Whenever you turn over a stone involving reports about ‘climate change’ at the BBC, it reveals a whole new rats’ nest of other problems. Take this report designed to show that, even if the IPCC has got it wrong about Himalayan glaciers, changes to rainfall patterns caused by ‘climate change’ will wreak havoc. It’s part, of course, of the BBC’s damage limitation efforts to shore up climate alarmism in the face of the growing revelations of lies and fraud. The reporter is Navin Singh Khadka, a Nepali journalist who files for the BBC World Service as well as online; over the years, he has written numerous ‘climate change’ panic stories. Mr Khadka, it transpires, is also a member of the Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMD), which exists – as far as I can see – entirely to spread warmist alarmism:

Just 11% of the 1500 journalists accredited to the 2007 Bali climate change summit were from developing countries, highlighting the urgent need to provide training and opportunities for journalists from these countries to report on climate change.

CCMD is supported, among others, by the International Institute for Environment and Development (the IIED), which receives funding from the UK government (DfID)and also Comic Relief. The BBC is therefore indirectly a supporter of both these organisations because the vast majority of Comic Relief funds come from its BBC exposure, and also senior BBC staff are trustees.

Thus Mr Khadka, I would contend, is yet another ‘climate change’ fanatic employed by the BBC. He recently gave an interview to the Nepal Monitor in which he stated:

But treating climate as a ceremonial issue (that is paying attention to it only when conferences take place or, say, when the world is observing environment day) has been our greatest weakness. The media need to wake up to the fact that it is an issue about our lives and the issue has to be conveyed effectively to the people.

It’s striking also that in his report about the Himalayn glaciers, the first authority he turns to is Mats Eriksson, a senior hydrologist with the Nepal-based International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). I checked out this body and guess what? Like Mr Khadka, it also supports warming alarmism, with this among its primary goals:

Globalisation and climate change have an increasing influence on the stability of fragile mountain ecosystems and the livelihoods of mountain people. ICIMOD aims to assist mountain people to understand these changes, adapt to them, and make the most of new opportunities, while addressing upstream-downstream issues.

I know I write about thes issues often, but it’s simply staggering to behold the extent to which the BBC is in bed with ‘climate change’ in all its lying, fanatical manifestations.

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  1. Will says:

    A very restrained report by Harrabin 8:48 R4 Today programme. Could he be v slightly rattled by recent revelations?


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    Don’t apologise for writing about this issue often. It is in my opinion the single most important issue of the moment and cannot be written about too often.


  3. The Beebinator says:

    in a couple of weeks time flowers will start popping their heads up out of the dirt because the amount of light they are receiving increases ie the days are getting longer

    Al Beeb always says this is conclusive evidence of global warming when the daffs and blue bells start to grow, when its got nothing to do with temperatures, its all to do with the amount of light they receive

    Keep up the good work Robin, we need to make a Dodgy Dossier of Beeboid environmental alarmism and moonbattery to send to the BBC TRUST for its investigation into Al Beebs eco bias


  4. John R Smith says:

    With the number of different funding sources that now exist it’s almost impossible to ttrack down which group is supported by whom. Gummint is pouring money out of every orifice into all sorts of climate-scam groups and fake charities. A lot o fthis seems to go via innocent sounding front prgamisations before it gets to the alarmists. The BBC is another source of funding for the eco-leeches and I think you’ve done a good job unearthing the latest infestation.

    My worry is how we will ever get rid of them all!


  5. DP111 says:

    The AGW scam was an all governments initiated embezzlement scheme, via the IPCC – a specifically created UN agency, to rip off hundreds of billions from the taxpayer. So far though, it is the scientists who are being criticised, but they are bit players in this scam.  “Scientists” whose jobs and promotion depended on getting grant money, could be easily bought off to provide the required answers. The money in grants allocations to scientists is worth less then peanut shells compared to what governments and big business planned to pocket from general taxation on energy, and further hidden levies on all energy usage on petrol diesel, gas and electricity.

    Every aspect of the economy – industry, agriculture, and transport would have been hit by the one the cleverest scams in all history. No wonder all governments; particularly our PM Brown, were so keen on AGW.   Then there was the Futures trading market on energy, CO2, carbon, and a stock exchange to trade specifically on these. All Big business – oil and gas interests, banks, merchant banks, and financial houses, all support the AGW scam.  As for the Oil and gas interests, they would continue to make their usual profits from the sale of energy, which is fair, but under the AGW scam, they would also be the main agents in the trade of CO2, and the collection of government/EU levies on energy usage– pure profit with no additional outlay. The Climate trade was already worth about $30bn in 2006, even before the full extent of the taxation and certification of carbon credits levies hit the world. We are talking here of hundreds of billions of dollars/euros per year, in the next decade or so.

    All politicians who supported this scam, should at the very least, be booted out.

    A good article here – The Hottest Hoax in the World, from an Indian magazine. Indian MSM was once a full supporter of AGW, but is now one of the most critical.



    • John Horne Tooke says:

      That article really does hit the nail on the head – it is one of the best I have ever read. It also demolishes every single “scare” that Gordon Brown uttered on his way to Copenhagen.

      I would like to see all these points put to Brown by the BBC – but of course that will never happen.


  6. Jack Bauer says:

    Remember folks: weather is not climate.

    Unless it’s a heatwave in summer; and then weather proves global warming.


  7. Peter Geany says:

    Fantastic stuff and keep up the good work.  This issue IS the single most important issue we have today, and it is where a good amount of the current waste is going.  The BBC needs to be torn down and reconstituted.  It is no longer a public broadcaster informing the population, it is a self serving arm of the current government that has got out of control. It no longer cares that it once impeachable reputation for fairness and accuracy is in tatters and that its news and science broadcasts are but a shadow of what I once imagined they were.


  8. Jack Bauer says:

    Has the Lumpen Marxetariat @ the vast BBC-Guardian Industrialized Media Complex reported this juicy story yet?

    Friday January 29,2010
    By Anil Dawar
    A CONTROVERSIAL climate change scientist at a top university faced mounting calls for his resignation last night after it emerged he breached rules by withholding research data from critics.
    Professor Phil Jones, director of University of East Anglia’s climatic research unit – funded by £13million in grants – colluded with colleagues to block freedom of information applications for details of his activities, the Deputy Information Commissioner Graham Smith found.


  9. thespecialone says:

    I think it is great that yourselves, EuReferendum, Dellingpole, Booker Lawson’s and sites around the world have exposed these charlatans.  I am sure there are even more revelations t come over funding for the ‘green industry’.   Dont stop what you are doing.  The BBC is totally complicit in this world wide scam.  I dont care that ITV/Sky and until recently all the MSM dead tree press are also invloved.  I am not FORCED by law to give them money.


  10. Martin says:

    If any of you bothered to listen to the Bacon Pigstocke love in on Radio 5 the other day, Pigstocke did make on very valid point. With the fall of Communism a lot of left wing losers had no where to hang their hat, so seeing the environment movement and climate change story many of them decided to park their fat leftie arses there. They are not interested in the real science behind climate change, they are the ones that spout “the debate is over”. All they want to do is destroy capitalism and beat up the western democracies in a way they failed with Communism which has been rejected all around the world.

    The BBC as we know is a cesspit of leftie fundamentalism that also backs this nonsense.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Good work as usual, Robin.  The more the better.  If nothing else, you’re providing evidence to so people can educate themselves outside of the influence of BBC propaganda.

    The Times is now reporting that Pachauri knew that the glacier data was phoney before the Warmist Synod at Copenhagen.  Further, it has become clear from studies of the leaked emails that NOAA and NASA were complicit in faking data to promote the Warmist agenda.  In short, fraud was perpetrated on the world at Copenhagen, in an attempt to siphon billions of dollars away from people like us.

    The BBC is acting not as if this as damaging to the foundations of Warmism, but merely as damaging to their ability to convert the masses to the house religion.


  12. Britannia says:

    Don’t worry about “….writing about these issues often” Please continue to post about the MMGW scam because you include useful links and good information – as do others on this forum.

    As we on this forum all know, the debate is not over, inspite of the perpetual classic leftie tactic of closing down an argument by screaming “denier, racist, etc.”


  13. AndyUk06 says:

    Apologies for not being biased-BBC related, but well worth signing:



  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I just love the gloomy tone of Roger Harriban’s report on the past week’s shattering of a few pillars of his Warmist faith.  Just listen to his voice, the measured pace.  He sounds more like someone reporting about the number of deaths in Haiti than a supposedly objective science issue.  He is gutted, and it shows.

    How will he now keep fellow believers from losing faith, never mind convert the heathens?  Nice bias, BBC.


  15. John Anderson says:

    That list of articles was from just one newspaper,  the Telegraph.  We have also seen front-page stories helpful to the sceptics in the Times,  Mail and Express. (The Times story on glaciers yesterday was the most-read item in the paper)

     The earth is beginning to move – and the BBC Trust and senior BBC management need to take heed.


  16. Guest says:

    One has gathered that the BBC is a little ‘variable’ when it comes to the gathering, checking and promoting of ‘facts’, depending on what does or does not conform to the ‘narrative’. Hence what a bloke you agree with mutters over a swift half at the last conference (or phones in from within a ‘zone’ you are not anywhere near), then this is good enough.

    However, if things all look like going the shape of a pear, you impose ‘watertight oversight’ and essentially shut down a global 24/7 news organisation with the facile claim that you don’t want to get involved until you are ‘sure’ of the ‘facts’…. in the hope it will blow over.

    Hiring folk who agree with you, and you agree with, to post stories is not reporting; it is propaganda.

    And using public money to mislead the public is fraud.