In Roger Harrabin’s latest article about what he calls the “hue and cry” surrounding the Rajendra Pachauri “manhunt” (not betraying your feelings much there, Roger) the BBC’s environment analyst says that he’s been having difficulty getting in touch with one of the co-chairs of the IPCC working group which oversaw the inclusion of the discredited Himalayan glacier info:

Professor Parry has repeatedly refused to answer my questions about the genesis of the errors, and his out-of-office assistant now says he is travelling for a month.

A lame excuse by Parry, and the fact that Harrabin mentions it suggests he’s not convinced.

When Andrew Montford of Bishop Hill fame tried to find out some fairly straightforward information about the BBC’s involvement in Harrabin’s Cambridge Media and Environment Programme, here’s how the BBC explained its tardy response to his FOI request:

I am writing to advise that unfortunately we are not in a position to provide you with a response to your requests for information made under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. This is due to the fact that Roger Harrabin has been abroad and then on leave for much of the last six weeks and is now tied up with pressing stories.

Well, it’s just so difficult keeping in touch these days isn’t it?

UPDATE. It’s unrelated to the above post but I can’t resist sharing this headline: Hackers Steal Millions in Carbon Credits

The madness of it all in six words.

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5 Responses to Excuses

  1. Martin says:

    The beeboids really are a joke. They are up to their Cocaine riddled necks in this whole mess.


  2. Jack Bauer says:

    Mark Steyn nails the lying Warm Monger cult.

    This is basic journalistic curiosity you just WON’T find on the BBC.

    Why? Because they are lazy, lying leftists.

    Credibility is what’s really melting
    Take the disappearing Himalayan glaciers.
    Turns out that ‘research’ was idle speculation.
    by Mark Steyn on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 11:50am



  3. Grant says:

    Has the BBC reported that Greenpeace have called for  Pachauri’s resignation ?
    Nice to see the greenies falling out with each other. Let’s hope it all ends in tears.
    Is that 6 weeks paid leave ?


  4. Guest says:

    he’s been having difficulty getting in touch’

    As his recent experiences with Mr. Watts suggests, up until now the limits of his journalistic ability appears to be sitting by the fax machine awaiting a press release or plane ticket/conference pass from one of his cosy cabal of favoured chums, per the Spectator piece in the thread above.