Did you see that the BBC has also been pushing the anti-country sports agenda of Hillary Benn this morning? We had a little trailer around 7.30am and then the blessed Benn himself came on an hour later to explain why he has written to Cameron asking why he seeks to restore freedom to those who live in the country. The little totalitarian Benn is fawned over by the dolts in the BBC who loath the idea of people being allowed to practice country sports. Has anyone in the BBC ever lived in the country? Have they any idea of what life is like there, how traditions run deep and rich? Or is it just a foreign country of which they know little?

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11 Responses to MR BENN – CLASS WARRIOR

  1. anon says:

    Fox hunting is not a sport, and is no different from the recent case of hooligans using dogs to tear apart a cat and a fox


  2. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    I live in the country. When Mr .Benn is out marching in support of genocidal Islamist monsters, people are hunting in the country. That’s just the way it works. Why, I drove past a hunt last Saturday. Nobody gives a shit about it outside Islington. A bit like the BBC, really.


  3. Backwoodsman says:

    re the anon troll, rural people find it difficult to believe people like you are unable to differentiate between a wild, free running fox being hunted by hounds in its natural environment , in the same way that a fox hunts a rabbit, and scrotes attacking a caged animal.
    What is not open to dispute, is that benn has been one of a long series of incompetents labour has had in the defra job, failing to rationalise EU directives and costing farmers and consumers a fortune in unnecessary costs.


  4. dave s says:

     Benn is an overprivileged faux egalitarian twit. But many of us who have always lived in the country do not support fox hunting. That said I would certainly not ban it. It is part of many peoples’ lives and they are entitled to hunt if they so wish.
    The libleft opposition to foxhunting is nothing to do with concern for the fox but everything to do with the need to attack any traditional English pursuit that stands in the way of the new ” happy slave ” society of the future.


  5. Grant says:

    We don’t seem to hear much from upper class scum like Benn about hare-coursing. Couldn’t be because it is “working class” surely ?


  6. toddy357 says:

    Veggie Benn son of Viscount Wedgie Benn.


    • Grant says:

      The thing about wealthy priviledged families like the Benns is that it gives them the luxury to be left-wing without damaging their own  wealth. 


  7. It's all too much says:

    What is the Labour position?  Do they care an iota about fox hunting?  If it is a matter of the importance of animal welfare shouldn’t we also ban, amongst virtually everything else (including sausages) car driving – I have seen literally hundreds of dead foxes on roads, and presumably (if Scotty allows us to presume anything) there must be many more that have slunk off into the undergrowth to die horribly of gangrene from their injuries received from speeding vehicles.

    Clearly then if the death of an animal is not that important, what is?  Is it not simply a symbolic dividing line blatantly erected by the labour party in an attempt to sustain their fraudulent iconography of toff-dom?  Unsurprisingly the fellow-travelling BBC is more than willing to assist.  It is a matter of concern that the BBC is gallantly assisting with the promotion of what is blatantly a labour election strategy.  Plenty of free party political broadcasts all round


  8. Tarquin says:

    which ‘country sports’ in particular, old boy? Or was it just fox hunting


  9. Kevin Law says:

    i signed Benn’s letter – and am proud of it.

    the idea that killing for fun is acceptable is beyond contempt.

    and the tripe about traditions. so was bear baiting and cock fighting. funny how it was the working class blood sports that were banned and the sports followed by the landed gentry that carried on.


    • matthew rowe says:

      Er may i point out the killing foxes has not been banned by Labour! only one way of doing it ,so bennys still happy for foxes to die as long as it’s not done by nasty Torys !.