During “Today” this morning, there were two instances of outrageous BBC grovelling to Labour. Just after 7.38am who pops up but John Reid to position himself as a champion of “individual freedom of conscience”. I thought this a bit rich coming from someone who has been at the centre of this ever more totalitarian government but he was given an easy ride. Then, just a few minutes later, we had Alan Johnson on to announce punitive legislation against Pub Licensees who dare to hold Happy Hours and the like. Again, Johnson was not pushed in any way and was allowed to waffle on as if Labour itself had not been involved in bringing about 24 hour booze culture.

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24 Responses to SHILLING FOR LABOUR..

  1. Martin says:

    I have to laugh at the BBC this morning, on Radio 5 my favourite mincer (Nikki Campbell) is all up in arms over those vile yanks buying Cadburys. So up pop endless ‘voters’ saying what a disgrace this is that this is happening.

    Funny that when an INDIAN company purchased Corus there was no spitting hatred oh and of course the BBC have NEVER pointed out the real reason for TATA closing Corus. Also, the Americans know that if they buy Cadbury’s they can then legally move the jobs to Poland without ANY opposition as of course we’re part of the big happy family of the EU.

    Of course the beeboids won’t point this out.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      martin — of course Campbell gets all little Englander when it’s a private company offering the shareholders of another private company oodles of cash for its shares. 

      When it’s the deliberate flooding of England with an alien culture which has at its heart the destruction of OUR identity and culture, then.. 

      Well we can have THAT can’t we Campbell  old boy. 


  2. Disdain says:

    They really are knee-jerk totalitarian statists at the BBC, aren’t they. The state has no right at all to stop me getting quietly plastered, even if in doing so, my liver suffers.  It’s my liver and I can do what I like with it. 

    The only time the state has any legitimate interest at all is if my drinking turns me into an antisocial git.  Then, if I’m drunk and disorderly, it can and perhaps should, stop me and even punish me. 

    So the key to making getting shitfaced in public expensive is easy: enforce drunk and disorderly laws, and treat the loutish public drunks to a night in clink followed by an expensive (£100 should do it) fine in the morning.  Problem solved. 

    Amazing that this simple and neatly targeted remedy doesn’t even seem to have crossed the minds of our horrible politicians and their horrible backers at the State Broadcaster.

    Enforcing the law just doesn’t seem to satisfy the itch to control and proscribe and punish . . . . 


    • Martin says:

      Compare how the BBC reacts to either trying to ban alcohol or make it expensive to their attitude towards illegal drugs, where the BBC want them as cheap as possible and to make them easier to get.


  3. rightofcentre says:

    Disdain, I agree, there is a law to combat drunk and disorderly conduct, and it should be used. But, how many PCSO`s would be prepared to tackle the average drunken brawl?, also, fining these people £80 for being drunk isn`t going to raise as much money as putting 50p on a can of Lager/Cider/Bitter/Buckfast (or whatever the poor people drink, but not on a nice bottle of red), and this bunch of crooks are only concerned with increasing taxes.


    • Martin says:

      The obvious question is if people are falling out of pubs or night clubs drunk and getting into fights, the Police should ask for the licence to be withdrawn. It’s up to the landlord to keep a tidy house. The problem is we’ve gotten into a stand off now where the plods know that at throwing out time they are ready for the punch up, taking them away from more useful endeavours like nicking speeding drivers.


  4. George R says:

    BBC:   UK INFLATION rate rises by record rate – Labour government role unmentioned.

    “Inflation rate rises to 2.9%, beating expectations”

    Sky News:

    “Inflation jumps by a record rate”


    “The extraordinary factors take the CPI above the Bank of England’s 2% target for the first time since last May and make an open letter from Bank of England Governor Mervyn King to the Chancellor virtually certain when inflation figures for January are released next month.
    “This is because of the return of VAT to 17.5% this month, which will add to inflation when contrasted with 12 months earlier when the tax was unchanged.”


  5. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    James Nastie this a.m. interviewing one of those hateful Americans re the ‘slow’ distribution of aid in Haiti.

    ‘The ports are damaged, the roads are impassable but…why are you so slow?’

    ‘It’s a major disaster, it’s very tricky logistically but…why are you so slow?’

    Firstly this is a typical BBC tactic of pretending to sympathise while nevertheless being obliged to ask ‘the difficult questions’.

    He could quite easily have phrased it the other way round ie ‘Aid distribution has been slow but the ports *are* damaged and the roads *are* impassable, how are you finding things?’

    But no, when it comes to The Evil Empire it is always Attack, Attack, Attack with Naughtie.

    The American who I have no doubt is a thoroughly decent man doing a hard job very well played it all with a straight bat.  He of course thinks he is just doing an interview with the BBC rather than being the fall-guy for a Naughtie attack.

    Nothing in the Naughtie interview that the BBC complaints dept sic would and could defend but we can all see what he’s doing.

    He is truly a vile individual.


    • John Anderson says:

      If Naughtie was unbiased,  he would compare the snafus in Haiti with Katrina – and blame Obama.

      Of course Naughtie would not dream of mentioning that the real heavy work is being done by the US military – exactly as we saw in the Indonesian tsunami.  Also, the UN and hundreds of NGOs were already being paid many scores of millions to be there on the spot but mostly end up looking wet and useless. Too busy driving around in Toyota LandCruisers and having endless coordination meetings.   Naughtie would not dream of criticising the UN and the parasitic NGOs.

      But we should be thankful for small mercies.  I have not heard the BBC put the disaster down to global warming.


  6. Bupendra Bhakta says:


    Nothing in the Naughtie interview that the BBC complaints dept sic wouldn’t and couldn’t defend but we can all see what he’s doing.  


  7. Martin says:

    Scabby Logan on Radio 5 PROUDLY read out a statement from McMong that “he  will ensure that no jobs are lost at Cadbury’s”. It wasn’t until later on (my emails and texts ignored) that a guest simply pointed out that McMong can’t guarantee any jobs. It was a blatant lie read out by Logan. She didn’t seem happy that McMong had been fingered.


    • Lloyd says:

      The person who pointed that out was somebody called Pauline McCole – but even after she had mentioned this simple fact the news headlines shortly afterwards were still trumpeting that “Gordon Brown says the government will work to secure the jobs of Cadbury’s workers”


  8. John Horne Tooke says:

    Yes Labours answer to every problem is to tax.



  9. Martin says:

    Radio 5 NOT HAPPY. A suggestion that Geoff Hoon might try to pin the blame on the Mong for the lack of equipment for going to war. They glossed right over it on R5, but not happy.

    Expect Hoon to be rubbished by the BBC (you know the routine he’s after revenge blah blah and that Gordon is just a little innocent caught up in all this and that foreign policy was all Blairs work)


  10. George R says:

    In Labour’s Britain, it’s presumed not discriminatory to allow  a Muslim to wear a burqa/niqab at work, while it is deemed not discriminatory to prevent a Christian  wearing a cross at work.

    And, as a current court case indicates, there are considerable cost to appeal the court’s decision.

    “Christian BA worker appeals against cross ruling”

    Meanwhile, BBC continues to spend our money on the second of six weekly TV programmes on BBC 2 TV series tonight:

    “Muslim Driving School”, featuring burqa-clad driving instructor


  11. John Anderson says:

    You and Yours on Radio 4 this morning concentrated on options suggegested by listeners for political changes eg in health,  education etc.  The only political commentator  was dear old Antony Howard,  who kept up a continual bash against the Tories – Cameron as just a PR man, Thatcher closed grammar schools etc. 

    Don’t they KNOW Howard’s political stance ?  Or maybe –  “Yes,  we know Antony is an old socialist cove, but nobody at the BBC monitors our political balance so who cares if we are utterly one-sided ?”


  12. Martin says:

    Just seen a beeboid report on the election in Massachusetts. Needless to say camp male beeboid got in the “Tea party” activists and “bankers” lies.

    Camp beeboid (why are ALL males at the BBC so camp by the way?) then failed to point out that the Democrat bint was 30 points ahead and that the Republican is ahead in nearly all the polls?

    Typical one sided beeboid reporting.


  13. John Anderson says:


    there is always a 15-minute story/drama serial at 10.45am after Women’s Hour on Radio 4.  For the previous fortnight they had a totally dull and crappy tale about high-society crime in India,  full of false-sounding accents.  This week we have a totally dull and crappy tale from Africa,  full of false-sounding accents.

    The BBC often seems like a huge make-work organisation paying our licence fees out to untalented non-Brit writers and performers.


    • Scott M says:

      That’d be an adaptation of Six Suspects by Vikas Svarup, author of Q&A, which was adapted with some success for the cinema as Slumdog Millionaire.

      I enjoyed Six Suspects a lot – it used the episodic structure in an unusual way, if not always successfully. It really rewarded listening to all the episodes, too, since the same event was often portrayed from different viewpoints. It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy it, but then there’s no way any production can satisfy everybody.

      Incidentally, what was “false-sounding” about the accents? You can’t be implying that they were put on, surely, since you also think that the performers were untalented non-Brits?


      • Jack Bauer says:

         it used the episodic structure in an unusual way

        Let me guess.

        1. It shuffled the beginning, middle, end — al la Tarentino’s Pulp Fiction

        2. It tells the story numerous times from the perspective of the main characters — a la Roshamon.

        3. It started at the end and progessed to the beginning — a la Memento.

        4. Any mixture of the above.


      • John Anderson says:

        The India serial was total crap.  But trust you to enjoy it.  Fawning on the Beeb is the description, I believe.


        • Scott M says:

          Blooming heck. I hadn’t realised the Biased BBC brainwashing was so severe that even differences of opinion – or the acceptance of a possibility of difference of opinion – was enough to warrant a put-down of such wit.

          You learn something new every day.

          Apart from the answer to an honestly asked question, of course.


  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Evan Davies actually called Johnson out on the fact that the all-hours licenses scheme has done nothing to promote the “café culture” promised by Hazel Blears and curb binge drinking.

    But it’s pretty funny that they created these late licenses with that goal in mind and now want to penalize pubs and clubs for having them.