I think the Andrew Marr show has morphed into the Lib-Dem show this morning, with Charlie “Hic” Kennedy on the sofa followed by Saint Vince of I Told You So.. Harriet Har-person was also on to add extra balance. I think I spotted Liam Fiox but it was fleeting. Of course there’s nothing like balance and this programme is nothing to do with balance. The BBC just lurve lefties…

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15 Responses to THE LIB-DEM SHOW

  1. NotaSheep says:

    The new Lib/Lab pact is all but signed so the BBC feel they can launch operation ‘vote LibDem if you won’t vote Labour’. So long as the Conservatives don’t win the election the BBC will be happy with a job well done.


  2. Martin says:

    St Vince never answers a single question, can anyone please tell me what the limp dems are going to cut out of spending to get rid of the deficit? Trident? You can’t cut something you’re not paying to replace yet, same with ID cards.

    The debt exists now and will only get worse with Trident and ID cards, I still haven’t heard Cable announce one firm policy.


  3. barryjclark says:

    How come saint Vince is never asked why he was completly wrong on Barclays bank. Guru my ….


  4. Martin says:

    Tory smear alert! Andrew Rawnsley is doing a C4 programme about Cameron tomorrow.

    As we know the BBC ignored last weeks programme about Muslim terrorism (again) and when Rawnsley was interviewed about the one eyed loser he was slaughtered on the BBC (wanting to sell his book, stories made up, no evidence, Gordon is Gordon etc.) but I’m betting THIS time the BBC will take EVERY attack he makes on Cameron as fact and won’t be interested in the search for the ‘truth’


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Yes, and don’t forget the idiot Bacon telling him it was wrong to publish something that he knew would make the Mr. Brown look bad, even if it was true.


      • Martin says:

        Very true David. The BBC seemed angry that Brown was made to look bad, I look forward to the BBC defending Cameron. NOT!


  5. Martin says:

    The BBC peddling the hung Parliament myth yet again. Not a single mention of the poll showing the Tories about 9% ahead (funny they happily talked about ONE poll that showed the Tories only a couple of points ahead).

    The BBC really are a joke, the real Tory lead is still about 9-10%, there will always be about 30% voting Liebour (the unemployed, the public sector scum, immigrants, terrorists etc.) but most people are totally fed up with the jock Mafia.


  6. John Horne Tooke says:

    “..the public sector scum” Come on Martin that is a bit of a sterotype.


  7. thespecialone says:

    To my surprise Marr did pursue Harperson on Labour’s non-doms until I feel he knew that he wasnt going to get a straight answer from her.  He did seem a bit expasparated with her throughout the interview.


  8. George R says:

    The BBC is campaigning for a ‘hung Parliament’ at the Election so that there will be a coalition Government of Labour-Lib Dems-BBC.


    • Cassandra King says:

      Labour has one chance to hang onto power and that is a hung parliament/coalition with the libdems.
      If the lib dems and labour can a combined majority of one seat they will do a deal.
      The BBC and the compliant stooge media combined with a sympathetic polling firm or two are pushing that meme for all they are worth.
      Its easy to spot the MSM stooges!


  9. Martin says:

    BBC paper review. Some tit from the New Statesman banging on STILL about Ashcroft, yet they just don’t care about Nu Liebour sleaze. The Tories really do need to flush this vermin down the drain.


  10. thespecialone says:

    I see the Daily Mail have highlighted Harman’s refusal to answer the Labour non-doms question.


  11. Mailman says:

    THis crap about non-doms is exactly that…CRAP!

    Look, I believe that this Government, any Government, should only EVER have a tax claim on money you make in this country. End of…no more arguing.