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  1. George R says:

    BBC, instinctively Islam-supporting, is critical of the Islam-opposing, English Defence League.

    The BBC is politically in the Islam-‘Left’ alliance, as its ‘report’ on Bolton indicates:

    The BBC does not point out that the UAF was there to stop a peaceful demonstration by the EDF.

    A necessary alternative narrative:


    • Millie Tant says:

      I watched some of the demo /protest and violence which were being shown live on here

      and the trouble and aggro were coming from the so-called Anti Fascists – at least during the period when I was viewing. 

       You wouldn’t know that from the BBC “report” which implicates the EDL first in its references to violence and trouble.


    • Ed (ex RSA) says:

      Also note how the BBC always takes the Marxist rabble’s self-designation of “anti-fascists” at face value and describes them as such. On the other hand, the EDL is never taken at face value: they merely “claim to be against Islamic extremism”.


  2. NRG says:

    Did anyone on the mainland notie the BBC reporting the chaos brought to Northern Ireland b ybombs and bomb scares planted by one or another version of the IR .

    Surely the state broadcster could not be washing away a major terrorist incident in order to protect the Liebour narrative.


  3. Martin says:

    Further to my post about “Spike Marchant” being a typical BA customer (not) and his support for BA strikers, you can here him sticking up for the bruvvers and sistas of BA here on Radio 5 this morning.

    Go 2 hours and 11 minutes in.

    Something really stunk about that interview and who this guy is.


  4. George R says:

    Labour’s D.Miliband ‘mentions’ Iran. BBC mentions his mention, blandly. Is there any real content here? Any suggestion that Miliband will take action against the Islamic Republic of Iran regime? Of course not.

    When, if ever, will the Labour government do a simple, clear-cut thing, like close down Ahmadinejad’s anti-British propaganda arm, ‘PRESS TV’ and its 24/7 broadcasts from its London HQ on Sky satellite?


  5. George R says:

    More on Bolton:

    1.)”Bolton today – UAF violence – many arrests”

    2.) “Key UAF leaders still in police custody”


  6. dave s says:

    Racist and fascist are the two words used to try to silence those who oppose the liberal left multi cult anti Western agenda of the elites. It is no longer working and I wonder just how much unspoken support the EDL has in the small towns and villages of the shires.
    I also wonder how much support the UAF has in these same small towns and villages.
    It would be intersting to know for sure but I suspect I know the answer and so , I suspect, does the liberal media.
    Which is why it will continue to believe in it’s unreal world until it is simply too late.


  7. Millie Tant says:

    A tale of corruption in public life in Wales with administrators of public funds for a deprived area handing contracts and perks right left and centre to family members:

    The interesting thing is how much of its “report” the BBC dedicates to the corrupt leading official’s justification for this fraud.

    However, it is not until you read this report

    that you get an accurate sense of the actual extent of this filching of public funds and number and web of family connections involved in it from manager and three brothers and partners, to husband, sons, daughters, partners of various others from board members to caretakers. It is almost funny, it is so extensive and so wanton.

     What the BBC gives you is little more than the tip of the iceberg. Now I wonder if this is because the BBC is not very good at news gathering and reporting and therefore not very informative or whether it took a decision to downplay the evidence and extent of corruption in public life because it might reflect badly on certain people, such as a serving government and political party – or BBC -favoured client groups such as those public leeches who live off public money (our money) while claiming to perform valuable “community” work.


    • rainbow.64 says:

      BBC Wales hates anything negative to do with the monumentally wasteful and largely pointless Assembly, and this story casts its funding priorities and regulations in a catastrophic light. With a crooked referendum due soon on enhancing the Assembly’s powers (‘fewer’ will NOT be an option for the good sheeple of Wales), stories like this will not be getting a welcome in the hillsides, at least as far as BBC newshoundios are concerned.


  8. John Horne Tooke says:

    The EDL and the UAF are different sides of the same coin. They haven’t got a brain cell among them. The BBC should report this for what it is – clashes against  illiterate loons, all the result of the British comprehensive education system.


    • dave s says:

      Don’t knock the comprehensive system. It is the towering achievement of the liberal left and a shining example to up and coming nations everywhere. Which is why the Chinese, Indians and Japanese, to name only three,  are so anxious to emulate us and introduce it to their respective lands.
      Only when we sink into third world status will we accept our mistake but by then it will be too  late.


      • rainbow.64 says:

        Aha, so the comprehensive system is all part of a cunning plan to wreck the rest of the world’s education, while we perhaps sneak back to some form of ability streaming, keeping us way ahead of the game. I KNEW there had to be logical explanation behind it, somewhere. Not sure the Indians and the Chinese will ever forgive us though, but by then it will be too late for them. (cue manic early Blackadder-style crowing laughter)


    • DG says:

      I guess the EDL will be from comprehensive system as they represent the views fed to them by lower standard papers like the Mail, Express and the Sun so will be fairly low in intelligence. I would guess that a large part of the UAF will be a mixture of university students and most of those from comprehensive students will be more inclined to be drinking alcohol whilst those protesting will be more intelligent and probably from public schooling. Doesn’t generalisation make things sound stupid (apart from the factual point that Mail, Express and Sun readers being of low intelligence


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        “.. factual point that Mail, Express and Sun readers being of low intelligence”

        And you don’t go in for generalizations?


  9. Cassandra King says:

    Former labour cabinet ministers caught in a cash for influence sting!

    The BBC will be rushing to investigate and report this political scandal of course? Only after they have ignored it/hid behind legal excuses/buried the story/tried to implicate the hated tories.
    Four labour ministers have been caught red handed peddling their political influence for large amounts of cash, three grand a day to help change laws  and get the ears of those in a position to assist those with the money available.
    Stephen Byers is a BBC favourite pundit brought in to smear anything tory, ready and available as the BBCs rent a quote socialist, oooh dear he is caught on tape offering himself as acab for hire and suggesting that he could get Tony B£iar onside if five grand a day was on the table.

    Patricia Hewitt
    Geoff Hoon
    Margeret Moron
    Stephan Byers

    All prostituting themselves by trying to cash in on their time as elected politicians and their insider contacts, can you imagine the panic at BBC HQ right now? The editorial team trying to find any reason NOT to report the story and/or trying to find a tory angle with which to cover these BBC favoured crooks.
    The Ashcroft non story pimped by the BBC for weeks with every possible thread worked over and over with a microscope, every word out of place magnified and every sentence picked over for every tiny flaw to try and make a mountain out of a mole hill.
    This will be a perfect opportuntiy to witness the real BBC in action, watch as the BBC pulls out all the stops to either kill the story and/or bury it ASAP, the BBC airbrush combined with the BBC stroy brush’N’carpet routine will ensure that this political scandal will ‘go away’.
    Watch and learn the BBC narrative in action ‘if it aint tory sleaze it aint a story’ and ‘get me a tory to smear’!
    The BBC and labour working in perfect harmony to cover up labour corruption. In labour land everything is for sale at the right price, ethics and morals can be overlooked if the price is right.
    Remember the 1996/1997 tory sleaze allegations spread by the BBC with fanatical determination, they were like a dog with a bone and their coverage bordered on the witch hunt with weeks and weeks of hearsay and innuendo and whispers repeated as evidence. Now contrast the BBC approach to the scandal and see the machine at work.

    BTW isnt it about time that Nick toenails Robinscum had a long holiday? Just enough of a holiday untill the scandal is over. His holiday timing is uncanny isnt it?


    • Craig says:

      It’s begun Cassie.

      The story is second on the BBC News website (though doubtless not for long) but you might not recognise it straight away because it’s under a very boring headline: Labour pledges lobbying crackdown.

      The headline should have read Labour MPs ‘caught in undercover sting’ or even Ex-cabinet ministers deny wrongdoing over cash for influence (which is the sort of thing they usually put). The BBC couldn’t even bring themselves to go that far. Instead we get Labour pledges lobbying crackdown – hardly a headline that screams ‘Read me!’ to any browsers of the site (which is probably the point,)

      The article itself, as you predicted, then continues the job of playing the story down.

      The opening paragraph pursues the same angle as the headline: Labour has promised to introduce stricter rules for lobbyists following claims three former cabinet ministers had offered their services for money. Labour to the rescue!

      Then they move on to their favourite way of framing these sort of embarrassing stories:  “Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon have denied any wrongdoing after they were secretly recorded for a Channel 4 documentary.”

      They also ignore a detail of the story that came out on The Andrew Marr Show – that the Tories who were approached by Channel 4 and The Sunday Times all refused to play ball. That reflects much better on the Tories than on Labour, so mum’s the word at the BBC.

      Then they have a quote in a box from a Labour spokesman (the only one), blandly saying “What this case shows is that we need more transparency in the entire lobbying system.”

      Pure pro-Labour spin.


      • Craig says:

        Whoops, forgot the link:


        • Craig says:

          The article has just been ‘revised’. The new headline is Darling anger over ‘MPs for Hire’. The quote on the right-hand side has also changed to Chancellor Alistair Darling saying “It’s just ridiculous”.  Darling’s views and those of ‘a Labour spokesman’ – the case for the defence – are then quoted at length. Still no mention of the Conservatives’ refusal to accept the fake deal.


  10. Lloyd says:

    Work-shy Weyman Bennett, veteran of over 200 demos said “Officers came up to me as soon as I arrived and said they would arrest me. They are hostile to anti-racists and there needs to be an investigation.
    “Police neutrality needs to be questioned.”


  11. Martin says:

    Well said. Radio 5 were reporting that “MPs caught out in lobbying scandal”, so that would be those evil Tories at it again?


  12. Martin says:

    American on Sky News just said that although Obama has no official position he’d like Cameron to win. I can see male beeboids tearing up their Obama topless photos right now.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Oh, great.  That’s like the kiss of death these days.  One can only hope that will make the BBC turn on Him now.


  13. Martin says:

    BBC News 24 is a disgrace!!! They’ve just accused C4 and the Times of “trying to dig up scandal on Labour MPs” and of “targeting Labour MPs” BBC going on about “undercover reporting and how they didn’t know they were being recorded”

    The BBC narrative is quite clear, this is a smear on Labour politicians from the right, the BBC seem to be making the defence for the socialist scum. I just wonder if a Tory had been caught out if the BBC would be SO DEFENSIVE?


    • rainbow.64 says:

      Bit suspicious of this story; Hewitt, Goon, Byers. Aren’t these the Blairista jokers who ‘organised’ the Muppet PMQ text coup to oust Gordo in January? Wonder where this story originated? Throw in Margaret Moron, well, they’re certainly expendable.


    • DG says:

      I suppose it depends how you watch the BBC news. If, before you watch something, you’ve already decided what they’re going to say, its easy to convince yourself. The BBC have allowed a lot of criticism this morning on the ministers – from the paper reviewer this morning to the Andrew Marr program. But if you want it to be spin or bias, who is anyone else to deny you to make assumptions based on . . .nothings


  14. Beeboidal says:

    Remember when George Osborne and Peter Mandelson had that bit of trouble with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska? BBC’s coverage was so heavily skewed in reporting Osborne/Deripaska that politcal editor, Steve Mawhinney, felt the need to blog to explain why this was so. Essentially, his point was that the allegations against Osborne, if true, might constitute criminal wrongdoing and so Osborne was the more important story and deserved more coverage. For the sake of argument, let’s assume his point is valid.

    Eighteen months later, two stories are running simultaneously – Lord Ashcroft and Lord Paul. The BBC turns into the ‘Lord Ashcroft Channel’, while giving very little coverage of Lord Paul. Yet Lord Ashcroft was not accused of any criminal act whereas it is Lord Paul who was being investigated by the police.

    Perhaps Steve Mawhinney would like to explain this very obvious bias.


    • Martin says:

      I seem to remember Toenails blogging that they went soft on Lord Fondlebum because at the time the Government was under a lot of pressure and they didn’t want to be accused of piling on. Toenails basically admitted bias. Someone might even remember the link as it was posted here.


    • NotaSheep says:

      Could it be as simple as Lord Swaraj Paul is a Labour peer and Lord Ashcroft is a Conservative peer. There might be more to it but the simple answer is often the most accurate. </sarcasm>


    • Guest says:

      Nice factual catch. 

      I am certainly building a fine selection of topics for Uncle Ray of Newswatch to sit for a cosy chat with a surly editor who gets allowed to say ‘that’s different’ or he ‘doesn’t agree it looks like rampant double standards’.

      Oddly, I suspect I might wait awhile as the choices of what does get the ‘treatment’ will be as selective as most of the BBC’s editorial inclusions or omissions.


  15. George R says:

    How the BBC’s chums at ‘the ‘Guardian’ are getting on:

    “Guardian journalists investigate own bosses”


  16. Martin says:

    More one sided crap reporting on News 24. Firstly, Obama Care. BBC simply spun it as white angry Republicans opposing it and nice cuddly Democrats in favour. At no time in the report did ugly beeboids mention MOST Americans oppose Obama Care that it’s going to add a huge amount to the US national debt.

    Then we got another puff piece on the BA strike, but finally the ugly female beeboid in this case did manage to ask a trolley dolly WHY the engineers and pilots managed to do a deal with BA (and make sacrifices) but the cabin crew couldn’t. “Because he wants to destroy us” was the obvious Unite prepared statement,

    These women (the cabin crew are mostly women) are being led like lambs to the slaughter by the communists in Unite/Nu Liebour.


  17. John Anderson says:

    As might well be expected,  the Sunday morning politics show on London Broadcasting (LBC) chaired by Edward Pearce is really hammering away at the MPs for hire story.  Including criticism of the kneejerk Govt response “we will ban all this”.  And Sir Alastair Graham saying that Byers looks to have come very close to outright illegality.

    This is by far the biggest political story right now – involving very senior Labour figures.  After all the weeks of Ashcroft nonsense,  the Tories should insist that the BBC crawls all over this one – for the whole of the next week.

    Should the Sun be alerted to the tricks the BBC are already up to – after their slam at the BBC last week for clear bias over Ashcroft.


    • Martin says:

      It won’t happen, already Prince Fondlebum will be on to Toenails and co to spin this as an attempt by the Tories to move away from Lord Ashcroft. The BBC have only highlighted this story to try to get hold of the narrative and steer it their way. Continual reference to the MPs (note the BBC doesn’t use the word Labour) and how they were filmed without their knowledge (remember how the BBC piled on to Tory MP Alan Duncan?)

      In fact here’s Toenails take on Duncan, note he doesn’t go on about how nasty it was to film Duncan in secret.

      Expect the FULL force of the BBC to come out in support of Liebour tomorrow morning, led by the Toady programme and Radio Pravda 5 live.


  18. Scott N says:

    It’s very typical to see how the BBC are spinning this story. Their headline is always the Labour defence of whatever crap has just hit the fan. But Labour’s defence of the scandal ISN’T the story. The story IS the scandal in the first place.  Disgusting Labour propagandists using public money to puke out this crap.


  19. It's all too much says:

    There is a really rampant scandal going on in Scotland at the moment one that id of national signigicance – but surprisingly it has a very very low profile on the BBC: why?  Why is it less important than hate figure ASHCROFT?

    Here are some links to the national and scottis press –  they may give an indication as to the reporting black hole that has apparently arisen at the BBC

    The Herald

    Times … “POLICE are this weekend considering launching a “cash for favours” investigation into one of Labour’s biggest donors after he was awarded public sector contracts worth up to £20m.”

    Scotland on Sunday “A PUBLICLY-OWNED construction quango set up by former Glasgow council leader Steven Purcell has donated a total of £4,000 to Labour, Scotland on Sunday has learned.”

    There are lurid allegations and all sorts of intrigue all of which should be subject to forensic investigationby our favourite state broadcaster

    *****  Tumbleweed  *****


    • Martin says:

      Guido did a big thing about Purcell, but none of the MSM have gone near it, especially the BBC. I wonder why? Drugs and Nu Liebour perhaps?


  20. Daniel Smith says:

    Peter Hitchens in today’s mail:
    Feeble bias from the ‘Warmist’ BBC
    The usually supine Advertising Standards Authority has managed to condemn some alarmist and political newspaper advertisements put out by the Government, warning of global warming doom.
    These pathetic propaganda efforts – cynically aimed at children – used nursery rhymes to claim that man-made global warming was bound to lead to drought and storms.
    There were 939 complaints, a very large number, and there would have been more if the ASA hadn’t announced they had enough to act on.
    Now, if the ASA condemns an advertisement, you can be sure it is really, really bad. But what did the BBC, whose Charter obliges it to be impartial, make of this latest blow to the Warmist movement?
    The fast-fading Today programme, whose feeble new presenters have blunted its edge so much that it is rapidly ceasing to be a flagship, and becoming a politically correct festival of boredom, aired the following exchange.
    Presenter Justin Webb was talking to media correspondent Torin Douglas. Mr Webb was plainly peeved by the ASA decision.
    He opined that the controversy pivoted on ‘just one word’, as if that meant that the difference between certainty and speculation was insignificant. ‘This is a sort of score draw between the Government and those who complained,’ Mr Webb editorialised.
    ‘Some of the advertisements passed and a couple, on almost a technicality, not.’
    Mr Douglas replied: ‘I think you are right.’
    Well, I think he is wrong, and if the BBC had any real concern for impartiality, it would tell them both so.


    • deegee says:

      The two posters make contradictory claims. One talks about catastrophic drought as a result of climate change and the other talks about devastating floods. The BBC mentions this but without comment. So what is it too much or too little water?


    • Craig says:

      Later in the same programme Justin Webb closely questioned Guy Parker from the ASA before gently interviewing Ed Miliband.  


  21. deegee says:

    History lessons for US policy on Israel?
    With US-Israeli ties at a low ebb over plans to build new homes for settlers in disputed East Jerusalem, the BBC’s Paul Adams wonders if a former secretary of state offers lessons for Hillary Clinton in taking on Washington’s powerful Israel lobby.

    So the reason for the US attempts to mend fences are not a belated realisation by both sides that an important line had been crossed; nor that perhaps Joe Biden had led with his mouth not his head, as he has often been accused; nor that the cost to Obama’s credibility when Netanyahu inevitably declared Jerusalem is Israeli to do with as it wills was too high, nor even a recognition that the loss of Israel to the forces of evil would be a major blow to America.

    No it was Hilary Clinton’s upcoming speech to AIPAC. Shades of Walt and Mearsheimer. The clear implication that if it wasn’t for the nefarious Israel Lobby the US [or is it just Obama?] would have thrown Israel under the bus long ago [in America’s best interests. Just ask Gen. David Petraeus].

    The solution is to act like James Baker. Now I’m not aware that Baker’s mixture of patrician charm and steely Texan resolve that won the respect, and occasionally the fear of the Israelis and Palestinians as he shuttled in and out of Jerusalem almost 20 years ago achieved any long lasting results but I do remember that the last greatest rift between Israel and the United States involved the same James Addison Baker, III. What was he said? Oh, Yes. Fuck the Jews.


  22. George R says:

    BBC is so unscientific as not to say it: wind farms don’t work-

    ‘Mail’ has a critique:

    “Wind farms failing to produce enough power… because there’s not enough wind”

    Read more:

    Booker, ‘Sunday Telegraph’ does (one example):

    “Wind turbines: ‘Eco-friendly’ – but not to eagles” (Christopher Booker)

    But the BBC, without demur:

    “Kilgallioch Forest 132-turbine wind farm plan submitted”


  23. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    I see that other are starting to pick up on BBC propaganda, and the way they report on New Labour scum.


  24. Martin says:

    Pravda 5 live is really hammering the Tories over this. Now it’s the Tory Generals being attacked.


  25. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So the Socialist Democrat mandarins have twisted enough arms and made enough backroom deals to force through the vote:  ObamaCare has passed the House.  There are still a couple of small hoops to jump through, but it’s essentially done, unless something bizarre happens.

    I’ve made tons of comments explaining why it’s not the wonderful world of unicorns and rainbows which the BBC has presented to you, and I won’t go on about it now.  All I’m going to do right now is quote an email that Sen. Lamar Alexander has been sending around, which sums it up better than I’ve ever done:

    “This is an historic mistake. And unlike Social Security, Medicare and civil rights legislation, the only thing bipartisan about it is the opposition to it.

    “The mistake is to expand a health care delivery system that is already too expensive instead of reducing its cost so more Americans can afford health insurance.
    “This taxes job creators in the middle of a recession. It means Medicare cuts and premium increases for millions of Americans. When you include the cost of paying doctors who serve Medicare patients, it will increase the national debt.

    “It will force governors to cut higher education funding, and raise taxes and tuition to pay for new Medicaid costs. In Tennessee, the governor says the cost will be $1.1 billion or more over five years.

    “And the last-minute Washington takeover of the student loan program will add a half trillion more to the debt and overcharge 19 million student loans to help pay for health care.”

    Contrast this to what the BBC has been telling you.


  26. Guest says:

    ‘It’s not the wonderful world of unicorns and rainbows which the BBC has presented to you,’

    Just watched the BBC Breakfast News and am wondering if there is a 5th column at work in some quarters, using the BBC’s own agenda against it, albeit subtly.

    In a report about the passing of the bill, there was featured a new beneficiary, a 20 stone ‘single mother’, which seems to be the sole interviewee of choice on almost any family-related story.

    I have to say that whatever else was being sold here, as she played with her child I was left pondering from whom the money was to be taken to assist this poor woman’s health needs.


  27. George R says:

    “‘Economic cleansing’ in BBC’s World Cup backyard”


  28. Philip says:

    Looks like the champagne bottles are clinking again at BH. They’re certainly cheering the arrival of socialised medicine in the US in a way that is grossly disproportionate to its news value here. 
    Loving Obama. This is what we do


    • Cassandra King says:

      The BBC are over the moon over this “landmark victory”, so many happy beeboids in place and I hope the ceiling falls on their smug heads!


  29. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC are experts at manipulation of the news to serve its narrative, this time its the Australian desalination plant at Sydney coming under the spotlight.
    The beeboid reporter traps the plant manager into saying the plant was an emergency response to the ‘big dry’ when in fact the plant has been more than a decade in the making and only then because of the eco talibans oppostion to the construction of dams.
    So enter the real reason for the story apart from the AGW angle in the form of a whining greenie spokesman bemoaning the fact that this plant exists at all when in fact they were largely responsiblle for its construction with their fanatical blocking of new dams.
    Agenda setting perfection and they even managed to avoid the incomfortable fact that the rainfall patterns in Australia now point to an end(touch wood)to the big dry, move inland from Sydney and once brown scrubland has turned green and the BBC even managed to avoid mentioning what levels the dams are currently at.
    The result of the report is simply a platform for its green allies and an advertisment for the AGW fraud.


  30. George R says:

    BBC and Marr: forver the apologists for ISLAM.

    Marr’s ‘Start the Week’, Radio 4 this morning was another classic is pro-Islam bias.

    The theme is: ‘Islam in France’ (25 mins: 30 secs in) and Marr’s obviously biased  question to pro-Islamic author is:

    ‘How beseiged do Muslims feel?’

    So then we get 10 minutes’ one-sided BBC propaganda about the nasty French police, and how nice Islam is, and how burqas and hijabs are not a problem.

    The BBC and Marr censor the following case:

    “Ban the Burqa and the Niqab too” (by Daniel Pipes)


    “Nothing in Islam requires turning females into shapeless, faceless zombies; good sense calls for modesty itself to be modest. The time has come everywhere to ban from public places these hideous, unhealthy, socially divisive, terrorist-enabling, and criminal-friendly garments.”


    • John Anderson says:

      Yes,  Marr’s approach was totally on the Muslim side.  But it was capped, surely,  by John Simpson saying that he felt the riots by Muslim youths in Paris (where he owns a flat) were all the fault of the police. 

      So – the BBC’s World Affairs editor thinks the French deserve all the car-burning etc,  which is still going on (albeit unreported by him and his staff)


  31. George R says:


    A non-BBC, non-Marr question:

    ‘How beseiged do non-Muslims in France feel from Islamic jihad threats there, like this one?’:

    ‘BBC: The Age of Terror – The Paris Plot’ (Part 1 0f 4 parts here in video. Islamic jihad terror in France)


    • freddo41 says:

      We mustn’t forget the first item on the programme – a film about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge mass murderers. Apparently they’re much misunderstood and it’s time to take a fresh look at their so-called ‘crimes.’


  32. NRG says:

    This little beeboid seems unhappy


  33. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Too good not to post here:


  34. David Preiser (USA) says:

    One small bit of sunshine for the day:

    ACORN folds

    The ACORN Association Board met on Sunday March 21 and approved a set of steps to responsibly manage the process of bringing its operations to a close over the coming months. These include:

    * Closing ACORN’s remaining state affiliates and field offices by April 1st; and
    * Developing a plan to resolve all outstanding debts, obligations and other issues.


  35. John Horne Tooke says:

    The BBC must do something to take the heat off Labour – what better than to tar all the political parties with the same brush.

    “”The BBC uncovers hundreds of parliamentary rule breaches by MPs who accepted free trips abroad from foreign governments”

    They can now give this top billing over the alledged Labour Party corruption.


    • Lloyd says:

      Just seen this myself – will be the main topic on the beeb for at least the next 4 days.


      • Guest says:

        HOLD THE FRONT PAGE! Or, at least, get it on to safer ground. And lo, as if by magic…

        Our esteemed Foreign Secretary and favourite school swot has sent round the burlies in a show of strength and played a blinder: Nasty Israel plus Aunty can avoid that other narrative-unenhancing stuff going to town on some rather weak diplomatic spatting over our entire governing class self-imploding in greed and stupidity.

        Which I doubt, by now will even rate home page mention, save to excuse or further divert.


  36. dave s says:

    It is a nice try by the BBC but it won’t work. They obviously had their story ready as a distraction from the CH4 main event. They must take us for fools. Which of course the libleft elites do ,so isolated are they from reality.
    This is truly a terrible expose of the venal corruption of the entire political class. It could have the most serious repercussions in that many will just give up on democracy and lend tacit support to those who can offer an alternative.
    The political class just cannot see that to set out to destroy the settled fabric of a nation whilst at the same time indulge in what is in effect looting for personal gain is the most incendary of actions.
    They are going to make such bitter enemies that they have never imagined in their wildest nightmares and I fear for the consequences.
    This authoritarian state may well need it’s secret police and laws .
    There is no divine right to rule and without the freely given support and consent of the people-who will justly demand honest men and women to lead them as is their right-  any such state is  verging on a tyranny.


  37. Guest says:

    Promoting ‘positive body image’ is no doubt part of BBC Newsbeat’s official, licence fee-funded remit. But maths, and the definition of ‘average’? Not so much.

    I am more interested in the prevailing view that ‘promoting’ stuff seems now to be the BBC’s ‘remit’


  38. Cassandra King says:

    Just seen Peter Mandelson attempting to counter smear Stephen Byers as “grubby”. The sight of Mandelsons face clearly altered by several botox injections wobbling with feigned indignation as he tries to distance himself by attacking his former close business associate was too much for my stomach!
    Peter Mandelson a man with the ethics of a hungry rat and the moral centre of a Liverpudlian loan shark, a man so deeply involved in political corruption with more offshore wealth than most top flight beeboids, a man so cunning and poisonous even the EU snake pit got rid of him.
    So what do we know of the grubby scandal and the Byers/Mandelson connection? Perhaps the BBC will take us step by step through Mandelsons history of shady dealings and take a closer forensic examination of the dealings between byers and Mandelson? Perhaps the intrepid Toenails Robinscum could do a blog post about the affair and the contradictions in Mandelsons account of the dealings he had with Byers with a searching interview or two? Well thats out of the question now because for some strange reason and having investigated the Ashcroft smears in such detail our toenails has quietly dissapeared on holiday.
    One can only hope that Byers decides he will not walk the plank alone and decides there is no honour among thieves and dishes the dirt on Peter Mandelson because that is the only way the affair will see the light of day.
    The BBC would rather not investigate Peter Mandelson for some strange reason.


  39. Cassandra King says:

    The labour party in association with the BBC has decided its time to draw a line under the cash 4 access prostitution scandal, its lessons learned and move along nothing to see here combined with a nifty move by Brown to bump the scandal off the front pages by conveniently kicking a Jewish diplomat out of the UK. What perfect timing eh?
    So an invented diplomatic flare up combined with the BBC alternative scoop that conveniently involves every party means that a very relieved BBC can now bump the cash 4 influence scandal down the running order, job done.
    Did anyone notice how many ‘outraged’ labour MPs were wheeled out to condemn the 4 scapegoats and how many people from the TPA/sunlight centre/blogsphere/anti corruption bodies were invited to comment? Not many if any non labour critics were invited to contribute, prhaps the BBC couldnt find any?


    • dave s says:

      You were right. 1pm TV news. Israel, Mossad and the rest leads. The BBC have their orders I presume. I wonder who leaked this to the BBC?
      The more obvious the BBC is the more the day of reckoning will discomfort them.
      When you add the outrage this sordid parliament is causing to the anger over our soldiers’ plight then you have the ingredients for a quite unpredictable turn of events.
      We are being pushed too far.


  40. George R says:

    BBC: don’t mention ‘Islamic Jihad’ –

    “Somali pirates move towards India”

    ‘Jihadwatch’ a year ago:

    “The Somali pirates are Jihadists”


  41. George R says:

    We know that the BBC is in Bangladesh reporting on England’s cricket tour there, but why doesn’t the BBC report this?:

    “More Muslim Attacks in Bangladesh against Buddhists”


  42. George R says:

    BBC’s John Simpson, after going along with Labour’s and BBC’s discrimination against men for years, is now on the receiving end:


    “Many female correspondents have railed against age discrimination and now it is the turn of the men. ‘There are not many of us left,’ said Simpson, the Corporation’s 65-year-old world affairs editor. ”


    • George R says:

      The BBC’s sycophantic political allegiance to Labour’s (Harman’s) discrimination for women, and against men, was indicated in BBC 4’s propaganda series ‘Women’ ,which ended last night with its uncritical line on ‘feminism’ – the philosophy which does not criticise Islam’s treatment of women.

      As a ‘Sunday Times’ reviewer said on page 57 of the ‘Culture’ magazine:

      ..”their determinedly held views are not up for debate. Indeed, they take the precaution of excluding from their ranks anyone who does not agree with them.”