Here’s something that deserves to be aired on B-BBC.

Guantanamo Guard reunited with ex-inmates.

“But what were the pair doing in Afghanistan in 2001?
They explain that, being in their late teens and early twenties at the time, they had made a naïve, spontaneous decision to travel for free with an aid convoy weeks before a friend’s wedding, due to take place in Pakistan.”

If you believe that you’ll believe anything. The BBC seems to.
Harry’s Place shows the BBC sanitising radical Islam, and yet again meddling in an area that it shouldn’t.
An update includes a transcript of part of an interview on R5 where Victoria Derbyshire asks some questions, but eventually seems to give the Tipton Three the benefit of the doubt.

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20 Responses to Unbelievable

  1. sue says:

    i didn’t notice that DV had posted on this subject yesterday, but the BBC article and HP post are new.


  2. Anonymous says:

    It would be interesting to know what stories terrorist recicidivists from Gitmo came up with to justify their presence in the area when captured.  A comparison with known recidivists and those waging Al Qa’eda’s propaganda war on with the BBC – oh, I mean deeply wronged innocents airing their wholly irreprochable grievances on the BBC – could prove very interesting!



  3. deegee says:

    It’s getting to the point when I hear the expression ‘British Men’ on the BBC I ask myself from which continent.


  4. Millie Tant says:

    The BBC report relates how the ex-guard sent an e-mail to one of the ex-inmates. Then continues:

    “To Mr Neely’s astonishment he received a reply and the pair began an exchange of e-mails. It was at this point that the BBC asked if both sides would be prepared to meet in person.
    They agreed.”

    Eh? Have I missed something? Such as an explanation of how the BBC was mixed up in this?

    What had the BBC to do with Mr Neely and his e-mail? How did they know anything about it? How and why did they involve themselves in it? I think we should be told.

    However, the fact that the writer – unless I’ve missed it – doesn’t feel any need to explain this, let alone justify it, tells us a lot about the BBC.


  5. George R says:

    BBC’s pro-Islamic propaganda is endless. E.g. tonight BBC 2’s ‘Newsnight’ promises Part 2 of ‘Tales from Guantanamo’.

    Of course the Gitmo Islamic jihad recidivists are a footnote to the BBC, which avoids:



  6. D B says:

    How about the BBC sending Guantanamo guards to meet the families of people killed by the recidivist terrorists?

    “He killed my baby! Why did you let him out?”

    “I’m really sorry Maam. I wish we could’ve kept him locked up but the left-liberal media knows best.”


  7. George R says:

    How interested is the BBC is the freedoms of non-Muslims to visit Britain?

    This is how the BBC reports Labour’s preposterous ban on American broadcaster, Mike Savage:


    Note the BBC’s final jokey paragraph against Mr. Savage by Labour peer, Lord Peston (father of BBC’s Robert Peston).

    Of course, there’s no reason to expect the BBC to be positively interested in the freedom of Mike Savage to visit Britain. After all, he’s not an Islamic Gitmo detainee.


  8. George R says:

    Iranian  nuclear scientist’s assassination today.

    BBC Radio 4 ‘PM’ programme: Eddie Mair reveals his anti-Israel, anti-US bias on this. These are the only suspects he refers to in his comments, available on BBC iPlayer ( at close to 5:45 pm ).

    Mair does not mention agents of the Ahmadinejad regime as suspects.

    His report sounded like it had been sourced from that regime’s London-based ‘PressTV’.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC is doing this because the Beeboids seriously believe that the very existence of Guantanamo Bay is a direct inspiration for Islamic acts of mass murder.  They also seriously believe that it’s basically a torture chamber on par with that of the more energetic Grand Inquisitors.  Your average Beeboid suspects that there was far worse than waterboarding going on, the vast majority of inmates were seriously tortured, and that there are torture devices and other techniques that we’ll never learn about.  So it makes them feel bad, and they are emotionally, “morally” opposed to it.  So their perspective on this story is correct in their minds.

    They want you all to think the same way they do, so do stories like this to create the desired impression.

    Also, it’s part of the Booooosh legacy, thus it must be wrong by default, and is to be demonized at every opportunity, even at the expense of mitigating facts.


    • Anonymous says:

      No, imho.  The BBC is anti-Gitmo because it is seriously subversive and treasonous.



  10. Martin says:

    Hmm. Newsnight talking about the Iraq war and the Dutch ruling today. Two guests Mong Campbell and fatty Falkner. Guess which party doesn’t have anyone present.


  11. Martin says:

    Newsnight sticking up for the towel heads YET again.


  12. Wally Greeninker says:

    Newsnight was immediately preceded by one of a half hour real-life dcumentary series called ‘Muslim driving school’. It included a girl called Ayesha (formerly a drink and drug addled girl named Stacey) who, after being convertd by a workmate at a carwash, went to Pakistan to get herself a husband and now dresses as a human pillar-box with baby in tow. She was being taught to drive a another human pillarbox who has a thriving business teaching women only  to drive. The whole drift of the programme was to show this as normal behaviour in Britain today. A feel-good scene where Muslim couple take their five or six children for a walk in the park was quite striking, although not for the resons the BBC Asian Unit no doubt intended. The only discordant note was that Stacey’s mother (whom nobody saw fit to interview) coud not handle the fact that her daughter had become a complete alien. Her father was more understanding, still spoke to her and felt he was learning a lot of things about another culture. I  came to the proramme half way through so perhaps another non-Muslim may have appeared earlier but he was the only one I saw – they may also have explained what the hell religion had to do with learning to drive.
    Incidentally, the impression was given that the religion had some aort of answer to the drugs problem, whereas, in fact, problems with heroin in Pakistan and Iran make ours look like a vicarage tea party.Also a line the English convert gave about being told that ‘when you die god greets you personally, which is nice,’ is so completely at odds with standard Islamic eschatology that one suspects she had been fed a b/s version of the religion (perfectly permissable, according to an ethical system alien to this country).


  13. Grant says:

    Wally 1:05
    Did the BBC point out how lucky these women are to be in the UK where they are allowed to drive , unlike in some muslim countries ?  Did any of the muslim women express their gratitude ?


  14. sue says:

    The driving school programme was another example of the BBC’s/government’s frantic attempts to normalise Islam, to acclimatise us to the full burqa, and to accept that Islam is benign.

    The father of the reformed drug addict / convert showed us the way, the truth and the light,  that we should all embrace the infantalised version of the religion of peace that had saved his daughter.

    His role was to represent the average narrow-minded Brit that needs to be re-educated. The image of him knocking on the front door with trepidation, then the happy-ending outcome, was no accident. They knew what they were doing. The filmmakers crafted his initial uncertainty, followed by the reassurance that all was well, to teach us Islamophobic bigots that there is nothing to worry about.
    Then we saw the Newsnight, including the second part of the other film. – Could the wronged Tipton lads forgive the brutal egg-shaped yank? –

    And the shambolic shouting match between Andy Choudhary and the Quilliam fellow Maajid Nawaz. And Jeremy Paxman.


  15. Mailman says:

    I thought the shoutathon was quite funny. The ignorant sharia guy got his ass handed to him by Maajid, if only because he repeatedly refused to answer ANY questions at all! 😀



  16. George R says:

    Gitmo recidivists and BBC.

    Tonight BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’ allows token critique of the problem (as an afterthought?) by onewof its best journalists, Peter Taylor (who we rarely see these days).

    From ‘Newsnight’ blog:

    “And we have a film by global terror expert Peter Taylor looking at the Saudi rehabilitation programme for ex-Guantanamo prisoners.
    He speaks to one man who went through the programme, only to abscond to Yemen and become a founding member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the group responsible for the Christmas day bomb plot.”


     But all this should, apparently, be viewed in the context of the BBC’s alarming political agenda : close down Gitmo, let the detainees go, and see what happens!


  17. George R says:

    More poilitical campaigning tonight frrom BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’ on behalf of ex-Gitmo detainees. ‘Newsnight’ takes up the ‘plight’ of those wonderful Islamic Uighurs:

    “And then we have the last in our series of films on the infamous detention centre at Guantanamo.
    “Tonight’s is the extraordinary story of Uighur inmates from China who were picked up on the Afghan-Pakistan border, sent to Gitmo and have now been exiled to a remote pacific island.
    Read more about them here.
    Why has it proved so difficult to close Guantanamo? And are some in America already mourning its demise?”


    A non-BBC, ‘Jihadwatch’ archive on those Muslim Uighurs:

    inc. “US taxpayers fund former Gitmo inmates in Bermuda paradise”