They deny it until they are blue in the face, but readers of this site know that behind the closed doors of the rats’ warren corridors of the the BBC, the boys and girls who work there are immersed in finding new and exciting ways of spreading lefty groupthink. Finally, 25 years on, we have a glimpse of that murky world, courtesy of today’s Sunday Times. The late John Nathan-Turner, then producer of Doctor Who (watched in those days by audiences of 16m), hired a cabal of lefty script-writers to find ways of discrediting Margaret Thatcher. One of them, Andrew Cartmel, was reportedly asked by Turner at his script-writing interview what he wanted to achieve by working for the programme. He got the job when he said, without missing a beat, “I’d like to overthrow the government”.

Mr Cartmel told the Sunday Times: “I was a young firebrand and I wanted to answer honestly. I was very angry about the social injustice in Britain under Thatcher and I’m delighted that came into the show.” So that’s how you get a BBC job! He and his fellow scriptwritersr plotted away between them to introduce anti-Thatcher themes, and weren’t too fussy about subtlety, introducing a villanous character called Rehctaht (Thatcher backwards).

The BBC’s reaction? Well of course, it’s not true. They were as unbiased then as they are now. As this shows.

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  1. It's all too much says:

    Absolutely definitive Frankfurt School behaviour by the BBC

    He said last week that John Nathan-Turner, who produced the show throughout the 1980s, had asked him during his job interview what he hoped to achieve in the post.
    “My exact words were: I’d like to overthrow the government,” said Cartmel. “I was a young firebrand and I wanted to answer honestly. I was very angry about the social injustice in Britain under Thatcher and I’m delighted that came into the show.”

    I’ll try that next time I apply for a job in an organisation who espouse political impartiality as its’ fundamental value.  What utter bollocks the BBC claim to impartiality is.

    A substantive point is that Dr Who remains a blatant Trojan Horse for the Frankfurters.  It remains unwatchably obvious Marxist crap.  How many times does the “Dr” from is position of unchallengably superior knowledge spouted a BBC drafted lecture on racism, cultural relativism, social care, plutocracy, access to health care, multi-culturalism etc.etc.

    (I recall one episode of Dr Who where 25% of the population of Elizabethan London appeared to be afro-carribean)

    Same cabal of back room communism at work.  It prevades all aspects of the BBC “public sector good private sector bad” chant the animals on Holby City, Casualty, East Enders, grevence and entitlement tevelvsion.  Meanwhile there are 382 BBC drones earning more than £100K – inb addition to the £18m packages handed out to self confessed wank*r Ross and his fellow “talent”

    There is no hope of any impartiality from the BBC that recruits staff specifically on the basis of their political opinion, gender, ethnicity and sexuality before they consider what they can do.  (The BBC has an offical target to ensure that 12.5% of staff are BME.  That is racism in my book)


    • Scott M says:

      “(I recall one episode of Dr Who where 25% of the population of Elizabethan London appeared to be afro-carribean)”

      I think you’ll find that’s what’s commonly known as a lie. But you know, Biased BBC commenters WANT it to be true, and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?


      • It's all too much says:

        Not a lie at all – The BBC presumably thought a bit of the population would be alienated so just changed the facts a bit.  fair enough you may say, its only a ‘kids-show’, but playing fast a loose with history when it doesn’t fit the dialectic or airbrushing people out when they became non persons is a standard tactic of the left.

        Come on Scott, I may have exaggerated a little bit, and in the defence of the BBC perhaps they thought that they would just use their standard ‘casualty’ pool of extras in London forgetting that London has changed a bit in the last 400 years.  


        • Scott M says:

          “I may have exaggerated a little bit”

          Yes. You converted a couple of extras into a quarter of a city. But that’s not a lie, oh no, that’s just exaggerating, so it’s okay.

          But then making stuff up to demonstrate how awful everybody else is is, as you might say, “a standard tactic” of Biased BBC’s more demented commenters.


          • anon says:

            Suggestion that Scott M posts are removed for being abusive


          • John Horne Tooke says:

            demented commenters.” – and you are a reasoned “commentator”.?

            Every single time you appear on this blog you personaly insult either the posters or the authors of the thread.


      • Martin says:

        Oh dear Scott, stop by cheap Coke, get the good stuff like your mates at the BBC. Islington High Street is good I hear


  2. George R says:

    BBC’s Labour Party broadcast, which is the Marr show, had two anti-Tories reviewing the papers today.


  3. Martin says:

    Yep Radio 5’s talentless Kate Silverton had a fawning interview with Tony Benn as well. The modern Dr Who is just as lefty if not more, with engless gay characters and anti George Bush and Thatcher comments.


  4. Martin says:

    Another classic, I really don’t understnad though why theTories are surprised every time the BBC is outed like this?

    ‘Mendacious Mandelson’ duped BBC into Chris Patten smear

    Tory grandee Chris Patten angrily accused Peter Mandelson of ‘mendacity’ last night after a former Downing Street spin doctor revealed how the Labour peer used the BBC to smear him.


    • hippiepooter says:

      This is doubly obscene after the stirling service Lord Patten had rendered in Hong Kong.  Britain means nothing to the likes of Mandelson or the BBC.  Not something they’d give a fig about.


      • Grant says:

        I know that the Hong Kong Chinese do not share your view of
        Patten !

        And the Chinese government just thought he was a joke, which he

        During his whole period as Governor of HK , he hardly learned any cantonese or mandarin.  

        A very lazy, stupid person.


    • freddo41 says:

      The BBC knew, just two days later after the smear had worked, that they’d been lied to by Mandelson.
      I’d love to know why that lie – and the reason for it – was not the main story on that evening’s news.
      The BBC could have comprehensively nailed Mandleson but they passed up the opportunity.


  5. danread5 says:

    A few factual innacuracies:

    At the time Cartmel was appointed, Doctor Who was getting a maximum of 5 million viewers, a big comedown from it’s heyday.

    Cartmel and his fellow scriptwriters in fact created the character of Helen A, for the story ‘Happiness Patrol’ a parody of Margaret Thatcher. The spelt backwards character was a creation of a BBC spin off novel, and so unlikely to have involved Cartmel.

    As far as lefty politics was concerned in Dr Who at that time, there wasn’t a huge amount that came through in the stories compared to today – Daleks were likened to Nazis and vague allusions to the evils of racism were made – the above mentioned Thatcher story – and a few hippies in a story about an evil circus.

    It’s really much worse now, with RTD and David Tennant clearly huge labour groupies…


  6. rich b says:

    RTD=Rusty Tin Dildo. An unaffectionate nickname for the last producer, Russell T. Davies.


  7. Call me Infidel says:

    I am sure it is just a coinicidence that the show went to ratshit under Sylvester McCoy 😉


  8. Simon Jester says:

    By the time Cartmel came in, viewing figures had dropped to about 5 million, but when John Nathan Turner originally started as producer, figures of 16 million had been recorded for a story (The City of Death) in the previous season – partly thanks to an electrician’s strike at ITV.

    The first story broadcast while JNT was producer – the Leisure Hive – appears overtly communist; the main villains were a renegade faction of aliens, called the Western Lodge (geddit?) whose main crime was that they were trying to negotiate a deal separately from their planet’s government.

    A few years ago (before RTD managed to resurrect the show) I read an article written by Paul Cornell, in which he likened the Peter Davison era of the show to the Neil Kinnock era of the Labour party. He intended this comparison as a compliment…

    Mr. Cornell has subsequently written a number of episodes for the new version of Dr. Who.


    • danread5 says:

      Cartmel is the Trot caused the article to be written. He joined in 1987. prior to that you’d have been hard pressed to find overt elements of ‘leftism’ in Doctor Who, apart from the usual sci-fi staples of villainous corporations and warmongering aliens.
      It does the cause of biased bbc no good to muddle dates and facts and smear all of Doctor Who with the brush of leftist bias.
      The Leisure Hive is about as communist as Muffin The Mule.


  9. George R says:


    “BBC scriptwriters tried to use Doctor Who to bring down Margaret Thatcher”

    Read more:


  10. Teddy Bear says:

    Just consider the headline for a moment…..
    BBC has 382 staff earning more than £100,000

    How well they must think they do their jobs to deserve it, but for the life of me as a viewer of as much of their output as I can stomach, I can’t imagine what it could be. A deteriorating service. poor quality programming, some of dubious motive, the most blatant covered here, and many many repeats to make up for their present day lack of creativity.

    If you think they’re not all too aware of this fact for themselves then consider this “However, the BBC has refused to disclose the names of the majority of those on the list or say what they do to justify their salaries.”

    Obviously nothing to justify it.

    The BBC charter requires All programs and services should be open minded, fair and show a respect for truth…

    If those running it see it as nothing more than something to be milked for all they can, what respect for anything can we expect, much less truth?

    Just plain crooked slime out to grab whatever they can while giving less and less for it, while pursuing their own agenda. What a great message for society. Be sure they will continue to speak in their mealy mouthed ‘posh’ manner to make the public think that they are really ‘civilised’.


  11. Boris Godunoff says:

    More pro-Islam bias at the BBC. Read the following garbage article, written (surprise surprise) by al-Guardian journalist Jonathan Glancy.

    A classic example of the bogus attempt to rewrite history so that everything European becomes an offshoot of Islam. No mention of the fact that the real inspiration for St Peter’s Basilica were Roman classical designs such as the Pantheon, or the great domed basilicas of Hagia Sophia and others which had adorned Constantinople long before the Ottoman hordes invaded. Somewhere slipped into the text is the concession that Ottoman architects may have been inspired by those in Italy, but any consideration of this is lost in the continued bogus attempt to reduce our cultural heritage to an offshoot of Islam.


    • dave s says:

      History is being rewritten. It is part of the cultural war being waged against the West by it’s own most wretched generation in it’s history- the so called 60s generation.
      If they had their way we would be forced to demolish Salisbury Cathedral- that most perfect expression of the Christian ideal- lest it offend other cultures. It owes nothing to any culture but our own. It is incomparably Western and to me the finest building in the world.
      I make this judgement and I will stand by it. I will do what I can to pass on to the next generation just what this building should mean to them.
      This wretched remaining 60s generation have nothing that roots them in their country or their people. They are the real enemy and deserve no quarter.
      Teach the young for they are ready to listen


  12. Phil says:

    The very idea that the writers on a childrens programme had any influence on national politics is laughable. Why do we have to pay generous wages to toytown home counties revolutionaries who think they are playing some part in the political process by mass manufacturing junk TV for the state funded broadcaster?


    • Daniel Smith says:

      I don’t think that one programme has much influence but it is the constant drip-feed of these ideas through the BBC’s output which has its effect. A whole generation of young people have grown up with the image of Thatcher as the wicked witch of the east simply by absorbing that through popular culture.


  13. Martin says:

    Just turned on Pravda (Radio 5) to hear them bigging up the one eyed mong’s interview on ITV. “I’m a Tory and I’m gonna vote for Gordon Brown was the first caller”. Of course he’s not a Tory I know the voice, he rings into Nicki Campbell most days and is a rabid leftie. None the less sound bite after sound bite is bigging up the one eyed mong.

    By the way did Piers moron ask him about his alleged homosexuality? I only ask as years ago on Desert Island Discs Sue Lawley did.


  14. Martin says:

    So guess WHAT subject the Radio 5 phone in is about this morning? Yep did the one eyed mong win you over. Of course Nikki Campbell is having an on air orgasm.


    • Martin says:

      Yep straight in to the “attack Cameron” callers. I thought it was a phone in about the mong?