Is it true that Gordon Brown is charging £13,000 for any journalist wishing to join his bus tour of the Kingdom? I hope the BBC are not funding Labour by facilitating this? Perhaps a passing BBC journalist can confirm that the BBC is not lavishing OUR cash on Gordon?

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9 Responses to ON TOUR WITH GORDON..

  1. Guest says:

    Maybe they could make a pledge.

    They are worth about as much and are every bit as binding.


  2. rainbow.64 says:

    It’s the No More Boom and Bus, obviously.


  3. Subrosa says:

    David, I’m quite sure you already know the answer.


  4. Martin says:

    What a shock. The BBC covered the one eyed twat’s speech in full but flickong over to News 24 now they are not covering Cameron. Why am I not surprised?


  5. Scott N says:

    I wonder how many people the BBC will buy tickets for? They go mob-handed everywhere anyway. Would be interesting to see how many tickets the buy and how many are actually used.


  6. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    McRuin would charge the BBC? Gee, that’s gratitude for you.


  7. stopcp says:

    Yes, the taxpayer will be paying through the nose for this.

    Just another Labour fiddle.



  8. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC have been on tour with the labour party for years, they could be glued together at the hip and not be any closer, you can be sure that the BBC has a dedicated team of spinners/toadies/flunkies/smear merchants on Browns battle bus as it visits infant schools/labour party faithful carefully vetted beforehand and generally hiding themselves away from the real electorate that so despises Brown.
    The Leni Riefenstahl treatment will be applied to Brown, it will be a modern ‘triumph of the will’ tailormade by the propagandists at the BBC, they will leave no stone unturned in the effort to turn a pigs ear into a silk purse.
    Remember that the BBC has unlimited funds for only as long as labour remains in power, they will fight like demons for a labour win, in the shadows of course and with all the poisonous greasiness they can muster. No expense will be spared, no amount of your money will go unspent by the labour supporting BBC.
    No panarama special investigation revealing the electoral fraud that the labour party have become world famous for, having learned all the third world tricks of the trade nothing will be allowed to sully the BBC/labour victory tour into oblivion, all the faked rigged votes the labour fraudsters can muster will not be enough to avoid the judgement day.


  9. Martin says:

    Pravda 5 live with Kate Silverton had lefty Nick Watt from the Guardian on today. Watt of course launched intro a Tory attack right off the bat, attacking Cameron for not wearing a suit and tie (what?) whilst the great man Gordon did. Watt then called Cameron not cool, unlike Obama who is cool (erections all round at the BBC there). Even the vile dopey talentless crater faced Silverton seemed embarrassed by Watt’s attack on Cameron. Watt also got in one of his choices of the week, Darling and the Belize tax information (and of course the BBC’s old favourite Lord Ashcroft) rather than talk about the lies from Brown over the economy, his lies about hiding cuts until after the election and his lies over Chilcot.

    The BBC/Guardian, taking it up the backside for Liebour is what we love to do, especially if there’s a free line of Meow Meow on the go as well.