All Quiet on the Wilders front

Although there was plenty of news on the BBC about Geert Wilders last year when he was banned from entering the UK, now that he’s on trial in the Netherlands, the BBC has gone quiet.

One would have thought there would be much material to interest the world’s foremost news organ in this story. For a start the 15 defence witnesses that the court has disallowed, leaving only three, and causing Mr Wilders’s supporters to wonder whether the trial can have a fair outcome.

Those of us who are hurt, offended or frightened by anti-Semitism should always apply a test whenever negative feelings about Islam overcome us.

We have to ask ourselves whether our negative thought is rational and based on a genuine concern, or just a phobia-like distaste, a tarring with the same brush, a generalisation based on myth and mystery as per anti-Semitism.

While we mustn’t scapegoat groups of people, dehumanise them or blame them for all the evils in the world, surely we can criticise what needs criticising, and not be afraid to make value judgments when necessary.

At the time of writing, most references to Geert Wilders on the BBC website are dated last year; one by Mark Mardell actually puts his case in a reasonably evenhanded manner.
Many people distance themselves from Geert Wilders’s campaign, but there is considerable and undeniable logic in what he is saying, which should be reported and given a fair hearing. So for that reason I think the BBC should not only be reporting the trial, but also discussing the issues it brings up.

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  1. Marky says:

    Brilliant and the BBC gets a mention.


    • Atheist Ranter says:

      Superb superb superb!  Oh how I’d like the BBC to get bollocks and give Pat a weekly slot to tell us all how it is.  Keep it up


      • Marky says:

        Well I’m not an atheist but generally agree with Pat on Islam, not so much on Christianity.


  2. George R says:

    Yes, and if Geert Wilders wore a burqa, the BBC would immediately change its tune and be sympathetic.

    (This might give Mr. Wilders an idea as to what to wear at the Dutch Kangaroo Court.)


  3. Martin says:

    BBC top story, John Terry. You can bet that the BBC didn’t need to take orders from Downing street on moving the bad news down the news order.


  4. gordon-bennett says:

    My understanding is that the trial has been adjourned until 1st July at the earliest, apparently to give GW a chance to schedule his witnesses.

    He originally wanted to cite 18 witnesses but this was cut to 3 by the court. Scroll down in the link below.


  5. Grant says:

    Thanks for that link to Pat Condell.  Great video.

    Obviously, Geert will lose the case in Holland, since it is rigged in advance,  but will appeal to some kind of EU court or maybe European Court of “Human Rights”.

    But, surely, the prevention of him calling the witnesses of his choice is a flagrant breach of natural justice ?


  6. Martin says:

    Wow the BBC got through the Labour sleaze quick on the BBC news. Funny that the BBC’s village idiot Robert Peston tried to link Maggie T to the BAE fine today.

    Compare and contrast THREE Labour MPs being put on trial for dodgy dealings to the way the BBC treated Jonathan Aitken and Archer.

    Nice to see the BBC giving Brown lots of airtime over the Northern Ireland settlement. He wasn’t even there for 95% of the negotiations, but the BBC still likes to give him credit.


  7. Martin says:

    The BBC are NOT happy that more of us than ever are sceptical about climate change, Shuckman is almost in tears.

    But then Shuckman gives a VERY misleading statement. American scientist say it’s the warmest winter for 30 years. So what has that to do with Climate change?

    Even the BBC’s own story tells us why it may have been warmer in some parts of the world

    “It is conceivable January will come out very warm,” says Dr Schmidt. “The reason why it was warm is mainly because of the El Nino in the Pacific chugging along for about three or four months.”

    But Shuckman didn’t mention El Nino which is of course a natural event.

    Clearly we can expect an even greater onslaught of climate change nonsense from the BBC.


  8. Martin says:

    Yet more beeboid nonsense.

    A Turkish teenager found dead in a hole next to her house was probably buried alive, a post-mortem examination has revealed.

    This bit is a classic.

    “…But while it is true that most such killings are carried out in conservative Muslim communities, the practice is linked more to the customs of this region of Turkey, than to religious belief…”

    What garbage. Honour killgs take place in all Muslim Countries and whilst they also take place in other non Muslim Countries Islam is clearly a far bigger driver than the BBC would like us to believe.


  9. Millie Tant says:


    “I don’t hate Muslims. Far from it. They have exactly the same Holy Spark that Hashem put in every human being. Plus, at least half of them here in Israel are actually Jews. A few articles about this have appeared in recent years.”

    Eh, what does that mean? Half of the Muslims are Jews? =-O


    • deegee says:

      I’m not sure how this is relevant to anything but some studies have show genetic links in some Palestinians to, not suprisingly, Jews. This is supported by folk memories that receive little publicity from Israel or the Destroy Israel Lobby.

      It’s not hard to understand why. Jewish communities remained in Israel after the fall, to the Romans, of the second temple and the conversion of Judea to a separate Roman province in the 1st and 2nd centuries.

      When the Muslims invaded during the Rashidun Caliphate 632-661 most of the remaining Jewish communities (and indeed the remaining Christian communities, some of whom were genetically Jewish) were converted by the sword to Islam. Most but not all of those who accepted Dhimmi status gradually coverted over time.

      I doubt the figure is half. The original Jewish/Christian population was further diluted by mass immigration from Egypt, Syria and Iraq partly as an economic response to the Zionism and partly as a deliberate Ottoman Turk attempt to repopulate the vilayets of Beirut, Hijaz, and district of Jerusalem AKA Palestine, AKA Israel. There are, of course, Bedouin tribes who moved around the country with roots outside Israel.

      Although no one has researched it and the Saudi Government for clear reasons isn’t interested, at the time of Mohammed there were Jews in Saudi Arabia whose population gradually diminished due to assimilation and attrition but whose genetic descendants undoubtably exist among Saudi Arabs. It’s possible there were still open Jews in Saudi Arabia as late as 1932. The fact that Saud found it necessary to make a declaration declaring the practise of Judaism illegal suggests there must have been a basis. Also, although I have little information, there may be crypto Jews (i.e. practising their religion in secret) still living in the Kingdom.


      • Jack Bauer says:

        Didn’t many of the carpet-bagging arabs occupying the Palestinian entity migrate from Saudi Arabia via Jordan AFTER Jews started to transform the desert and make it bloom?


      • Millie Tant says:

        Thanks for the detailed reply, deegee. Interesting background.


  10. hippiepooter says:

    Geert Wilders is on trial as a quid pro quo for the assistance of Arab/Muslim countries helping us wage the War against Terrorism.  Either way, Islam gets imposed on us.  Islam is taking us from both ends.

    Good subject for a Newsnight discussion perhaps?  Not on your nelly.  The trial isn’t just being held in closed session in Court but closed session at the BBC as well.  They know perfectly well that if Geert Wilders evidence is percolated with proper coverage of his trial a heck of a lot of people will come round to his way of thinking and all these years of assidiuous BBC correctnick mind control will go out of the window.  If the Dhimmi Dutch establishment is allowed to get away with it, and Wilders is convicted, you might get a byline ‘The far right anti-Muslim MP Geert Wilders was today convicted of incitement to hatred.  He has been sentenced to a tagging order.  His supporters claim fixing the tag over his mouth denies him free speech.  Now the weather .. ‘

    This trial is a major step to totalitarianism in the West.  The BBC’s Thought Policing has been taking us down the road to totalitarianism for at least 2 decades now.  It’s news blackout on the assault on freedom in Holland is all the proof you need that the BBC is run by people with a wilful desire to subvert democracy.


    • Marky says:

      “The far right anti-Muslim MP Geert Wilders was today convicted of incitement to hatred…  Now the weather ..”

      Yes it looks like that’s the way the BBC want to play it so that we the tax paying public don’t get to hear the full story. The BBC would hate to let us make our own minds up about the whole affair so just neglect to report on it. Bias of omission and bias by overstated inclusion are difficult to prove.


  11. toddy357 says:

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  13. toddy357 says:

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  14. DP111 says:

    This is a hopeless prosecution of Wilders.

    If Wilders is convicted of defaming the Koran, he wins, as the Koran itself is evidence that the conviction is wrong.

    If Wilders is declared innocent or the prosecution charged for bringing a malicious and hopeless charge, Wilders claim that the Koran is akin, nay worse then Mein Kamph, stands.

    From the beginning, from the very moment that a decision was made to bring Wilders to court, the government/prosecution had already lost. Round 1 to Wilders by a large majority.

    The court’s decision to remove 15 expert witnesses, the court and prosecution lost -shot themselves in the foot, so to speak. Standing count to court/prosecution/government – Round 2 to Wilders

    If Wilders is convicted, as I’ve stated, he actually wins.  But NOW he can appeal the conviction on several grounds, one being that his expert witnesses were disallowed. More trouble for the government, as this drags the trial and adverse publicity to even greater heights. It also makes PVV more popular. There is no end to this.

    Its win, win , win all the wayfor Wilders, even if he is convicted. The more he is convicted the greater and more politically powerful he becomes.

    I’m sure there is consternation in government at the way this trial is likely to proceed, if that is, they already knew beforehand, and planned it that way.

    What is most certain is that the Islamic umma in the Netherlands, as well Europe, must be deeply concerned about this trial. They know, and are sensitive to such shifts of the wind, what this actually portends. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, that they are beseeching the government to stop the trial on some grounds – any grounds, for the continuation of this trial is a threat to Islam and the umma in Europe. If the government hasn’t planned this all along, and actually is more concerned about the welfare of the umma then the Netherlands, then it is in a deep fix. If they abort, and the news comes out that it was done because of applications from the umma, then they are both sunk. If they don’t, they are sunk anyway.


  15. Dobryden says:

    If anybody wants to follow the trial, and the events surrounding it, then they can follow it on the Gates of Vienna website. G of V is giving the trial a priority.


  16. Grant says:

    Martin 18:46

    You are right, the murder of the girl is nothing to do with “local customs”.

    By the way, from her name, she is Kurdish not Turkish.

    A classic piece of BBC bias.


  17. dave s says:

    The BBC really will not want to report this trial. That much has become obvious.
    I see it as not just about Islam. Wilders is making judgements. This is right .This is wrong. He is taking a stand and whether you agree with him or not he is making his own personal judgements about how we should live.
    The whole liberal ethos is founded on lack of judgements. On moral equivallence and an attempt to deny any fundamental values to human life that are immutable. Oh I forgot the endless waffling about human rights and a spurious mouthing about ” equality”
    Imagine where this could lead. The Pope has already aroused their ire. Next we may have to discuss abortion, euthanasia, freedom, sexual ethics, the role of the state etc with people who base their arguments on their consciences and on the accumulated wisdom of the past. This is not at all what the elites want. So keep the lide tight shut.


  18. George R says:

    “The trial of Geert Wilders: why we won’t be hearing about camel urine”

    (Douglas Murray)


  19. DP111 says:

    Pakistan: Muslim lawyers group threatens to “burn alive” anyone who defends murdered 12-year-old Christian 

    Islamabad (AsiaNews) – Because of the threats posed by the powerful Lahore Bar Association – an umbrella organization of city lawyers – no Christian or Muslim lawyer is ready to take on the defence in the murder of 12 year-old Shazia Bashir, it was reported yesterday by The Pakistani Christian association that deals with legal assistance.

    Anyone reading Jihad Watch will know of the systemic persecution of Christians in Muslim countries.


  20. DP111 says:

    Pakistan and Ongoing Christian Persecution 

    Christians and other minorities in Pakistan continue to face enormous discrimination and persecution, and in extreme cases, but not rare cases, many Christians have been killed by either Muslim mobs or by state sanctioned policies. Therefore, the endless suffering and discrimination in Pakistan must come to light and the international community must put more pressure on the government of Pakistan to act, and to rescind brutal laws.

    The tragedy is that we will never hear of this from the BBC.


  21. George R says:

    “Church of England is ‘living in the past,’ says BBC’s [Muslim] head of religion ”


  22. RepublicanStones says:

    <i>Didn’t many of the carpet-bagging arabs occupying the Palestinian entity migrate from Saudi Arabia via Jordan AFTER Jews started to transform the desert and make it bloom?</i>

    Bit of a Joan Peters fan are we jack?
    Some arabs did migrate during the periods of aliyah. Yet the desert was blooming long before European or Russian jews began migrating there. The indigenous palestinians did actually know about farming believe it or not.

    Ahad Ha’am, a cultural zionist writing in 1891 demonstrates the fallacy of your contention….

    <b>”We abroad are used to believe the Eretz Yisrael is now almost totally desolate, a desert that is not sowed ….. But in truth that is not the case. Throughout the country it is difficult to find fields that are not sowed. Only sand dunes and stony mountains …. are not cultivated.”</b>

    Also I suggest you read about the likes of Jabal Nablus and the pletinful markets. Unfortuantelt for zionism, the desert was blooming long before they concoted their little lie 😉 


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Bit of George Galloway fan are we there Stoned Rep? 

      We all know how those living in the Palestinian entity treat agriculture. They smash it to pieces, destroy it, and turn it into desert.

      They are very good at growing hate though. That and the horse manure their “supporters” spread.

      I suggest you take you Arabist fantasies somewhere else.  How about a Hamas rally.


  23. RepublicanStones says:

    <i>Bit of George Galloway fan are we there Stoned Rep?</i>

    No, a fan of books and scholarship and history, little things which help prevent people from making fools out of themselves. You should try it. As its best not to make spurious statements which are not backed up by history.