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  1. Martin says:

    Tories being slaughtered on Radio 5 over Lord Ashcroft. Woman caller tried to point out Lord Paul (and many others as Iain Dales blog has listed out) does the same but was shut down by Derbyshire.


  2. fred bloggs says:

    The aptly named V.D.  (something you would rather not have) would not allow alternative suggestions of labour Nom Dom donations, concentrating only on Ashcroft.  This pronounced political bias must be against their code of ethics.  (I know it must be a pretty slim voluime)


  3. George R says:

    BBC’s censorship on Muslim extremists’ infiltration of London Labour Party.

    “Extremist Muslims have ‘wormed their way into Labour Party’ minister warns”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254374/Islamic-radicals-infiltrate-Labour-Party.html#ixzz0gvheXFEw

     Perhaps Beeboids will tune to Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ at 8 pm tonight to update themselves, and do more censoring tomorrow.


    • Martin says:

      The BBC will do what they did last time when C4 did an investigation into extremist towel heads, they will smear Channel 4 and call for a Police investigation then make personal attacks on the shows producer. Oh and then after winding up the Police, they will have to issue a grovelling apology.


  4. George R says:

    BBC’s foreign policy: Binyam Mohamed campaign.

    “Guantanamo: £30m torture case bill for taxpayers”


    “Is Binyam Mohamed a martyr”



    • Cassandra King says:

      Jesus H Christ! 30 million quid?

      Has the HMG gone insane? All that money wasted by bleeding heart fools pandering to their preverted sense of morals, protecting the mortal enemies of our nation while their friends kill hundreds of our own people.
      I have said it before and I will say it again, we are ruled by mental defectives dancing the dance of the insane in a lunatics nightmare.


    • Anonymous says:

      Note the disparity in BBC coverage between Ashcroft and the terrorist Mohamed. Ashcroft is seen as evil because he hasn’t spent the last 5 years in Britain while Mo the Taliban warrior spent 6 months in Britain so he’s a British martyr.


    • fred bloggs says:

      As it seems an undisputed fact that he went to be  trained in an Al queda camp in Afganistan; I could not care less if they had Tazered his testicles.


      • Martin says:

        Beeboid males (I hear) enjoy that sort of thing. I won’t go into what Mark Oaten enjoyed, not if you’re having your tea anyway.


  5. Roland Deschain says:

    Lord Aschcroft admits ‘non-dom’ status is now the main story on the BBC News webpage. No doubt it will be the main story on the bulletins tonight.

    There is a tiny bit in the article about Lord Paul and nothing about Labour’s other non-dom donors. Just how long are the Tories going to stay silent about this sort of thing? They might as well hang a sign saying “kick me” on their backs.

    I try not to swear on this site but the Tories really are f***ing useless.


    • Anonymous says:

      Indeed, if the Tories wish to win any general election they have to announce a policy of BBC privatisation. Doing so would immediately neutralise the BBC’s bias at the polls because of voter expectation that the BBC will be anti-Tory. By being a bunch of wimps and slavering to the Guardian/BBC ‘Dave’ & co have set themselves up to lose the election.


    • Techno Mystic says:

      Headline story on Sky 6pm is Ripper release and no mention of Ashcroft in rundown.


  6. George R says:

    For BBC, which seems to know little about Labour Party,and Gordon Brown’s financial donor: LORD PAUL

    “Pord Paul consider4s quitting over tax exile rules”



  7. Katabasis says:

    Removal of “recommend” function on BBC’s Have Your Say.


  8. George R says:

    BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’ tonight: a main BBC, pro-Labour propaganda theme: Lord Ashcroft. (No BBC mention of Labour and Gordon Brown donor, Lord Paul.)



  9. Martin says:

    Toenails spouting more crap.

    The man who’s bankrolled the Tories for much of the past decade and has consistently refused to answer questions about his tax status has finally come clean.


    I think we’d actually like to learn a lot more about the man who bankrolled the one eyed mong’s election campaign and forced upon the English someone that no English person had EVER had the chance to vote for.

    Oh and the pound has had yet another crap day on the markets, but don’t try to find that out off the BBC. Gordon has it all under control.


  10. Katabasis says:

    N.B. The BBC are portraying the removal of the “recommend” function as a “feature”:


    • Martin says:

      Microsoft used to refer to all their shitty bugs as ‘features’ as well. I wonder if Toyota should refer to all their cock up as ‘features’ as well?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      How does removing the “recommend” feature help speed up moderating the comments?  That has no affect whatsoever on the moderation queue, or the speed at which moderators can publish comments.

      Maybe seeing all those off-narrative comments get highly recommended made them feel bad, and affected their work.


  11. George R says:

    Labour’s U-turn: it decides that after 13 years of mass immigration from Islamic countries such as Somalia, that the Islamic jihad against the British people which has been brought here, should now be opposed!

    As dutifully, and uncritically reported by BBC:

    “Alan Johnson bans Somali ‘terrorist group Al Shabaab”


    Additional info:

    “Somali immigration to the UK” (via Netherlands)



  12. Dazzler says:

    how the fuck has the beeboids managed to avoid this headlining. It’s a clear and consice piece of news and the fact that it’s being ignored is criminal



  13. George R says:

    BBC not only censors ‘Islamic extremists’ infiltration of London Labour Party,* the BBC also censors this:

    “Local government pays for fat cats and sharia law. It’s about time it was cut”


    “* UK views can get report on Channel 4 at 8 pm tonight.)


  14. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    Anybody fancy helping out with this Internet challenge appeal? We’re getting close to being half way there…



  15. George R says:

    ‘Britain’s Islamic Republic’ -now showing in UK on Channel 4, and Muslim supporters of Islamic infiltrators are vout in force at Channel 4 blog on it, here



  16. thespecialone says:

    Toenails really is getting a kicking



  17. Martin says:

    Wow Tom Bradby fires a shot at the BBC. He just stated that “some parts of the media have gone after Ashcroft with venom for years”

    He then pointed out that he’d asked the Liebour party about their long list of non-doms who give money and stated that as of this evening Liebour had given no answer, unlike the BBC where Toenails gave Lord Paul (just one non-dom of many) only a passing glance.

    As Bradby correctly pointed out, Labour have had 13 years to sort this out. Of course the BBC failed to point out Jack Straw was stopped from doing anything about this by Labour’s own backbenchers. Again Toenails failed to mention this.


  18. Teddy Bear says:

    BBC coould learn much from this programme.
    It’s great to have a documentary come along that isn’t trying to appease the fundamentalist Muslims within our society, but exposing just how they wield their power to gain further control. Andrew Gilligan has done just that with this well researched and thorough exposee of at least some of the ways they achieve it.

    I urge any who have seen this documentary this evening to go to the TV Guide site and bring up this evenings listing on Channel 4 at 8pm for the Dispatches programme. If you then click on the programme you will get another screen where you can give it a rating – hopefully 10. You will also see how many of the comments are by that type of Muslim identified in the programme, and feel free to post your own comment to balance them.


  19. John Horne Tooke says:

    Did any one see this programme?

    “”Anti-establishment and radical?  Must be leftwing.

    That at least seemed to be the subtext of David Dimbleby’s disappointing Age of Revolution episode on BBC One last night.  The photography may have been great, but the script was lazy.

    Assessing the civil war, battle re-enactment enthusiasts explained they’d have backed the Levellers and the Parliamentary cause because they “vote Labour”.  ”

    It was not just another subliminalmessage for their Labour friends was it?


    • George R says:

      Yes; Dimbleby used that line twice. But there was no political link allowed between monarchists and voting Conservative.

       But we know Dimbleby’s anti-Tory predilections from his weekly political performances on ‘QT’.


  20. Martin says:

    Finally!!! Michael Gove hammered rat face on Newsnight about BBC bias.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Yes, I was just going to post about that. “Are the BBC going to press other parties? We’ll be watching.”

      I hope this indicates that a decision has been made on high to lance this boil.


    • George R says:

      Yes. Excellent! Well done MICHAEL GOVE for the Tories.

      The gabbling Scottish Labour Party supporter, Ms. WARK, tried the BBC-Spanish Inquisition method on Gove, but he answered back, and rightly accused her and the BBC of blatant bias. She still had the cheek and bullying stance  of a true Labour Beeboid, but Gove beat her to the punch  as she tried to censor him.

      And the Tories now suggest that they mean business and will monitor how the BBC treat the donors of Labour and Lib Dems.

      BBC’s Wark, and ‘Newsnight’: FULLY COMMITTED TO LABOUR.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      I heard Gove on the radio at 5 and he seemed to give as good as he got. Is the worm turning?


  21. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here are some photos and articles about the one-year anniversary of the Tea Party movement in the US.

    On Saturday, Daniel Hannan led the first one in the UK, at Brighton.  You know the BBC knew about it because LabourList mentioned it (complete with silly picture of Sarah Palin, naturally), but somehow forgot to inform you.  I wonder why?  Something to watch, hopefully.


  22. John Reith says:

    Guest: [I]f the Tories wish to win any general election they have to announce a policy of BBC privatisation. Doing so would immediately neutralise the BBC’s bias at the polls because of voter expectation that the BBC will be anti-Tory. By being a bunch of wimps and slavering to the Guardian/BBC ‘Dave’ & co have set themselves up to lose the election.

    I entirely agree. In fact the question will now become: If any political party – other than New Labour – wish to win any general election . . .


  23. John Reith says:

    Adding image.


  24. Philip says:

    Sob Stories: Al-Beeb are tugging at your heart strings this morning in their never-ending drive to promote Muslim immigration,


  25. Philip says:

    Fob stories: …and rebroadcasting Muslim Taqiyya propaganda to let you know that everything will be OK


  26. John Reith says:

    Done. Sorry – getting started.


  27. Martin says:

    BBC still plugging the Ashcroft story and on BBC Breakfast two pro BBC guests discussing how brilliant the BBC is.


  28. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC toady show is very busy peddling the old left wing media smears against Lord Ashcroft, an old story brought up time after time mixed with new smears and unproven accusations, its called the ‘Ashcroft remix’!
    No mention of the sheer hypocrisy of trying to smear a political donor when other donors in the same position are ignored completely simply because they just happen to be labour donors.
    All donors are equal but some donors are more equal than others seems to be the toady line?
    It seems to beyond the toady show comrades to report on the ‘Ashcroft remix’ in a balanced and impartial manner, they simply take all their evidence from the Guardian/labour party HQ and spew it out as news.
    I wonder when the toady show will examine the funding stream to the labour party in detail noting how many honours and back scratching deals have been done?


  29. Martin says:

    The Beeboids have no shame, all over the BBC network they are “promoting” some sh*tty song by Tony Hatch, which by chance the beeboids are using in their latest TV licencing scam.

    Shouldn’t the BBC simply point out that if you don’t buy a TV licence (i.e. give money to gay beeboids to buy drugs) you will go to jail? Oh and that even if you don’t own a TV you will still be harassed by the thugs that knock on your door?


  30. George R says:

    The BBC, Labour, EU rep for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Labour’s Catherine Ashton, her husband, Peter Keller, and BBC ‘Today’ this morining; he talking about Tory Lord Ashcroft and the general Election.

    That’s a cosy club.

    No disclaimers.

    And the BBC intends to continue this ‘impartial’ broadcasting throughout the Election campaign.!

    I trust the Tories will complain about this.



  31. Philip says:

    There seems to be a lot of things the Tories aren’t doing – why weren’t Immigration and the EU among their ‘six pillars’ list?

    Are their psephologists and spinmeisters telling them that we aren’t interested in those subjects?

    “Meet the new boss… same as the old boss..”


  32. George R says:

    BBC has trouble reporting on Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ documentary, ‘The Islamic Republic of Britain’, about Muslim extremists infiltrating the London Labour Party.


    “Islamist radicals: Complain early, complain often…”

    (by Andrew Gilligan)



  33. Guest says:


    Strangely, no mention of this man’s homosexuality or the sexual nature of his death.


  34. George R says:

     BBC directive to its reporters?:

    -Avoid the words ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’ in headline when news about them is negative, as here:

    “Two die in India unrest over Taslim Nasreen article”


    ‘Jihadwatch’ comment:

    This story has been going on for years, and demonstrates two important points: One is the fact that there can be no stable or prosperous society where anger management is in such short supply, aided by calls in the Qur’an for open-ended warfare against unbelief.

    “The second is the fact that this sort of instability is what awaits Europe if it concedes even an inch on the right to criticize Islam.”



  35. George R says:

    Expect to see even more of Mr. Jackson on the BBC:

    “Jesse Jackson is set to climb aboard Labour’s battle bus”



  36. Martin says:

    Don’t know if anyone has listened to Radio 5 today (I’ve been out and only caught bits) but clearly the BBC has decided on a full on no holds bared attack on the Tories now, the BBC are not even hiding the bias.

    How can the Tories be blamed for the proposed BBC cuts? Have they been in power for 13 years?

    Bring it on BBC, the Tories should have gone on the attack against the beeboids a long time ago to flush them out.


  37. George R says:

    Yes; of course, the BBC behaves as though the Tories are to blame for BBC’s decision to re-distribute our money on its broadscasting as the BBC sees fit!

    There will be political pressure from political ‘left’, in alliance with Muslims/Asians to keep BBC’s apartheid broadcasting service ‘Asian Network’, which had a hand in making 6 part TV sereies recently, ‘Muslim Driving School’.

    And in interview on BBC Radio 5, BBC DG  said that BBC is committed to making high quality progrmmes for that apartheid entity (apparently): the ‘British Asian Community’.

    Ignore the notion of the BRITISH COMMUNITY, BBC, ignore the notion of the non-Asian  British Community, but go for the special treatment for the ‘British Asian Community’. Apartheid and discrimination for Asians, from the BBC.

    The BBC has a political preference for some notional ‘British Asian Community’, even some vacuous ‘European Community’, and against a BRITISH COMMUNITY.

    BBC = British Asian Broadcasting Corporation– which is code for the Islamising Corporation.


    • Martin says:

      Agreed, the BBC and Radio 5in particular seem more bothered about the loss of the crappy Asian Network than anything else. Why? Who gives a toss about the Asian network?


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Asians do, I bet many of them split their attention between it and a commercial channel, Sunrise.  In other words, the BBC has an unfair advantage over the private sector.  Someone has figured out that as the marketplace provides this need there’s no reason for the BBC to stay involved.

        The thing is, the Asian Network can also be viewed as one more BBC contribution to the Balkanization of the public.  Surely this is the exact opposite of their Social Cohesion remit.


  38. George R says:

    We know that the London Labour Party is infiltrated by extreme Islamic organisation (not info from BBC, but from Channel 4 and ‘Telegraph’). How similarly infiltrated is the BBC?

    How will the BBC report Geert Wilders’ visit to London this Friday?: as a late triumph for democracy, free speech, anti-Islamic jihadism and  opposition to sharia law? Or, as an insult to BBC heroers like Binyam Mohamed? Breath not held.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The handful of more responsible Beeboids (a relative term, I know) do have a dim awareness that there’s a free speech issue involved.  I remember Kirsty Wark letting the oleaginous Keith Vaz know that it was ridiculous for Jacqui Smith to ban Wilders and his film back when he was invited by Parliament.  So a few of them get that part of the issue.

      Of course, the real thing to watch for is how they present Wilders himself.  They had Nick Griffin on QT as a demonstration of their fairness and for a bit of free speech street cred.  And we all know how fair that turned out to be.

      If the BBC paints Wilders as a threat, they’ll reveal their bias.  Yes, his appearance may very well cause violence. But who will actually be doing the violence, and against whom?  That’s the key.


  39. Will says:

    According to The Times Radio 6 has a budget of £6.5m. From a total tax take of £3.6billion that amount is insignificant. The “cuts” proposals must just be a bleeding stumps exercise

    PS Isn’t the comments system here almost more trouble than it’s worth?


  40. Martin says:

    More BBC attacks. Camp looking male beeboid on News 24 attacking some Tory I’ve never seen before about Liebour’s energy plan. Camp beeboid proudly states that “This is good news from Labour” Tory tries to point out the Tories announced their plan a year ago and that Liebour have wasted years over energy plan (with issues like nuclear and gas storage) but camp male beeboid didn’t like that so just sneered.   
    Same camp beeboid also sneered (huffed) under his breath after a clip of Cameron saying that the Ashcroft story was now a dead horse.   
    Clearly in the world of the BBC this is not the case.   
    Still haven’t seen anyone ask Mandelmong about his dodgy mortgage application and if that made him fit to be a peer or not.


  41. David H says:

    On a new topic, the new BBC1 serial `5 Days’ is a masterclass in Political Correctness made flesh – in one classic scene, a prayer in Arabic from the `Holy Koran’ is recited by a muslim doctor while the other characters listen in great reverence – OK, but could you imagine a similar scene involving the Bible and a christian prayer?  Dream on!


  42. David H says:

    Sorry, I meant Christian.


  43. Beeboidal says:


    There was a discussion about the five-fold increase in cocaine use since 1995 on the Tony Livesey programme last night. Trish Adudu (presenter, BBC Coventry & Warwickshire) related an interesting anecdote. Wind on to the 1:41:30 mark and have a listen.



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      “Top-class presenters and newsreaders”.  All under the employ of C4 and Sky, no doubt.


    • Martin says:

      Not surprised as we know being homosexual and a coke user is the norm at the BBC.


  44. George R says:

    BBC unperturbed as Labour PM Brown prefers ZUMA visit, to PM questions:

    ‘Mail’ –

    “Jacob Zuma is a sex-obsessed bigot with four wives and 35 children. So why is Britain fawning over this vile buffoon?”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1254748/Jacob-Zuma-sex-obsessed-bigot–Britain-fawning-him.html?ITO=1490#ixzz0h2tVXw9S


    “Browm misses PMQs for Jacob Zuma’s state visit”


    And how much taxpayers’ money will Brown end up giving to South Africa and its awful government?


    • George R says:

      For BBC:

      “The rise of Jacob Zuma”

      (by R.W. Johnson)



    • Martin says:

      Can South Africans vote in our elections?


      • Millie Tant says:

        You have to be on the electoral register to vote.

        Only those Commonwealth citizens who meet the qualifying criteria, can register to vote.

        Qualifying Commonwealth citizens are those who have leave to enter or remain in the UK, or do not require such leave.
        You can register to vote if you are:

        • 16 years old or over and
        • a British citizen
        • an Irish, EU or qualifying Commonwealth citizen.


  45. rich b says:

    Martin – yes South Africans, as members of the Commonwealth, can vote in elections in the UK.


  46. George R says:

    ZUMA update for BBC: make that FIVE wives-

    “Jacob Zuma arrives in Britain with wife No.5 as he prepares to stay with the Queen”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254885/Jacob-Zuma-arrives-Britain-latest-wife-prepares-stay-Queen.html#ixzz0h3Ag10be

    Remember BBC, Zuma can do no wrong, he’s black, and he’s friend of Mandela.


  47. rich b says:

    I don’t know if anyone picked up on this, but the opening sentence in this article is a marvellous piece of bias


    For the traditionally left-leaning papers, the big story is Tory donor Lord Ashcroft’s revelation about his non-domiciled tax status.”

    I’m trying to think of a news organisation, supposed to be impartial, for whom it was also a big story, but I just can’t think of one right now…..


  48. George R says:

    And no doubt the BBC will not avoid reporting that Labour PM Brown’s esteemed colleague, ZUMA will demand this:

    “‘Lift Zimbabwe sanctions,’ Zuma to tell Britain during his state visit”


    Good call, Gordon; better than PMQs, eh?


  49. Martin says:

    So Newsnight are using David Bowie’s comment that HE’s not happy with the BBc closing down Radio 6. Cab someone remind me where Bowie lives again? New York, Switzerland? I’m sure he pays a TV licence fee from there doesn’t he?


  50. cjhartnett says:

    Lordy lordy.
    Beeb heaven-they don`t even bother to leave the Green Room now to decide what to fill the news bulletins!
    Their outlets are full of their plans to close-or is that mothball?…BBC6 and the Asian Network apparently…and the BBC want us all to debate their incompetence and gestured pointlessness.
    Let`s get back to our lives citizens.


    • Martin says:

      Notice though how the BBC have deflected the attention from the hundreds of millions wasted on new buildings. Oh and of course the BBC is cutting nothing, Kelvin MacKenzie was spot on on Newsnight when he said cut the TV tax to £50, I’d go further and cut it to zero but £50 is a start.