Question Time 25th February

Question Time this week comes from 2009 European City of Sport, Cardiff.

The panel is perma-tanned oxygen thief Peter Hain, the Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP, the Plaid Cymru leader Elfyn Llwyd MP, UKIP’s Nigel Farage MEP and the unspeakably awful Janet Street Porter.

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5 Responses to Question Time 25th February

  1. Stuart Jamie says:

    Missed the programme so went to iPlayer this morning. Can you believe this is the programme description on the search page?

    “The debate in Cardiff features Peter Hain MP, Elfyn Llwyd MP and Janet Street Porter.”

    So no Tory and no UKIP then.

    Obviously it’s Hain’s orange mug on the freezeframe.


  2. Chris says:

    I thought Farage had been dropped so was also surprised to see him there when I switched on to watch – so I checked the programme description. It said the panel would INCLUDE the three names you mention. Feature doesn’t mean exclusive either. Fancy wordplay huh!
    But did anyone else think the audience had a very uneven profile? I thought it looked like they had shipped in busloads of students as there was a large group of similarly aged and dressed people. I have nothing against students, I was one myself years ago, but the audience responses and contributions seemed very one sided.


  3. john says:

    I gave up watching QTime many years ago because I found the liberal bias boring. However, I gave it another go when Nick Griffin was on a few weeks ago, and have been watching ever since because the liberal bias now is so extreme that it’s almost compelling viewing.

    Old Dimblbore keeps a firm grip of the agenda, attacking and humiliating any panelist giving a right of centre view on any issue. Most amusing of all is the audience. Every week packed with twenty to thirty year old New Labourites and ethnic minorities.

    The show last night had many similarities with the Griffin crucifiction of a few weeks earlier. This time it was, “Let’s all gang up and bully Nigel Farage”. Dimblebore, the rest of the panel, and an angry audience gave Farage a very rough ride, but at least Farage fought back and didn’t allow the mob to shout him down.

    What a truly awful show this has become. Anyone who now disagrees with the BBC multi-culti, pro-EU, liberal world view is barely given a chance to make their points. They are just attacked and shouted down.

    It’s as if the BBC have discovered a modern substitute for bear bating.


    • Grant says:

      Too true, well said.  Yes, Nigel is more than capable of defending himself against these spineless cowards who have to hunt in packs.


  4. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    QT has become little more than a red guard “struggle session” from Maoist China in which the “class enemy” is ritually denounced by a hysterical mob.