I’m just hoping that the BBC will afford Lady Thatcher the same warmth of tribute as that afforded to Michael Foot, who, as you know, has passed away aged 96. Today has been running a series of tributes to him this morning and whilst I fully understand that it is civilised to not speak ill of the dead, I look forward to the same standard being applied to the former Conservative leader when that sad moment arrives. That would be fair, wouldn’t it?

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12 Responses to ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE

  1. Martin says:

    Most of the clips I saw about Foot were of him slagging Thatcher off.


  2. Heads on poles says:

    The fawning attitude on this displayed by the BBC is making me feel ill.
    All afternoon and so far today, plenty of clips of the old codger criticising anything slightly right of centre and blubbing tributes everywhere.
    Add in to this the 25th ‘anniversary’ of the miners strike programme that was due to be aired on Radio 2 last night and I’d say we are up for an election!

    Regarding the standards that will be applied to Mrs. thatcher, I’d say it would consist of Mark Steel, Brigstock, Jeremy Hardy and left wing talking heads from yesteryear. best get your disappointment out of the way now.


  3. Damon says:

    I must admit I thought someone important had died

    Aged, ineffectual and unsuccessful lefty dies

    God help us when Mandela(pbuh) dies….


  4. Travis Bickle says:

    Oh, only the good die young!


  5. ap-w says:

    And it’s all rather overshadowed the death of the BBC presenter Kristian Digby, who has died in “unexplained” circumstances a matter of days after gay killer Ray Gosling is released on police bail. 


    • Millie Tant says:

      There’s a good example of where the great broadcaster has failed to inform us – about how this man died. So the BBC knows this information but has chosen to censor it. Why do they think it is all right for them to know this and for us not to know it? How can that be right?

      Who put them in charge of us and what we know or are allowed to know? Is this our Nanny deciding what is good for us to know or not to know?

      Who is in charge of them and what they should be allowed to know? Who privileged them to hold this information that is apparently too dangerous for us to know. If it is so dangerous, toxic or corrosive to us that it must be withheld, what effect does possessing it have on them? I think we should be told.

      And all of the above questions are leaving aside the fact that we know it anyway! Cos we’ve been told by the Informative Media. It’s all over the b….. shop!
      And guess what…we survived this knowledge and the world is still turning. But the BBC is still censoring. =-O  How daft can you get?


  6. Travis Bickle says:

    By “unexplained” they mean getting his gay jollies off.  BBC presenters are snuffing themselves at a fair old rate of knots these days.  They need to get some more rewarding past-times rather than auto-asphyxiation and columbian marching powder.


  7. cjhartnett says:

    “Every society loves its dead rebels and its living lickspittles”
    So Foot is gone…leaving us with LORD Kinnock and his family to hoover up the taxes Ashcroft rightly isn`t paying!We end up in the “grotesque chaos” of the slime of Brown and Blair…and old Foot has some answering to do from his biodegradable coffin.
    Still he was a house trained rebel from the privileged elite…so erudite unlike true working class rebels like Tebbit and Thatcher dare I say?
    As Naughtie sniffs his onion in the opera box tonight he can stay safe in the knowledge that Foot was a gummy bear and no rebel at all…the safe dreamer all wind and sails!
    Truly the BBCs vision of posed conformity-and on the cringe index(Mandela will be 100) I`d give old Foot 85…note that Shipman is being recast as a pioneer of assisted dying only rather too keen to jump the gun and although his cringe index is still very low-it will be higher than poor Maggies!


  8. ryan says:

    I heard Tony Livesey on 5Live Lite interview a “showbiz” reporter about Digby’s death. Or should I say his career. We wanted to know where, how and why. We just got show’s he’s been in and some hollow platitudes. As if we didn’t know he’d been in a zillion property shows. I didn’t know he was gay (I cant confess to having a functioning gaydar, I take no interest in them) or this sex game malarkey. Why did the BBC cover the cause of death up?


  9. kitty shaw says:

    I don’t object to the BBC covering an exLabour leader’s death in some detail, they have done the same for exConservative leaders in the past, as long as it isn’t all one way fawning (fat chance eh BBC).

    As usual people from all politicians of all parties are busy fawning over the deceased (death is a ‘wonderful thing’ in politics isnt it) when in fact they couldnt stand them, a not the nine oclock news sketch writ large.

    As for Mrs Thatcher they’ll probably go on and on about her hectoring and bullying, which in reality will no doubt boost her popularity in death as people realise what a strong leader she was, bit like some other BBC reporting recently which some conservatives have very unwisely attempted to support, chance would be a fine thing for young Dave to get the same accusation made of him. 


    • hippiepooter says:

      Foot was an endearing character and a great orator.  His views were of course completely batty.  He was a co-founder of CND.  Inspite of the affection for the man I have, I thought Richard Littlejohn nevertheless made some valid points in the Daily Mail.  He wont get invited on to the BBC to mention them. With regard to Margarat Thatcher though, they wont be so shy with airing negative comments.  They’ll go through the motions of showing due respect, but their key agenda will be to continue to make sure people have the ‘right thoughts’ about her.  Such is the stature of the woman, her legacy will continue to represent as big a threat to the Left in death as when she was alive.  Potentially more in fact.  It’s not just the fact she would wipe the floor with them with their pretentious, self serving twaddle, it’s not just the fact she beat them 3 times at elections despite the BBC propaganda advantage they have, its that she was proved resoundingly right and treated them with the contempt they deserved.  She inhabits their worst nightmares and try as hard as they will, they’ll never expunge this looming presence in their lives of someone whose life of honour and integrity, courage and sacrifice indicts them.

      Below a link to Littlejohn on Foot and Maggie ‘socking it to ’em’:


  10. Heads on poles says:

    They didn’t say a great deal about Winston Churchill who died on Monday.