OK folks – here comes the weekend and here is the new Open Thread for your use!

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53 Responses to OPEN THREAD…

  1. deegee says:

    Danish paper apologises for printing Muhammad cartoon

    This line rankles. In 2006 Jyllands-Posten apologised for the offence caused by the drawings, but other European media reprinted them

    Surely the BBC is ethically obliged to mention that the BBC was one of the media that did not print them or reprint them?


  2. deegee says:

    Hebron clashes over Israel’s West Bank heritage list
    The BBC has consistently ignored Palestinian vandalism of Jewish sites and the restrictions, sometimes amounting to banning, of Jews by Muslims at these sites.

    However there is another substantial omission. Some ask how Netanyahu could possibly have listed the Cave of Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb as Jewish heritage sites. I ask how he could not.

    The BBC completely ignores the consequences both domestically and to any talks if Israel had not made this listing.


  3. Stuart Jamie says:

    This artcile contains a factual innacuracy:

    “arty treasurer Jack Dromey is to stand for the Erdington seat vacated by Sion Simon who stood down earlier this month to be Birmingham’s first elected mayor.”

    Though I’m sure they would lovwe him to be, the mayoral election has not yet taken place. Indeed, it has not even been confirmed that it will take place at all.

    I read yesterday’s Times with great joy but also cynicism. Al-Beeb are clearly expecting a Tory win and are pre-empting their downsizing with a bit of strategic de-bloating. This means they can frame any new Tory cutting in this context – “But we’re already cutting ourselves down!”

    Can’t wait to see the election coverage. Hopefully the excellent Andrew Neil will be given a key role in it all.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      “Hopefully the excellent Andrew Neil will be given a key role in it all.”

      Amen to that – but on past experience it will probably be dumbed down to CBBC levels with ridiculous “graphics” and commentary to match.


    • DG says:

      Imagine if evert inaccuracy in media was pulled up, we’d have endless blogs full of nonsense that probably once meant something and genuinely made people think, just like this one


  4. George R says:

    BBC carries out Harman’s discrimination law early.
     And count the burqas in Dewsbury.
    Who at the BBC will check security? -Male infidels? Female infidels? Male Muslims? Female Muslims?

    “BBC accused of political correctness over all-women version of Question Time”

    Read more:


    • DG says:

      Yawn, can;t you source the story in the Telegraph instead, would be far more meaningful. I doubt the Telegraph are as interested in writing such shock stories for its women readers as the Daily Mail are.


  5. PacificRising says:

    Today program Fri 26.2.10  Scroll in 1:43:25

    Hear Chris Morris’ report from Kabul. At 1:44:45 he informs us that if General McChrystal can root out the Taliban from Helmand and Kandahar and put in civilian infrastructure, then the Taliban can come into Kabul “and do similar things to you”.

    “Similar things” – like what?


  6. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    The Real IRA release a statement claiming they have murdered one of their own members, BBC headline: “Family of shot man criticises MI5”.


  7. Daniel Smith says:

    I saw some startling climate change propaganda on BBC London News last night unfortunately not available on iplayer. Using a genuine BBC weatherman (the black one) purporting to be reading the weather for 2060. He stood before a UK map covered in red, indicating high heat and announced the temperature to be 40c! The announcer then intoned that this might be the actual broadcast in a couple of generations time. Its positioning was unintentionally funny since the last item in the main news was that Scotland had the coldest winter for 30 years.
    The whole London news item was indeed peculiar, since it was ostentively about overcrowding in the South East and how we would have to build on the green belt soon to alleviate housing shortages. Needless to say the obvious elephant in the room, immigration, was not mentioned, merely this implication that building on green land would somehow affect the weather. I’m guessing that was the intention, because it was exceeding hard to follow.


  8. Betty Swollocks says:

    Is it just me or a the Labour biased BBC, getting all their  presenters/ newsreaders to wear red,there seems to me to be an increase in this of late.??


    • Millie Tant says:

      When they came out in the new red livery years ago, and launched the new-look London News with Emily Maitlis as the main presenter, she was nearly always dressed in red thereafter.


    • DG says:

      Oh my god, your so right. I watched the news this morning and she was wearing  . . . .oh grey and blue. Well there’s one more bbbc conspiracy theory to not believe in. Amusing nontheless


  9. George R says:

    One-eyed Harman (other side of her political face not seen on BBC ‘Newsnight’ last night)


  10. Roger C says:

    I see that the BBC “engineers” cut Osbornes speech at 17.12 when he was bellittling Brown at the Conservative Conference at Brighton. These technical failures happen all the time at tory events but never during labour briefings! Left wing staff & controllers obviously.


  11. George R says:

    “Stop the BBC’s racism”

    (Rod Liddle)


  12. George R says:

    BBC’s non-stop campaign to get 75 million Muslim Turks into the E.U.:

    BBC’s political line –

    “Turkish views on ‘coup’ charges.”

    How does the BBC get ‘Turkish view’? -By giving space to only 4 middle-class Turks (avoiding reference to the 80% poor, unskilled Turks). These four have no problems about the growing Islamisation and intolerance under Erdogan’s AKP; perhaps because they are all Muslims -90% of Turkey’s population is.


  13. George R says:

    The BBC’s defence correspondent, Frank Gardner is mentioned here. Will the BBC run this report about a Saudi Arabia Islamic jihad killing of a British cyclist?:

    “British cyclist was ‘deliberately run down’ in Saudi Arabia”


  14. Martin says:

    “Muslim radicals infiltrate Labour”

    “Tape proves McMental did shove aide out of way”

    Anyone want ot guess which two stories won’t be reported by the BBC tomorrow?

    “The Tories move to the right”

    Anyone want to guess which story the BBC will concentrate on tomorrow?


  15. toddy357 says:

    did you see this rubbish even whales are making the world warmer.


  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I missed this because I’m in Arizona for the weekend, but today is the one year anniversary of the first Tea Party protest in New York City.

    Scroll down most of the way and check out the video clip of David Webb. He’s the kind of Tea Partier the BBC doesn’t want you to know about.


  17. The Beebinator says:

    past couple of weeks or so, Al Beeb has been covering the Japanese whaling hunt. Now, im no fan of whaling, but Al Beebs Beboid Victoria Gill is now linking the Whale hunt to global warming

    “A century of whaling may have released more than 100 million tonnes – or a large forest’s worth – of carbon into the atmosphere, scientists say.”

    Al Beeb 24/7green propaganda


    • Lloyd says:

      haha “a large forest’s worth” made me chuckle that. In fact it was more of a belly laugh and if this caused a slight increase in heart rate my carbon emmisions may have increased by as much as a pot plants worth.


  18. George R says:

    Rod Liddle, re-Labour’s Minister for Mass Immigration, Mr. Woolas, inspired by his BBC ‘Newsnight’ showing:


  19. Martin says:

    Just caught a bit on news 24 of some camp beeboid going on about the rise of the “climate change sceptics” in Australia.


  20. George R says:

    BBC, Binyam Mohamed, and Geert Wilders.

    Just as BBC supports ex-Al Qaeda trainee, Ethiopian Muslim Binyam Mohamed, so too will BBC support Dutch MP, Geert Wilders?:

    “Support Geert Wilders in London on 5th March 2010: In support of Democracy, Free Speech and Civil Liberties”


  21. Martin says:

    I bet this made a few beeboids choke on their Cocaine over breakfast this morning.

    We might scrap the BBC licence fee if we win the election, claims Culture Secretary


    • PacificRising says:

      It’s just a ruse to steal support from the Tories, Labour would never close off a revenue stream which gives them £3,5 billion pounds worth of free propaganda.


  22. Jonathan Fry says:

    Just a slip up?

    The letter G isn’t next to N on the keyboard so I’m not so sure it was a mistake!


  23. Daniel Smith says:

    Memories of Che Guevara: A paean of praise for a mass murderer  on Radio3

    This programme examines the personal qualities and motivations of one of the most revered revolutionaries in history. Through written extracts and interviews with contemporaries, a picture emerges of a man who captured many an imagination and continues to do so today. Among those whose memories are discussed are: Jean-Paul Sartre; a fellow member of the 26 July Army; Castro’s former lover and a journalist who was one of the last to see him before he was killed.”


  24. George R says:

    The BBC reports  and campaigns for Ethiopian Muslim, ex al-Qaeda trainee BINYAM MOHAMED, and lobbies the British and US governments on his behalf.

    BUT, the BBC does NOT report and does NOT campaign for British non-Muslim, JOHN CURRIE, and it does NOT lobby the Saudi Arabian government on his family’s behalf:

    “British cyclist ‘was deliberately run down’ in Saudi Arabia”

    “Saudi Arabia: Jihad against infidels on bicycles”


  25. deegee says:

    Just heard a BBC announce proclaim, “The Tories are no longer certain of victory”.

    That may well be true, but can anybody remember the BBC stating the Tories were certain of victory when their opinion poll lead was in double digets?


  26. Pounce says:

    So did anybody watch the very thinly veiled Islamic recruitment program on bBC1 tonight which the very biased bBC tried to pass off as a documentary.

    Did anybody else notice how that blackman who became a muslim iduring the thatcher years did so because of the rise of the far right during that time (really?)  Did you also notice the Israel strikes picture which the bBC used.

    Remind me again who the head of the the bbC religious department is?

    It seems that CH4 and the telegraph didn’t bother with checking up on the bBC on the infiltration of Islamists  in Labours london today.


  27. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Hilarious priorities from the official national broadcaster of the UK:

    Have Your Say: What next for Obama’s healthcare reform plan?

    Any HYS bits about the domestic policy of any other foreign governments?


  28. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC spent a lot of effort reporting critically on the Patriot Act after George Bush signed it into law.  Even Mitch Benn got into the, er, act:

    Mitch is refused entry at the US border for violations of the Patriot Act concerning songs mocking Dubya Bush and US foreign policy.

    Yes, the conventional wisdom at the BBC regarding the Patriot Act is very clear – when it’s about George Bush.

    News flash: the BBC’s beloved Obamesiah has just signed a one-year extension of certain provisions of the Patriot Act which were about to expire.  The government powers that the Obamessiah is continuing are:

    _Authorize court-approved roving wiretaps that permit surveillance on multiple phones.

    _Allow court-approved seizure of records and property in anti-terrorism operations.

    _Permit surveillance against a so-called lone wolf, a non-U.S. citizen engaged in terrorism who may not be part of a recognized terrorist group

    And it gets worse:

    Thrown away were restrictions and greater scrutiny on the government’s authority to spy on Americans and seize their records.

    Oh, dear.  What’s a Beeboid to do?  Perhaps Mitch Benn will be doing another humorous segment on Radio 4 about it.

    Seeing as how the current President is continuing or stepping up the nasty wars started by the previous President, it should be happening any day now, no?


  29. George R says:

    BBC: election mode for Labour’s Harman.

    “Harriet Harman’s husband to contest Birmingham seat”

    Of course, the BBC omits that this goes against Labour-BBC principle of discriminating in favour of women:


    “Harriet Harman’s husband handed a safe seat by Labour”


    “Miss Harman, the Government’s spokesman for women who is known for her feminist views and is a supporter of single sex shortlists, was absent from the National Executive Committee meeting at which the decision was made.
    “The situation has led Labour colleagues to privately accuse Miss Harman of hypocrisy.
    “Senior Labour figures have plotted for months to give Mr Dromey  a safe Labour seat as a reward for supporting Gordon Brown.”

    Read more:


  30. Guest says:

    r4today   Should the BBC survive? John Humphrys asking the question this week. What do you think?

    Guessing, on past/current evidence, what folk think and tell them might not be what gets ‘selected’ for ‘sharing’. Unless stamped with ‘approval’.