7 Responses to Kudos Katty Kay

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It’s about time!  Amazingly, this report doesn’t even slander or suggest ominous forces pulling strings from behind the scenes.

    It’s funny that Katty Kay says that the Tea Party protesters have been continuously dismissed by the media, because that’s exactly what her own colleague Kevin Connolly did on April 15.  No trace of irony any time she talks about how we have been ignored by the media for too long.

    Every single person featured in this report says things which reflect exactly what I’ve been saying here for months and months.  Reality has at last forced the BBC to report it, and Katty has actually done it honestly.  She didn’t even try to slander Lou Dobbs as a racist for his anti-Illegal Immigration stance (which is what propelled him to populist hero status and gave him political aspirations).

    The BBC has come very, very late to the party (no pun intended). Of course, Katty still doesn’t really admit that there have been thousands of protests and public actions by Tea Party types over the last year, bringing out hundreds of thousands of people, probably well over a million by now.  It would have given the viewer a much more accurate idea of what’s going on if she had been brave enough to show footage of a few crowds, but I guess that’s not the impression the BBC wants you to have.  So it must seem to the average BBC viewer that this comes pretty much out of nowhere.

    I said yesterday that this is the first major victory for the Tea Party movement, but it’s hardly the first victory of any kind.  There have been a few local political campaign victories across the country over the last several months, in places like Tucson, AZ; Woonsocket, RI; and Miami, FL (where they got rid of a Republican).

    With the lone exception of Connolly’s infamous hit piece, the BBC has hidden this movement from you all for nearly a year (sure, most of the rest of UK media have been equally useless on this, but that’s no excuse).  The Beeboids take their lead from their favorite far-Left new outlets and blogs, so didn’t think it was worth reporting.  Until now.  Finally.

    Congratulations, BBC.

    And my thanks to DB for posting this.  I was out last night and missed it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    This was shown on Newsnight last night.

    Unfortunately the left-wing idiots in London then had on Howard Dean, yes, Howard Dean, to tell us why a Republican won in Massachusetts! Paxman was studiously listening while Dean spun a tale of the Obama agenda being to centrist and that Americans demanded government run healthcare.

    The Newsnight team have officially gone from biased to delusional.


  3. John R Smith says:

    What did you expect? You know how they work, for every ounce of truth (and there are some) you immediately get a pound of crap.


  4. James of England says:

    If people here are interested in a UK TEA Party, we held the first run at it on Thanksgiving in Parliament Square, and plan to return there for Tax Day, April 15. 


  5. Grant says:

    John  23:31
    Except on the BBC it is grams and kilograms !