Dynamite! BBC fails to Notice. Again.

Last October I blogged about the BBC’s silence over Andrew Neather’s revelations about the government’s open door policy on immigration, allegedly to fill gaps in the labour market. But the government’s deliberate policy of manipulating the demographics in the UK was to fill gaps in the Labour-voting market, not the job vacancy one.

Before backtracking and claiming his words had been twisted and misrepresented, Andrew Neather mentioned that the government was paranoid about the media getting hold of this information.

Now that formerly concealed parts of this document have been revealed, the BBC is still strangely silent about this, and to what Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch UK has written. Other news organs still think it is a bit of a bombshell.

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17 Responses to Dynamite! BBC fails to Notice. Again.

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Surely some at the BBC would have been aware of the “social objectives”, as certain Beeboids are extremely close to Labour pols.  They would also be well aware of the trend of non-indigenous people to vote Labour.  It goes a long way towards explaining how the Cross of St. George came to be considered a racist symbol at the BBC.


  2. Martin says:

    Can I strongly suggest people take a listen to Richard Bacon talking to Lance Price about his book that claims Brown is a nutter? Bacon just didn’t care or even pretend to be impartial in the interview, he attacked Price (a former Beeboid of course) for wanting Labour to lose the election (you just know that the BBC didn’t like that) and the only text or emails read out seemed to be attacking Price not Brown.

    Bacon really is a turd.

    Regarding the immigration story, of course the BBC will ignore it, for the very same reason I just mentioned. The BBC don’t want to rock the boat regarding Labour losing the election.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      he attacked Price (a former Beeboid of course) for wanting Labour to lose the election

      And what if he does. That’s still allowed isn’t it?  Oh right. On the BBC. No, ist verbotten.


  3. Martin says:

    Listen to Bacon defending McBrown and attacking Lance Price all the way through the interview



  4. George R says:

    For such an enomous lie, and act of treachery against the British people, I could never, ever, vote Labour.

    And the Lib Dems have approved Labour stealth policy mass immigration all the way.

    The stony silence from the BBC indicates at least its political complicity in this.


  5. jpt says:

    The ‘other’ news organs should be screaming about the BBC’s silence.


  6. Martin says:

    The Euro is tanking but no doubt we will have to bail Greece out.


  7. Terminal says:

    Why bother to report this at all? The lead story at 19.00 today is the suicide of a gay dress designer.


  8. dave s says:

    If this is proved correct and that an ideologically motivated group have attempted to alter the ethnic make up of England to achieve their “dream” society then it is an act unprecedented in our history.
    It may well prove to pose the gravest threat to our democratic system we have ever faced.
    If democracy has bought us to this- an invited invasion of our country without our consent and against our will then any democratic legitimacy of government is lost.
    The prime duty of a government is to ensure the safety of the realm and to nurture and protect the customs and traditions of the people.
    All indigenous peoples of the world have the inalienable right to demand this of a government.
    All authority resides in us and we delegate that authority on condition it is never misused or given away.
    This government, and it’s predecessors, have given away our sovereignity and  this government is accused additionally of a deliberate attempt to alter the nation so that it no longer is what it has been for well over 1000 years.
    To achieve what? An unreal dream of what a land should be based on the ramblings of social theorists and philosphers. 
    The contract is fracturing. This government is in rebellion against the people’s inalienable rights.
    It is no longer a government but a tyrrany.
    I do not know how this will end but either we restore our sovereingity or the state , now hijacked by malevolent men and women. becomes our oppressor and silences or destroys us all.
    The BBC? It has chosen it’s side


    • Millie Tant says:

      If this is proved correct and that an ideologically motivated group have attempted to alter the ethnic make up of England to achieve their “dream” society then it is an act unprecedented in our history.  

      But we already know this. Why else do you think words such as English and England were banished from official forms and from official discourse? Leading politicians sneering at the mention of the words. (Jack Straw and Two Jags Prescott cases in point.) Flags of the country banned or frowned upon?  Might give offence.

      Why do you think we have produced a generation of indoctrinated people who go around spouting about every country and custom under the sun but their own? Up goes the knee-jerk cry that they do not know what is English culture or that it doesn’t exist.

      God, how deprived, unseeing, stunted in imagination and education are people who cannot see, feel and appreciate their own deep and varied riches of place and identity and heritage. A sad and wanton destruction of their proper inheritance has been wrought in the name of some quixotic and doomed pursuit of otherness and self-annihilation.


  9. George R says:

    “Using immigration to turn Britain into a nation of Labour voters is so shameful I can hardly believe it”        (Stephen Glover)

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/columnists/article-1250096/Using-immigration-turn-Britain-nation-Labour-voters-shameful-I-hardly-believe-it.html?ITO=1490#ixzz0fG7wpHFS


  10. George R says:

    “Labour is guilty of a sickening act of national betrayal”

    (Leo McKinstry)



  11. JohnW says:

    When Norman Tebbitt broke this the other day in the Telegraph I wrote in commenting that the story was completely off the media radar. Not only had it never appeared in any of the other broadsheets, this treachery had not even been mentioned by Cameron in PMQs.

    Even now it is confined to just the Telegraph and the Mail.

    We all know the BBC for what it is – but what about the rest of the media? We have a mammoth task ahead of us in this country with all these media traitors among us.


  12. Grant says:

    Dave S  and Millie Tant  ( above )

    2 of the best posts I have ever read on this site.


  13. AndyUk06 says:

    If Labour’s true intention WAS to change forever the demographic ecosystem for their own benfit I think it will come back to bite them.  Socialists are quite shallow in this respect in that they seldom correctly anticipate the consequences of things.

    I have seen it with my own eyes.  Many immigrants (especially Poles) have a satisfactory work ethic, are thrifty, support the family unit and are generally law-abiding.  Don’t sound like future Labour voters to me.