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The Marxist theory of history, as studied in their rebellious youth by so many senior BBC people, emphasises the importance of economic factors and the relations between what were called ‘the forces of production’. From these relations and their associated class relations sprang all the other institutions of society – and even the consciousness of the individuals in each class.

As P J O’Rourke puts it : “As a philosophic recipe, marxism is a cannelloni of the economical, stuffed with economics, and cooked in economic sauce.

Living in pre-Welfare State days, Marx and Engels devoted little thought to ‘the forces of consumption’ – non-productive individuals who consume scarce resources. In a previous B-BBC post I pointed out some of the demographic issues on which the BBC has been so strangely coy over the last 30 years.

The timebomb is serious, and makes the Government’s current credit crunch deficit look like small change. You can see a ‘population pyramid’ here – note the immediate post-war ‘blip’ of babies, then the great bulge born in the 50s and 60s. As that bulge moves into retirement over the next 25 years, the ratio of taxpayers to tax consumers (elderly people need more care and particularly more medical care) will fall. Where will the money come from to pay for their care ?

The Financial Times excellent Alphaville blog has an interesting (if depressing) post on the impact of demography upon government debt – and the ratio of government debt to gross domestic product (GDP) which is a rough measure of the capability of a country to repay its debt.

The unfavourable shift in dependency ratios, combined with sharply increased spending on pensions and healthcare is likely to cause a sustained deterioration in primary fiscal balances and a continuous increase in government debt to GDP ratios.

Translation : “Ageing populations will lead to an explosion in government debt over the long run“.

The cost of medical care is enormous, at 18% of the UK budget. Pensions and ‘social care’ account for around another 20%. The NHS bill is about to take off over the next two decades, as the boomers born between 1945 and 1965 move into retirement. Pressure to contain this budget will be enormous.

As the BBC’s pro-euthanasia campaign grinds on I can’t but think that some BBC editors and producers need to recall what they were taught or picked up from all those Politics and Sociology courses. We are moving into a period where governments, of any complexion, will be desperate to control rising health costs – and when, for the first time, the State broadcaster is running a continual stream of pro-euthanasia propaganda. To paraphrase Marx : “Follow the money”.

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3 Responses to Follow The Money

  1. Phil says:

    Fortunately for them, most middle ranking and senior BBC staff will have superb pensions to help them pay for all the care they need in old age, all financed by a tax used mainly to fund trash like Eastenders and Casualty.

    Mr Yentob and his pals won’t need to be put down for financial reasons. 


  2. philipramage says:

    I’m sorry but all the “statistics” pointing to an unaffordable, ageing population are absolute rubbish.Rubbish, I might add, that is playing right into the left’s hands.This “ageing population” myth is their excuse for packing the country with immigrants.
    Just take a look around you.WE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE BLOODY WELL WORKING.
    LOOK at the armies of immigrants on welfare, some living in multi million pound mansions.
    LOOK at the terror suspects amassing fortunes in the hundreds of  thousands of pounds at our expense.
    LOOK at the whole estates full of single mothers kept at our expense.
    LOOK at the”welfare families”, where three generations of these families have never worked.
    LOOK at all the non-jobs in national and local government funded by our taxes.
    Pleaase don’t perpetuate this myth-It’s right up there with “The national health service would collapse without third world doctors and nurses” NOT IF THEY TOOK THEIR THIRD WORLD PATIENTS BACK WITH THEM IT WOULDN’T.
    The people of this country are quite capable of taking care of themselves-and each other.


  3. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    I don’t think the BBC’s pro-euthanasia campaign is motivated by a desire to cut care costs.

    Rather, the left wing, either consciously or through simple reflex or a combination of the two, has set out to systematically attack, undermine and eventually destroy every principle underpinning western civilisation. Euthanasia has become the latest “taboo” to be taken on by these people.