The very sad death of Cuban dissident Orlando Zapata Tamayo has come at exactly the wrong time for Matt Frei whose first report from his visit to the communist dictatorship is a typically clichéd “triumph over adversity” BBC item. At least someone at the Beeb was embarrassed enough to mention “the death of one of the country’s leading political prisoners” in the blurb under Frei’s video.

(Hat tips to various commenters)

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9 Responses to Cuba

  1. George R says:

    BBC, Binyam Mohamed, and Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

    Will BBC pursue the case of Sr. Tamayo with the same alacrity as it pursues the case of Ethiopian Muslim, ex-Afghanistan, ex-Gitmo, Binyam Mohamed?


  2. NRG says:

    Matt bangs on about the US embargo, but in his enthusiasm to mouth off anti-American platitudes mentions that the engine in the car he is driving has a brand new engine from Japan. So how did that engine get in? Surely there is a story there. Or is the real issue that Cuba is so badly governed the people cannot afford or are not allowed Japanese cars?

    Havana car hire companies have a range of modern cars for rent  How can that be Matt?

    Like the Gazza / Egyptian border, the BBC always skirts over facts that do not fit the left world narrative.


  3. NRG says:    maybe the link will work this time, If not Google will help you find a company that will rent you a new get a Suzuki jeep, a Seat hatchback, Audi saloon or BMW limo to get you around Cuba


  4. Grant says:

    The regime’s “triumph” over the people’s  adversity .


  5. Grant says:

    Matty boy will be staying at the best hotels and travelling in the best cars all at our expense, because he is a BBC scumbag.

    Meanwhile, the majority of Cubans are on the poverty line, but why should Matty boy care , so long as he gets his perks.

    God the BBC make me sick.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I think Frei Boy’s care for the Cubans’ poverty and hardship is genuine.  He’s an emotional storyteller. I just think he’s totally wrong about what caused it because his emotions drive his reporting.


  6. George R says:

    Compare and contrast the BBC’s policies towards Israel and Cuba:

    ISRAEL                                                 CUBA 

    a.)boycott Israel ;                                a.) don’t boycott Cuba;

    b.)support Israel’s enemies ;             b.) oppose Cuba’s enemies;

    c.)ignore Israel’s democracy .            c.)ignore Cuba’s dictatorship.