End of Year Quiz

1.Who ends sentences on an upward inflection and is too cool to, you know, pronounce the ‘T’ at the ends of words?
A.) Some Teenagers; B.) Labour MPs; C.) Mark Thompson; D.) The terminally insecure; D.3. ) Puff Daddy.

2. Who repeatedly trots out the well known ‘inflated-salaries-of-BBC-management-defence’if we want the best we need to pay top whack” without explaining why the same argument doesn’t apply to the comparatively modest salaries of the creative staff?
(You Gets What You Pays For?) hmm.
A.) P. Diddy; B.) The management staff at the BBC; C.) Mark Thompson on Today R4.

3. Who sounds, you know, a tiny bit like, um um um, a stammering stuttering nincompoop?
A.) The Director general of the BBC; 3 down. ) Someone else?

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21 Responses to End of Year Quiz

  1. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Hey Mark, you stammering prick, how does it feel to get your ass handed to you by an 89-year-old woman? 


  2. Marky says:

    Saying the BBC has the “best journalism in the world” or “outstanding” at this or that doesn’t make it true. Thompson is just a very highly paid apparatchik who will say anything so that he can keep his piggy snout in the television tax trough.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think there’s any need for 3)

    That sort of thing is the Left’s stock in trade


    • sue says:

      Quite right. Remind me to post a teeny weeny mini mynie retraction and grudging apology sometime in the new year. 


      • Anonymous says:

        The previous ‘Guest’ wasn’t me, but he did make a very good point.  You do no credit to yourself Sue when you take such constructive criticism in the manner of someone like Orla Guerin denying bias over Israel.

        People who say they believe in an impartial, objective BBC should be playing the ball, not the man.



  4. George R says:

    “BBC director general Mark Thompson thrown by P D James’s

    detective work”



  5. Paulo says:

    Bonus Quiz Questions:

    4. Who resorts to ad hominem attacks when they struggle to find an example of bias:
    a) Puff Daddy, b) Mark Thompson c) Biased-BBC

    5. Put these 3 heads of the UK’s largest media organisations in order of highest pay:
    a) Mark Thomson (BBC) b) Michael Grade (ex-ITV) c) Jeremy Darroch (BSkyB)


    • sue says:

      Thank you for your bonus questions.


      4. Trick question? No-one needs to struggle with that.

      5. Remind me, which one is publicly funded again?


    • Marky says:

      4. Mark Thompson is an £800.000 walking, talking example of BBC bias. 
      5. Which one sends the boys round demanding money with menaces even if you don’t wish to use or pay for its media organisation?


    • PacificRising says:

      More bonus questions:
      1) How many people have have been raided on suspicion of not paying their Sky subscriptions?

      2) Who would would make a better DG of the BBC:
            a) Mark Thompson
            b) P.D. James


  6. Millie Tant says:

    Who or what is P. Diddy? Is it some newfangled type of broadcaster? And is Puff Daddy an alias for the BBC?  It certainly does enough puffing and puffery. 😀

    How brilliantly and elegantly did the near-90-year-old-woman dish it out to the gormless, stumbling, mumbling DG! Impressive interviewer and how! Articulate, clear as a bell, in command of the facts and argument and pressing the point at any sign of evasion or obfuscation. Wow.

    His glottal-stopping, stammering, mumbling performance does not reflect well on himself or the BBC. His defence of the huge salary to get “the best” for e.g. controller of BBC 1 is plain laughable when you see the kind of decisions and faux pas committed by the present controller of that channel. The ditching of one of the best judges on Strictly – as PD James put it – was a notorious case in point. Her behaviour re Carole Thatcher was another.

    The question is why such…ahem…superior people (remember we are paying so that they get “the best”, according to his nibs) need the “inferior” proles (the public) to tell them that it is wrong and that they should employ qualified women as well as men over fifty to read  the news. How can a public broadcaster not know that already? He doesn’t have a leg to stand on, does he, with that argument that more =better? And the funniest thing about it is that he himself is the embodiment of the “disproof” of it! That’s the truth of it.  

    Once again, the performance by Thompson the Overpaid under questioning shows him to have a complete cloth ear when it comes to hearing and understanding the sentiments of the public re people in public service. What a sorry specimen of a public servant.


  7. Millie Tant says:

    Oh, and don’t forget to see the biased reporting of the interview: it is all about them and the wonderful Thompson. Talk about turning the story upside down. Selective reporting, platform for the boss, giving precedence to and promoting the BBC’s own interests and point of view, sideling and / or omission of substance and thrust of the interview…this item has the lot.


    They really have the most incredible bare-faced cheek.


  8. magiclantern1 says:

    What is remarkable how this complete mediocrity survives. Imagine how the press – cheerled by the lying, cheating BBC –  would respond if any other person in charge of a major public corporation behaved so ineptly.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    PD James did reveal how bad the BBC’s Byzantine management set-up is, and just how useless Thompson is.  All he could do is roll out the same old tired clichés.  How lame that even after all the noise about the salary issue he still can’t put one proper sentence together about it, and comes across as totally unprepared on the topic.

    However, far worse than his performance was the anti-English bias in the segment with Prof. Starkey and Evan Davis.  PD James wanted to discuss the concept of patriotism, and Starkey – quite rightly – made the case from the start that in order to talk about “British” patriotism, one first had to start with “English” patriotism. 

    The summation of this discussion was that, according to Starkey, while the Scots, Welsh, and Irish have their own vibrant national identity (dress, music, and – as Davis thankfully pointed out – flags) the English are a “post-nation” people.

    All the Beeboid could say is “Very interesting.”  And immediately moved on to the next topic which proves Starkey’s point:  are there more “democratized” symbold people could look to besides the Queen (just a little anti-monarchist agenda there)?

    Davis needed to move away quickly from Starkey’s point that the sense of Englishness has been lost, because the BBC is a primary force behind eliminating that sense.  They’d have to start talking about the BBC’s massive hypocrisy on the issue, which must not be allowed.

    They report any English nationalist as a racist, and treat the Cross of St. George as a racist symbol.  The Welsh, Irish, and Scots are permitted their nationalism without being called racist, yet the BBC’s editorial policy does not grant this right to the English.  The English must be “British”, while everyone else can have their ethnic identity.  This hypocrisy is fueled by their Leftoid view of history – English oppressors = bad, everyone else = good victims – and by the illogical viewpoint that racism is something that only those in power are capable of.

    To the majority of Beeboids, the fact that the English are a post-nation people is a good thing.  Their reporting shows it time and time again.  It’s a political and philosophical bias.


    • dave s says:

      It will prove to be the elite’s greatest error- this denial of Englishness. Give the English time. They are slowly getting angry, as is their way, and beginning to remember who they are and what type of men and women they are descended from.
      By the way David P I was looking at the names of the men who signed your Declaration of Independence. Names you would find on any war memorial in any English village.
      We are the same people still,  badly ruled and misled by a vicious and self serving elite. Let us hope the new year sees us begin to reclaim our country and our freedom.
      The BBC? It is nothing to do with England.


  10. dave s says:

    If the BBC was a real business Thompson would be history as being just about the most inept spokesman around. 10.000 a week for him! No shareholder would put up with it.


  11. googleborg says:

    sean combs!