Question Time 4th March 2010

Question Time this week comes from London; soon to be the first city in the world to host the Summer Olympics three times. So don’t expect any questions on how much money that will lose.

The panel is Mayor of London Boris Johnson, the improbably named Lord Adonis, BBC favourite Shirley Williams, AllSeeingEye’s childhood fantasy Carol Vorderman and the mind-numbingly smug Will Self.

For those who wish to take part in the Biased-BBC Buzzword Bingo, we will be playing by the “One Foot In The Grave Rules” meaning that anyone with “Hero“, “Principled” or “Idealism” on any line will win a guided tour of Broadcasting House by an impartial newsreader of your choice, and those with “Ashcroft” in any corner should play their Joker early. Players must be fully domiciled in the UK for tax purposes unless they support Labour.

TheEye will be joined again by the excellent David Mosque in the Moderators’ Box, and we look forward to the pleasure of your company at 10:30pm UK time.

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7 Responses to Question Time 4th March 2010

  1. Guest says:

    3 Lab, 2 Con. Not bad, especially considering Boris, whom one could probably count as one-and-a-half people, personality-wise. Adonis is one of the few vaguely respectable Labour types. Vorderman has been on some Conservative campaign literature that’s been sent around.
    Self? Obvious what he’ll be like.
    That there are no Lib Dems is curious. St. Cable must be busy elsewhere, probably saving the universe or something.


  2. Cassandra King says:

    I wonder if one of the topics will be the Dutch elections and the gains by Wilders?
    BTW the BBC seem to be strangely silent on the Dutch elections I can find nothing as yet, hmmm I wonder why?
    Still if it upsets the beeboid comrades then I am happy. How long will the BBC wait before covering the story and how long will they give it I wonder!


  3. Grant says:

    Expect a whole load of fawning over the late Michael Foot.


  4. Abandon Ship! says:

    It’s the American wot dun it! This is taking circumstantial to the extreme, but the BBC is QEDing it, what a surprise.

    In a “BBC investigation” we have Fallujah in Iraq, birth defects, John Simpson etc etc – I have already heard this story 3 times on Today, and will certainly be one of the questions tonight.

    Questions for the BBC:

    1. Provide hard evidence of level of birth defects
    2. provide evidence that even if there is an increase, it can be blamed on the Americans

    My prediction: the increase is nowhere near as great as being suggested by the BBC, and that a link to US forces will never be proven.


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    So only one elected person on then?


  6. Iceeng says:

    What really got me angry was Will Self and the other Liberals on the panel(Disappoionting Johnson as well) treating the murders of Jamie Bulger as victims. They were falling over themselves to show that they where looking after these murdering little toe rags. Williams at one piont said to a member of the audencie “Well, What would you do ?” I’ll tell you I would do give them both 30 yrears on conviction just like every one else in the country wanted to happen.It will cost less than we have spent giving them new Identies. At least by Thompson going back inside it shows to these libereloffender loving apologists that soft prison do not work, not that they will admit it.

    The next child killer that comes along there is no need to put him in prison just let them live with Will Self, I’m surre he will be more than happy to have look after his children.