic economic truths.
    They like Vince because he never unsttles them or seriously challenges the statist mindset endemic throughout the BBC.


  2. Martin says:

    Well said Dave, also the BBC allow Cable to spout lies and get away with it. He’s on Radio 5 this morning, let’s see if he gets pulled apart by the intellectual giant that is Victoria Derbyshire!!!


  3. Umbongo says:

    As I said to Mrs U “wake me when it’s over.”  Unfortunately Mrs U also dropped off . . . . .  The bit I did see was the usual crapola and there were no new (or even old) revelations.  Vince was a bit more interesting but then, as Osborne squeaked, Vince can say anything since he’ll never be in a position to do anything.

    This programme was rubbish and, as expected, a complete waste of time – as will the leaders’ “debate” be.  It’s only of even academic interest to the political class which will have its representatives in power whatever happens.  Not one vote will change because of this exhibition of dildoidism.  To us punters (or this punter anyway) out here they’re all the same with the same policies and the same desire to conceal the truth that, whoever gets into no 11, we’re f***ed.  Of course, the BBC wouldn’t say that but, instead (Crick excluded) selected its poster boy as the “winner”.  However, to be fair to the BBC – an attitude which is never reciprocated – Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph made Darling the winner.  OTOH Warner did imply “so what!”.

    My conclusion is that if the Conservatives can’t (or won’t) nail Labour for paving the road to ruin of the last 13 years (which Osborne – and Cameron – consistently fail to do), there’s nothing they can do in or out of office.  In that way, and analogously to blaming useless social workers for not preventing the murder of Baby P, they are almost as culpable (by not holding Labour to account) as Labour itself for the country’s present economic position.


    • Martin says:

      Spot on. The robbing of our pensions, the selling off of gold at rock bottom prices, the FSA losing control of the banks, the huge debt, all the making of Nu Liebour yet Osborne never mentioned it once. I don’t get it, especially as Liebour continually hark back to “Thatcher” 30 years ago.


  4. Martin says:

    Radio 5 are running a quote from ONE commentator on their news. Kevin O’Sullivan (socialist from Daily Mirror) he’s rubbishing Osborne and bigging up Darling and Cable. The BBC did a piece with other commentators some of those thought Osborne did better, needless to say the BBC don’t think them worthy of a sound bite on the news.

    The BBC biased, never!


  5. Mailman says:

    Osborns problem is his age, or perceived age.

    Then again, why the hell did they even bother to have cable on? Its not like he has a chance in hell of being the next Chancellor anyway. The debate should have only been between Labour and the Tories, you know…the two parties who actually have a chance of being the next Government.