Give a listen to Phil Woolas here getting away with blue murder as he waffles about Labour’s policy of mass immigration for social change. Note the amiable tone throughout and the little laugh at the end from Humphyrs.

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  1. George R says:

    ‘Daily Mail’ had this, 12 February:

    “Using immigration to turn Britain into a nation of Labour voters is so shameful I can hardly believe it”  (Stephen Glover):

    Read more:


  2. Dave G says:

    Yes indeed. This is how the stinking, lying BBC covered what is probably the biggest political story of the decade.

    Thje whole point of the exercise was to bury the story.

    Mission accomplished. 


  3. Betty Swollocks says:

    All the other Parties should expose this more, will we have this topic on Question Time??   NOOOOO


  4. fred bloggs says:

    If you go to ‘migration watch’ you can see a PDF of the draft executive report.  It becomes clear that immigration became an undeclared gov policy.  Also that there would be a gov campaign to make immigrants acceptable.  Look at all the racial propoganda that the Beeb has undertaken.  Clearly showing that the Beeb is just an extention of Labours propoganda machine.  AND we PAY for it!


  5. George R says:

    Labour’s stealth policy of Mass Immigration, over the years, from Islamic countries, has been in parallel with a rise in the Islamic jihad threat to British people.

    Although the BBC’s TV series ‘Generation Jihad’ did not properly understand what ‘jihad’ is, its conclusion was that the threat is
    ever-present in UK.

    And similarly, in this report from Australia, the BBC refers a lot, vaguely, to ‘militants’ – when it should know it is talking about Islamic jihad activists:

    Ken Rudd says Australia faces major terror threat”

    It is very late in the day but: tight immigration controls are needed now.


    • Robert Soul says:

      I’m afraid it is too late in the day to prevent the demographic horror show which will overtake Britain in the years to come. The vast majority of the population have been conned into supporting the EU and without leaving this corrupt organaisation there is nothing Britain can do to tighten its borders. Yes we can impose restrictions on people from outside the EU but there are tens of millions of “EU” citizens who are originally from islamic countries. Witness the report in the Daily Mail today about the “Danish” woman copping benefits in Harrow. The European court decides our immigration policy now.

      Oh and in the words of of a former farming colleague. Phil “Tampax” Woolas is a pr**k with ears.


  6. Will says:

    All the political argument/ media discussion is with the purpose of getting us to cast our votes over a minor timing of deficit reduction/a minor change in the running of our public services etc. Whereas it seems to me that the matters that really make a difference to the future of our country, & therefore the only topics worth exercising a vote, are immigration & the level of EU integration.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I thought Humphrys made at least one attempt to nail Woolas on the link between the actual sharp rise in immigration under Labour and this plan to do so, but gave up pretty easily.

    However, he missed one glaring admission, so I can’t tell if he let it go because he doesn’t want to cause too much trouble or he’s just having an off day.  Woolas claimed – after Humprhys busted him on misrepresenting it a bit first – that the report was supposed to explain to ministers (if I understood him correctly) what would happen if they chose to pursue various courses of action.

    As it’s something that exists purely because ministers asked for it in the first place, the only logical explanation for a report which lays out a scenario of a policy of mass immigration with specific goals is if that’s what Labour asked for.  So whether or not Labour acted on this exact plan, they clearly had the intent to do something like it, and it’s a lie to say that this is a non-issue, bearing no relation to Labour policy.  Humphrys missed this entirely.


  8. hippiepooter says:

    Hmm, the caption in the BBC link says the immigration Minister and his Shadow ‘debate’.  We had a pre-recorded comment from the Tory Shadow Chris Grayling followed by an inadequate interview by John Humphreys with the Minister Phil Woolas.

    When the Tories were in Government the TODAY programme refused to interview Govt Ministers on debate issues unless their Labour Shadow was present, and then it was two on one of course.

    If the evidence for a Govt cover-up over a critical issue was brought against the Tories TODAY would be going hammer and tongs at them day in day out.

    I’m sure Chris Grayling’s Office have made the appropriate protest – not!


  9. Will says:

    Evan Davis is allowed out of the BBC to earn a little extra in The Times extolling the virtue of immigration – it’s the old “doing the jobs we won’t do” line


    • dave s says:

      Davis keeps to the lib left agenda. Immigration is all from Eastern Europe. It is all about jobs. Keep punching that line out. Keep the propaganda flowing in the lib left direction. Don’t talk about national identity, about cultural differences, about whether the people of this land should accept the greatest demographic change since the 6th century and probably on a scale that dwarfs even that.
      The lib left buys into the whole unreal world of their imaginations and their flower power dreams of a happy bunny world.
      On every topic you can predict the response and the line they will take
      Global warming, the role of the state, multiculturalism, immigration, education, taxation, euthansia, you name it they have the answer.With one voice they mouth the politically correct opinion.
      WE know what is best for you because we believe. We have the truth,.
      Opposition? Evil and deluded- just plain wrong. Smear them. insult them and ignore them.
      It is all beginning to unravel for them. Slowly at first but it will gather speed as all unravellings do.
      God only knows how it will end.


  10. George R says:

    Labour’s and BBC’s mass immigration Britain:

    “Why Britain is spongers’ heaven”


  11. George R says:

    Melanie Phillips’ first sentence of ‘Mail’ article today:-

    “Of all the issues of concern to the public, immigration is possibly the most explosive – and the one about which the most lies are continuing to be told.”

    BBC: ears burning?:-

    “At last we know the truth: Labour despises anyone who loves Britain, its values and its history”

    Read more:


  12. sue says:

    Melanie Phillips discusses this with her usual eloquence.

    This morning Frank Field said that now that the country is on its uppers we’ll have to accept the low paid jobs that that only immigrants had been willing to do, and which the benefit system has previously protected us from. This was made to seem as though he was advocating cruelly taking away benefits from the poor.
    Oh what a pickle
    So many people leave school unable to read or write. Schools are too big, with too many non-English speaking pupils. Teachers themselves are badly educated and not valued by a government that can’t trust them so they bombard them with initiatives and regulations that make their job even more impossible. Then we have to bring in more foreigners to do the jobs that our own illiterates are incapable of, classes fill up with even more obscure-language speakers, and we continue to produce more indigenous benefit dependent illiterate adults.
    This doesn’t bode well. Mass immigration isn’t looking too good, deliberate policy or mere coincidence.


    • John Anderson says:

      Frank Field’s other point was that the education system having failed lots of young people,  the schoolleavers then opt for a lif of unemployment because thew benefits system is easy pickings,  no real requirement to find work or accep[t job offers.

      Years ago I worked in a “Lanbour Exchange”.  The supervisor had a simple rule – no-one under 40 could be allowed to stay on the books (unless disabled).   If they were between jobs,  our job was to find them a new one quick.  If they were dole-bludgers – we’d have them signing on every day until they got utterly sick of us and went off and found work.  If they refused job offers – instant stopping of benefit.   The supervisor saw the benewfits system the way it was ortiginally intended – an INSURANCE scheme.  Not free access to the public purse.


  13. George R says:

     BBC 2  ‘Newsnight’ tried to discuss the widespead scandal of bogus foreign student visas tonight with Labour’s bullying Minister Mr. Woolas.

     To her credit, (am I really writing this?) Kirsty Wark stood up well to Labour’s bullying Woolas, who went into full Prescott denial mode. BBC’s Richard Watson’s report seemed to hit the spot. (For those with access, worth checking on BBC iPlayer.)

     ‘Migrationwatch’ has been exposing Labour’s mass immigration policy for years, including the latest ineffectual changes to the foreign student visa system.

     Of course, the BBC doesn’t go to the heart of Labour stealth policy of over a decade of mass immigration from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Somalia.

     And the mass immigration from Islamic countries under Labour has been paralleled by an increase in Islamic jihad activity in Britain; even the BBC’s own ‘Generation Jihad’  series shows this.

    This is what’s at stake:

    “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe”


  14. Millie Tant says:

    Mini Prescott made a fool of himself, blustering and trying to make out that the film we had just seen, shocking as it was, illustrated Labour’s success at dealing with the problem.  Whaaat? He is an idiot. The Conservative sounded sane, at least, unlike Mini.