Following on from DB’s excellent post, G.O.T has produced the visual goods for your entertainment…

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  1. Dave says:

    Andrew Neil had a right go at the head of the Met Office today. No doubt he’ll get his wrists slapped for deviating from the party line


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      He’s stepped outside the boundaries a few times recently. It’s great to see, and I guess he doesn’t feel like his career is going much further so he might as well flex his elbows whilst he still has a platform.


  2. burbette123 says:

    Fun for the feeble-minded and child abuse cleverly combined and brought to us by our favourite state propaganda organ.


  3. Philip says:

    ‘…and remember children, if you are told by any stranger, or even a friend or member of your family, that there’s no such thing as global warming, do drop us a line at the special email address on your screen. Don’t forget to give us their name and address, if you know it – or alternatively, tell your teacher about it. 
    And don’t worry if you missed that, we’ll give the details out again at the end of the programme…’ 

    Feckin’ Warmists.


  4. Millie Tant says:

    I couldn’t bear to listen to them drivelling on in that over-earnest, over-eager, prattling, patronising BBC way.

    It’s not included in this particular clip, but this bright spark of a presenter in the programme introductory piece to camera, no doubt carried away with her own prattling eagerness, referred to “the white stuff”. Is there some objection to the word snow? Why can’t she just say snow when she is talking about snow? I see in the clip above she also alluded to “the cold snap”. Turning out snappy again today, is it?


  5. Millie Tant says:

    Yeah, honestly, a BBC presenter. =-O  Trying too hard to sound clever, succeeding in being stupid.


  6. Olly boy says:

    Great clip of an absolutely shocking piece of ‘so-called’ journalism from the BBC although it comes as no surprise.

    It seems that the Warmist Zealots are getting even worse now that their religion is being shown up for what it really is.

    I had to laugh the other day when I was listening to TalkSport. They had a warmist and realist on to talk about ‘Global Warming’. The presenter asked the warmist why there were vin yards located in northern England during medieval times. His answer was something like:

    “Well land and tectonic plates on the earth have constantly been moving around on the earth so clearly climates of countries will change and have changed over time”.

    It takes millions of years at least for tectonic plates and land to move anything close to a significant distance on the earth to affect the climate on any particular piece of land or country. How far north do we think the UK has moved over the past 1,000 – 2,000 years? And that’s assuming it’s been moving north as opposed to south, west or east! This warmist had no evidence or facts at all to back this rather pathetic and desperate argument up.

    If those who question global warming used this sort of argument they’d be called deniers and flat earthers but it seems warmist can use ANY sort of argument they want no matter how banal it is and with no knowledge or facts to back it up!


  7. Umbongo says:

    A little-known fact the BBC are reluctant to publicise too widely (if at all) is shown here

    At the time of writing wind power is generating a massive 0.1% of total electricity supply in the UK.  Furthermore, of the 1,588 MW wind generation installed capacity fully 81 MW (yes, 81 MW) is forecast to be the maximum contribution of wind generation to our energy needs tomorrow.  A great return on, what, £1 billion and counting.

    H/T Tim Worstall
    EU Referendum


  8. Grant says:

    Lovely clip.   Is this the longest “cold snap” in history ?  When I was a child, I hated being told what to think by adults ( not that I am calling Beeboids “adults” ) and would automatically question their views.
    Not sure if today’s children are the same. They seem pretty docile and unthinking to me.


    • 1327 says:

      Grant I presume children are the same they have always been however it seems to be drummed into them at school that they can’t question certain things. I used to have dealings at work with the new starters who were 16 or 18 years old. They could be bloody hard work for the first 6 months but eventually it seems to click in their minds that we need them to think for themselves and not presume that just because something is on paper that it is correct. Its noticeable that ones that come from independent schools don’t have this problem and usually arrive on day 1 with more initiative.   


  9. Martin says:

    The Thames used ot freze during the mini ice age. What utter bollocks from a litlte beeboid turd sniffer.


  10. Atheist Ranter says:

    Surely that lying weather inventor has broken a law ‘somewhere’ by saying that shit about the Thames freezing ‘a few decades ago’?  Since when was 35 a few?  I can remember when I was at school in the 50’s being told it gets dark at night is because God turns a light off!  I suppose he’s now left the fridge door open…


  11. Grant says:

    In my past life I dealt with school-leavers as a university lecturer and also in business.  I think the big shock for them was that the real world, even university, was not quite what their school-teachers had prepared them for.
    Part of the problem is the teachers have no outside experience, can’t really blame the children.
    The BBC basically takes a narrow-minded, classroom approach to indoctrinating children, who are bound to be shocked when they discover many people with experience do not hold the same views as the BBC.
    Anyway, Ed Balls will solve it all when the schools teach Mandarin as a foreign language to British children who can’t even speak english !


  12. David H says:

    Sorry but I couldn’t bring myself to watch this garbage.  A plague on the bloody lot of them!
    I intend to ensure that my grandchildren know the truth about this and much else!


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Flooding?  Is this idiot telling children that if there is any flooding in the UK next year it will be due to Global Warming?  Hands up, all those who think floods haven’t been happening in Britain nearly every year since, well, ever.


  14. Guest says:

    Snow in winter is a really rare event and it hasn’t happened before?… well, not since the last time…namely a whole 14 years ago. Which hardly makes it as unprecedented as these kids evidently have been told by Aunty to say or they won’t get their £95kpa.

    Unlike many, I’ll concede some trending long term for where the climate seems to be heading, but still not sure on the extent ‘A’ in ‘GW’, however such utter cherry-picked, logic free tripe to post-rationalise any inconvenient event that fails to conform to previously spiffy narratives, such as this, is beyond the pale.

    What next? Getting kids to dob their parents in the the Stasi for not using the right lightbulbs they’ve been sent with the wrong fitting to meet another quango target?


  15. Martin says:

    Anyone else see Shuckman’s “global warming” report on the 6PM news? What an utter piece of crap. First Shuckman tries to inform us that climate and weather are NOT the same thing, no s**t Shuckman!!!! and that just because it’s cold here doesn’t mean the planet isn’t warming up (we get some  prat from the Met office to inform us that the planet is warming up, except for the last 10 years which he ignores nor does he state if it’s humans that caused the warming), so why do people like Shuckman, Harrabin and Black NOT make this VERY SAME point when THEY use every bad piece of weather to try to spout climate change bollocks, for example the fires in Australia, the lack of snow in the Alps (a couple of years ago) and of course the floods in the UK.  
    Then we get Shuckman doing the Harrabin bit from Kew gardens with the bulbs flowering early, again this proves nothing, Kew gardens is in a very urban area and London has expanded massively over the last 50 years, you can’t take what happens in an urban area as proof of climate change Shuckman you prat.  
    The BBC really are grasping at straws, Shuckman talks about “the scientists” which ones, the idiots from CRU who have been telling lies? the Met office idiots distorting facts?  
    Shuckman who is a bigger tosser than Harrabin just made a total tit of himself.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Shuckman talks about “the scientists”” – yes this is the stock in trade for the BBC “environmental” correspondents. When they say “scientists agree” we never hear who these “scientists” are.

      They always use the term scientists when talking about anything on AGW, but from what discipline are these scientists from? There are many branches of science. Scientists cannot be lumped together as if they are a homogneous bunch?


      • Martin says:

        Well they can’t mention the IPCC as half of them are just corrupt drug taking politicians, the CRU are just liars and the Met office are up the arse of the Government and the BBC.


  16. Guest says:

    Why are 2/3 of the presenters brown?


  17. Grant says:

    It is Global Warming.