I asked, last week, how long it would be before the intrepid Roger Harrabin came up with a defence of the Met office, after his Yorkshire-based colleague, Paul Hudson, dared to suggest that Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi (among others) was more accurate with his weather-forecasting than the Met and its £170m global warming lying machine (aka a supercomputer). Well, it’s taken him all week. And if you can understand his back-flipping, contortionist – nay, fantastical – reasoning, you deserve a prize. As I see it, our friend Mr Harrabin believes that when the Met Office is wrong, they are actually right, because they are nearly right; and that in any case, it doesn’t matter, because it’s getting much hotter, and their supercomputer can see that, whereas the day-to-day incidences of freezing etc, don’t really count because they are part of the ‘frying tonight’ overall trend – and on that, of course, the Met Office is always right. As for those who doubt any of this, well, according to Mr Harrabin, he doesn’t give a damn, because they don’t count, and of course, they can’t count (unlike the Met). Something like that. Me? I’ll stick with Mr Bastardi. His writing style might not be the most elegant, but his message is crystal clear and honest. The Met Office are warmist crooks.

Update: it’s reported in the Sunday Times that the BBC is fed up with the inaccuracies in Met Office forecasts, and might appoint instead the New Zealand outfit Metra. Pigs might fly, they are too enmeshed. It’s a BBC press office ruse to drive prices down because the Met’s contract is up for negotiation.

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  1. Umbongo says:

    As I read Harrabin’s article I wonder why he wrote it except to prove to his bosses that he’s still alive and functioning.

    In an excess of BBC “impartiality” who has he gone to for extended quotes?  Of all people, Andrew Watson from UEA (who, by the way, is distinctly unimpressed by the Met Office) who dismisses the bias to higher temperature forecasts by the Met and which, according to him, shouldn’t worry the peasantry – forgetting that, apart from the “we’re all be fried to death by next Christmas” loonies it’s minuscule increases in temperature which “prove” AGW.; Stephen Mobbs who signed the “even if the results are fiddled thy’re still right – keep sending the money” statement from 1,700 scientists shown at and a PR man from the Met Office.

    Nevertheless Harrabin takes the opportunity to slag off Piers Corbyn from whom he has the nerve to request publication of his scientific methods.  Harrabin forgets to mention that Corbyn is in the business of weather forecasting: he sells his forecasts for real money to voluntary customers.  If he failed consistently to give accurate forecasts he’d be out of business (unlike the Met).  More to the point, Corbyn is not advocating – or using his secret algorithms to back up – the return of the West to the Stone Age together with a massive transfer of treasure from the West to the third world in order that his business can thrive.

    The article says nothing and is almost literally meaningless.  It is the equivalent of bit players on stage saying “rhubard, rhubarb” to imitate genuine conversation.


  2. John R Smith says:

    Worshiping the Green God is no different to any other religion. It’s based on faith not fact and hence automatically closes minds to anything new, different, contrary etc. So eco-hell would probably have to freeze over before you see fact based articles from this reporter.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Haribo was remunerated according to the accuracy of his work (ie some sort of “pay per click” basis) like the commercial weather forecasters he so despises. Wonder how long it would be until he worked out where the truth really lay?


  3. John Horne Tooke says:

    “Professor Chris Folland from the Met Office said a re-analysis of weather science might even show that the actual temperature measurements have under-recorded recent warming – making the Met Office forecast even more accurate than it appears.”

    It probably will – as it seems they have decided on the outcome before the actualy analysis.

    I expect when they “estimate” the average temperatures for last year they will not put the recent “cold spell” in their calcualtions. In fact I guess they will not use temperatures from the Northern Hemispheare they will probably find some place that was “warmer than average” to prove their “consensus”

    Harrabin and his friends at the Met Office would be a joke if it was not so tragic. Playing games with peoples lives and the economy just to further their warped science is not funny.

    “The Federation of Small Businesses yesterday issued a report warning that the country must be better prepared for bad weather in future, estimating that cold spell is costing the economy £600 million a day.”


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      I think I was right.

      “In fact, the Met still asserts we are in the midst of an unusually warm winter — as one of its staffers sniffily protested in an internet posting to a newspaper last week: “This will be the warmest winter in living memory, the data has already been recorded. For your information, we take the highest 15 readings between November and March and then produce an average. As November was a very seasonally warm month, then all the data will come from those readings.”


      • Jack Bauer says:

         “we take the highest 15 readings between November and March and then produce an average. As November was a very seasonally warm month, then all the data will come from those readings.” 

        That’s really interesting because WINTER officially runs from the winter solstice 21 Dec to the vernal equinox 21 March.

        Except for the MET ORRIFICE which has winter as a 4 Month season.

        Poor old autumn really loses out then I guess.


  4. Martin says:

    I said that as soon as the snow went, Harrabin and the other two beeboid twats (Black and Shitman) would be out in force spouting their bollocks.

    And here we go….


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    I think its misleading calling it a religion, some may follow AGW that way, but in the end it is a billion pound scam where the people who gain do not treat it as religion but a money making bandwagon.

    This is how they do it.


  6. The Beebinator says:

    Harrabin, the crème de la crème of eco moonbattery and environmentalism at Al Beeb.

    Harrabin the horrible, like the Met Office, have their reputations at stake with their belief in the teachings of the Goreacle (peace be upon him) and the cult of global warming

    Like a fascist in the Führerbunker in April 1945, the eco fascists of today have only one solution to the problem; cyanide capsule, Walther PPK or both


  7. Paddy says:

    Its nice to think the Met office have realised that they have lost the public confidence.

    It may cause them to rethink their blinkered position. Its amazing how the threat of job loss makes you see clearer.

    Even thought Haribo is in effect admitting that he and his ecowacko bumchums have been exposed for the quacks and charlatans they are its amazing how he spins it to take a dig at Corbyn.

    Corbyn doesn’t want to tell anyone his system because its probably the old fashioned way of measuring and forcasting. Hes probably enjoying using basic calculations on an abacus while the Met Morons stare blankly at their machine that goes ping.

    You dont need a supercomputer to measure air pressure. You dont need one to collate windspeeds tides and temperatures. Just a few bits of info on a basic spreadsheet and Bob is a sibling of one of your parents.

    They may want to believe in the wizard of Oz at the cru and the Met but most of us no they are just small insignificant travelling salesmen selling snake oil to the gullible and those with art degrees.


  8. Jack Bauer says:

    Given the man’s reasoning is about as logical as Osama Bin Laden, henceforth I shall refer to the silly bugger as the Warma Harrabin-Laden


  9. Kanburi says:

    Roger Harrabin has a degree in English, and no post-graduate science qualifications I can find. So has the perfect academic background to be the BBC’s chief environment correspondent – no training in scientific method, no understanding of scientific query, just write what you’re spoon-fed, but in a nice way.


  10. Mailman says:

    In regards to al beeb chucking the Met Office. Not a chance, these guys are AGW bed wetters are both in this up to their necks.

    What the BBC will do is hold its tender, do some sham of a comparison and then declare the Met Office to be the winner citing its superior forecasting methods and rock solid science behind their guesses.

    Problem solved, Met Office reputation restored. Move on, nothing to see here.



  11. John Horne Tooke says:

    The Met Office is just another political activist group like all other state substidised quangos.

    “”Here you’ll find all the latest news on climate change issues, impacts and science — from the Met Office, from the UK and worldwide. You can also find out what climate change events and activities we are involved in. Plus, what’s coming up on the climate change agenda.”