The BBC very belatedly and no doubt even more begrudgingly has commissioned a poll probing views about global warming. Despite the years of BBC propaganda to the opposite, a total of 73% are not convinced that climate change has anything to do with humans; only 26% believe it is man-made, a drop from 42% a year ago when the Times newspaper conducted a similar poll. So who does the BBC turn for comment about the results? Why, of course, a spoksman from DEFRA, who professes himself “very disappointed”. What? – that the British people don’t accept being mugged by a battery of government climate change taxes?

It comes as no surprise that there is nothing at all in the report from the ‘sceptics’. And David Shukman, who reported the poll on BBC News 24 in funereal tones last night, blathered on about how people’s views went against what he said was unquestionably “mainstream science”.

Meanwhile, the Today programme this morning continued on its warming mission by bringing on a Green Party candidate and a carbon-obsessed academic to discuss how CO2 taxes must be introduced on everyone who owns a cat or a dog. I kid you not. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic that the BBC’s editorial values have been traduced in this way.

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  1. Jack Bauer says:

    It’s a BIG FRACKIN’ in your fat face to the crazy Warm-Mongers, care of those wonderful people who saw off Hitler.   

    (That would be the British, for those who never learned our history in our tremendous Brave New Schools run by the NUTs.) 

    Freeze on THAT BBC.  Stick it Brown. Go drown yourself sad-sack members of the BBC-Guardian Industrial Media & Marxetariat Complex.


  2. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Big Brother is disappoint? Good.
    Hey BBC, you no longer control the narrative. That must sting. Your days are numbered, assholes.


  3. George R says:

    ‘Climate Change my arse-  BBC Poll shows Sceptics now the majority’


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    “The fact that there has been a very significant drop in the number of people that believe that we humans are changing the Earth’s climate is serious,” he told BBC News.

    “Action is urgently needed,” Professor Watson warned. 

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, Professor! Maybe you’d like to start there!


  5. Phil says:

    Climate change science is proving to be as absurd  as other allegedly scientifically based theories of the ‘liberal’ classes.

    From communism to comprehensive education they always know best and seethe with indignation when the stupid masses can’t see an obvious truth.


  6. John R Smith says:

    If you listen carefully you can hear the beeboids in their editorial office now:

    “But, but, but that can’t be right, count the results again”
    “Didn’t you tell the pollsters what result we expected? After all we paid them enough”
    “What are we going to say tonight? Can we cut figures differently?”
    “What if we ignore some of the numbers? Michael Mann says its ok and it works for him every time”
    “Phil Jones suggested we change the scale on the graphs, he says that will hide the increase, he seemed to know what he was doing”

    Tough shit guys.

    Game over.


  7. John Anderson says:

    It can sometimes be hard to persuade people that the BBC is politically biased – bias is in the eye of the beholder and all that.

    But the BBC’s utter bias on global warming is far more plain.  There is oddles of evidence that they have been propagandising,  that they have deliberately suppressed oposing views,  that they have stacked the debate.

    So,  ironically,  the BBC’s stupid behaviour on AGW may prove to be one of the strongest reasons for taking an axe to it.  It is plain that the British people have largely rejected the AGW alarmism – and they know full well that the BBC has been up to its neck in the alarmism,  that it is still in a state of deep denial.


  8. Martin says:

    Regarding Shuckman (must watch how I spell him name these days) last night. I posted on this in the thread below, he stated that the USA had reported the warmest winter for 30 years. Well firstly, winter isn’t over yet and the US east coast is once again blanketed in deep snow, then in the BBC’s OWN report the warming winter SOME have had is down to El Nino NOT climate change.  
    The fact that Shuckman threw that in to his report at the end without ANY explanation shows the problem.  
    The REAL climate scientists need to shop uneducated idiots like Harrabin, Shuckman and black telling lies about climate change and using one off weather events to spout that this is down to climate change (like the floods)  
    The BBC have been the most guilty of bigging up stories like the Himilayas for example. Because Harrabin and Shuckman have no understanding of science they can’t use their own brains to work out that some of the stuff they spout is clear nonsense.  
    I’m not a scientist but an engineer by trade. Having worked on complicated systems I’m well aware that our climate is also a system, a vastly more complicated one, but a system non the less. Small changes in one area can have effects you may not expect else where. We see this with El Nino or volcanic activity for example.  
    The scientists still seem stuck on this simple idea that more CO2= more temperature rise. So explain the last 12 years? They can’t, what they say is well we expect to see peaks and troughs. OK so explain WHAT drives those peaks and troughs then and why it is that these drivers can’t have more of an influence than you predict.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Marty —  re: WINTER.  Yes that is the season which runs from DEC 21 to MARCH 21. 13 weeks.  We are in week SEVEN of winter.

      I understand this is a hard concept for “climate” (sic) scientists to grasp.


  9. Guest says:

    You know what? I reckon there are, probably, mostly a decent, competent sincere bunch out there in this, and related fields, currently whacking their very clever brains against the wall.

    Because this whole thing got hijacked, very quickly and very aggressively, by a sanctimonious cabal from the ‘establishment’ – gov, media, quangos, NGOs, etc – for whom agenda was always more important than truth. As it so wonderfully fitted their other petty, controlling, minority world views.

    But the greatest irony of all is, having so totally made a Horlicks of both the messages and how they are conveyed, instead of ANY introspection about their competencies or complicity, they are still rushing to grab the ‘high’ ground of knowing what ‘should’ happen, ring-fencing why it hasn’t gone according to plan, and casting about with why everyone else is either wrong or too thick to enjoy their so far astounding levels of insight and/or popular persuasion. I know graphs and projections are not their strong suit, but as they have pretty much dominated how the events have been interpreted to date, why are most folks reacting so negatively to what they are serving up, ad nauseam (and hom) such that their efforts ARE MAKING THINGS WORSE? 

    Like Brown for Labour, their bullying, selfish hunger for some odd sense of being in or at the head of the ‘in-crowd’ (power and influence having long since waned), has made the likes of Black, Schuckman, Miliband, Watson et Al (you know who you are) pretty much poster kids for all that is wrong, bandwagoneering and untrustworthy.

    The longer almost all cling on to the wreckage of their reputations, the more damage there is to a sincere environmental movement based on honesty, transparency, objectivity and pragmatism.

    But what chance any quitting a nice little number for the greater good, to make way for a new generation, better qualified and untainted? With a slim chance of arresting and/or restoring public faith in factual honesty on science at official level?

    We have more chance of a troughing MP quitting before they first get their massive reward for failure pay-off.

    There are now Ministers I would only trust to tax the bloke they send out for to change a light bulb at their 2nd home, quangocrats who I only expect to hire consultants to justify their index-linked with ever more excuses, and most enviro reporters only to actually pick up the phone to try and wangle an upgrade.

    These guys must be counting the days to the next luxury jolly they can all fly off to, for the sweet relief of basking, briefly, in mutual support. Before the real world again intrudes.

    And they are all that’s wrong with the state of public understanding of the vast, complex issues the planet faces.


    • Martin says:

      Our ‘friend’ Marcus Brigestoke made this very point on his love in interview with Richard Bacon. The climate change movement has been taken over by the wet leftists, the CND, the anti capitalism, Communists, stop the war, lesbians and so on.

      If you asked ANY sane person should we pollute the planet less, should we make better use of resources and so on, the answer would be YES, big time.

      But the general public see corrupt politicians simply using climate change as an excuse to rack up new taxes (which is one big reason they don’t want to jump off the climate change ship) and the wet left as yet another attempt to destroy western capitalism.


  10. deegee says:

    Forgive the stereotype but to an outsider the British would prefer a CO2 tax on their children to a CO2 tax on their beloved canines.

    Berhaps MMGW will disappear not with a wimper but with a woof?


  11. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    The BBC….are Conservative, right wing biased, and prejudiced on the subject of Global warming!!!

    So says Islamic fundamentalist Mehdi Hasan, who has also managed to percure himself the political editor spot, at the far left wing Socialist rag “The New Statesman”.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      D&D -thanks dude. That’s the funniest nutbag I’ve read for a long time.

      I have posted a comment on his site: I don’t know their policy of taking down posts they don’t like so I’ll copy it here in case it’s disappeared!

      I thought we had had our fill of unhinged members of the lumpen Marxetariat, then along toddles the mad Medhi Hassan.


      Talk about wing-nut. Actually I don’t even believe he is real. He’s obviously a brilliant conservative provocateur deliberately trying to make Warm Mongers look even crazier than they are.


      Well done Mad Mehdi. Mission accomplished. Report back to HQ pronto for your next mission.


      • Dazed-and-Confused says:


        Id be careful if I were you, as you may well be hit with a “Fatwa” by Mehdi Hasan, for daring to question anything he says.

        If you think that I’m overplaying my hand here, then just take a look at the link below, and then follow down the you tube sidebar, always remembering that Mehdi Hasan, is the political editor for a large and mainstream Socialist/New Labour magazine.

        And If you think he’s alone in his madness, then think again, as his direct underlings at the New Statesman magazine, have all the panache and subtlety of a far left Socialist Workers Party get together.

        What New Labour have now become in a rancid nutshell.


        • Jack Bauer says:

          D&D — thanks for the tip.

          Little marxoid shits like the Mad Mahdi were a dime a dozen when I was at college; and the Socialist Worker drones were on the look out to recruit for the feeble minded non-thinkers. 

          The best way to get at them is mockery and laughter. They can’t cope with that.  Drives them mental.

          He brings a metaphorical knife, I’ll bring a metaphorical gun.

          He brings a fatwah, I bring a fat bastard.


  12. Umbongo says:

    One example of BBC bias is in its poll
    ( ) concerning attitudes to climate change.

    The first question of the poll [my emboldening] asks “From what you know and have heard, do you thing the earth’s climate is changing and global warming taking place?”  What do you answer if you think that climate is changing (which no-one sane denies – it’s always changing) yet don’t think there’s global warming?

    The premise of the question is, of course, that only warming constitutes climate change and therefore if the climate is changing there is, perforce, global warming.  A typically dishonest – or should I say disingenuous – question from the folk at propaganda central.


    • Guest says:

      Asking daft, or deliberately vague questions is pretty standard practice in any BBC ‘poll’.

      Which makes them still getting results they are having real problems spinning quite ironic.

      Maybe, if instead of always seeking to create things to desired agenda as opposed to simply allowing factual reality fall as it may, they wouldn’t keep getting tied up in knots of their own making.

      And the public wouldn’t by default suspect everything they issue as objective or ‘news’.


  13. JohnW says:

    BBC/Labour’s stance on the Great Man-made Global Warming Scam is simple:

    Freezing cold, ice and snow etc = “weather”

    Unseasonally warm and up = “climate”

    This covers all their excuses. Oh – and the 73% of deniers don’t matter cos the “science is settled”.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Remember John: weather is not climate.

      Unless it’s a heatwave in summer; and then, weather “proves” global warming. 


  14. Daniel Smith says:

    The BBC has gone from How green was my valley to How green is my Collie. That beyond-parody Today interview was the sort of thing that would have been on a comedy show a few years ago but now the ‘comedians’ are behind it, sometimes hectoringly so.
    The public mood makes the conservatives getting into bed with this rubbish look even more wrong headed. When are they going to speak up on this? The BNP seem to be positioning themselves as the anti-green party now (a change from their green credentials in the 2006 election) and are now the unopposed spokesmen for the majority on this issue, which is very worrying.


  15. AndyUk06 says:

    BBC ‘polls’ tell us nothing.  The fact is, even before climategate, there has been a significant hardcore of independent-minded thinkers and scientists that have been questioning the conclusions made by climate alarmists, often in the face of denied information requests, ridicule and ostracism.

    It has been the BBC’s blind and servile acceptance of the propaganda put out by Jones, Mann, IPCC etc that has been the root cause of the problem.


  16. Anonymous says:

    If global warming/climarte change was a real problem, then mass immigration would be brought under control.  Adverts on TV at the moment telling me to drive 5 miles a week less yet  still people flood into the country to drive cars and create pollution.  It makes no sense and proves that climste change is a load of old cobblers.


    • Martin says:

      It’s because the left see immigration as good, millions more dullards to vote Labour, work for minimum wage, live on benefits and be grateful to the liberal elite.


  17. Martin says:

    Have to laugh. Shuckman (just checking I’ve not misspelt his name again) on the news last night waffling on and telling lies about “warmist winter in America”. Try telling that to those on the east coast of the USA you dick.


  18. Martin says:

    More crap coming the way of the warmists and BBC.

    THe Sunday Express has a bucketful on the BBC as well.