Pathos in Gaza

Who commissioned Katya Adler’s pathos extravaganza that BBC News24 has aired several times today?
What news value does it have, apart from being a gratuitous reminder of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, just in case we forget about all that for a second?
Now that there aren’t any juicy war crimes to salivate over, did the BBC’s Middle East Editor brief Katya to seek out a cute enormous-eyed child to tug at the heartstrings merely to rekindle dying embers of indignation over Israel’s brutality, fearing the public might be beginning to lose interest?

If the BBC ever commissioned a proper and a thorough examination of how the Palestinians’ suffering came about, and who is responsible for prolonging it, the BBC might begin to claim some credibility.

Or if they stopped implying that children governed by ‘democratically elected’ Islamist Hamas would have a normal childhood if only Israel would stop preventing it. But they insinuate that Israeli oppression is the only thing stopping Gazan children from having a normal childhood when they must know very well indeed that indoctrinating them with hatred of Jews, glorifying child martyrdom and engulfing them in a repressive Islamist medieval straightjacket is a million miles away from any Western perception of normality.

So Katya and Jeremy, you’re pretending. You’re selecting. You’re projecting. You’re using sentimentality and half-truths to twist and poison. For what? Do you think it will bring peace? I don’t even think you do.

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23 Responses to Pathos in Gaza

  1. dave s says:

    I was talking to an Israeli on Sunday who said that the Arab and liberal elite’s dislike of Israel was based on a corrosive jealousy. Israel is a first world country created out of unpromising material by hard work and intelligence over 50 years. This is what they cannot get over. Israel makes them feel second or third rate.


    • Anonymous says:

      Its a theory I guess, but I think it just boils down to sheer evil-mindedness.  The Jews are the world’s favourite scapegoat, and they are Judeo-Christian morality made flesh.  Something the Marxist Left have a homocidal hatred for.  Among others.



    • Peter G says:

      I guess the Arabs also hate that the Israelis bomb them, stole their land, and blockade them in.

      But then I doubt you’ve ever considered two sides to a story.



      • cassandra king says:

        Peter G beeboid staffer?

        All for no reason eh? I mean after all what right have the Jews to have a homeland eh? The suicide killers should be allowed to run free and kill whoever they choose, after all its their yuman rites innit? Bombing the Palestinians for nothing, what possible reason could Israel have for bombing Gaza eh?

        The BBC and hamas fit each other perfectly.

        Heres a clue, not that you will understand it.

        You are the moron, you are the jew hater covering your hatred under the guise of sympathy for your fake victims.


      • Keith Newman says:

        It depends on how how far back you conveniently goo back Peter.

        The Jews were harrased out of Israel by the Romans and the Arabs. After that, they were persecuted in just about every country they settled in.

        After WW2 they decided to reclaim their homeland so they could live without being opressed and attacked. But it seems the Arabs can’t accept that, they don’t like it that the Jews have taken back the land that was stolen from them.

        Aljabeeba are very keen to persecute the Jews for political reasons.


      • sue says:

        Peter G dear, nice of you to comment when you must be so busy considering the two sides of a story.
        No need to sign of “Moron” though; It was obvious.


      • deegee says:

        As far as I know Israel has never bombed Algeria; never stole land in Yemen and never blockaded Saudi Arabia. What could the countries of the Arab League have in common?


      • deegee says:

        Peter G.
        Despite the facetiousness of the video there is a serious side to the question of why do the Arabs/Muslims hate Israel and Israel ‘did them wrong’ doesn’t cut it. Unless, of course, you buy into the argument that an insult or an injury to one Muslim entitles any other Muslim from anywhere else to take revenge on anyone anywhere. The Bali bombers were Indonesians Muslims on a largely Hindu island who killed 202 people, 152 of whom were foreign nationals (including 88 Australians), and 38 Indonesian citizens because America supports Israel. A legitimate bombed, stole, blockaded gripe. I don’t think so.

        So why don’t we look at some more cogent reasons for the constant indoctrination from childhood of Arabs to hate Israel.

        It is in the interest of Islamists to push false propaganda against Israel as it will lead to the recruitment of more jihadists. By mainstream interpretation of the Koran Israel has to be hated, not because of its actions but its very existence is a blasphemy.

        It is in the interest of the Arab States that its citizens look to an external enemy to blame for their conditions rather than look at the failures of their leaders. The permanent ‘war’ against Israel reinforces a vey shaky Arab national identity.

        It is in the interest of the for want of a better term ‘Left‘ to have a mutually hated enemy to unite groups that really have little in common. Uniting in alliance with Islamists provides much needed money.

        It is in the interest of Arab media to produce antisemitic – anti Israel material in exactly the same way as artists traditionally have always produced what their patrons wanted.


  2. George R says:

    A non-BBC observation of Gaza:

    “Life inside the world’s biggest concentration camp”


  3. Anonymous says:

    No Sue.  They think it will bring the second Holocaust.


  4. Peter G says:


    There are other problems in the world other than anti-semitism! It’s bad, we all agree that! But you love, are fucking obsessed! Blame the anti-semites not the BBC who have nothing to do with all this ridiculous bollocks you post.

    Crazy old bat.


    • cassandra king says:

      “blame the antisemites”

      That is the point of the post you numpty, the BBC are to blame.
      BTW is that the best reasoned argument you can muster?

      Peter G terrorist loving twat? I think so.


    • Philip says:

      Abusive, ad-hom and argument-free –  just like libtards like it. 


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        But you love, are fucking obsessed!”

        Patronsing and obscene – you must work for the BBC or within the Labour Party. Even if you do not agree with Sue, I think you owe her an apology.


    • sue says:

      Peter G darling, hard to make up your mind how to sign off?
      Moron or Crazy Old Bat?
      You do sound crazy, and batty, but old? I don’t think so. Stick with Moron it suits you best.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    If the BBC ever did a proper historical review of the whole Palestinian “refugee camp” deal, they’d have to explain how the UN – which legally controls all of it and has for decades been officially charged with maintaining and supporting, well, most of Gaza and the West Bank, at least those parts which are classified as “refugee camps”.

    Of course, that will never happen because as far as the Beeboids are concerned that’s been done, and the answer is that the UN’s hands have been tied by the nasty, all-powerful, near-omnipotent Israel Lobby.  My debate from over two years ago with John Reith revealed the BBC inside opinion that the Jooooos ruled all, no matter what.  Even Egypt really had no control over its own border with Gaza because those damn Jews could stop the US aid millions to Egypt if the border opened up, according to JR and the Beeboid worldview.

    So there is no story there, it’s all Known Facts already, as far as BBC editors are concerned.

    And forget about Jeremy Bowen’s influence over Katya Adler.  His position as Middle East Editor doesn’t really control Adler’s in the Jerusalem Bureau.  I’m pretty sure it’s separate chain of command.  In any case, Adler is there for the same reason Tim Franks is:  they have all the right-on vies, and – most importantly – they are Jews.  The BBC bosses think that this will protect them from accusations from nasty Jews about having an anti-Semitic bias when reporting about Israel and environs.  No, their ethnicity/religious upbringing never gets raised in inquiriies and reports from The Trust, but that’s because no one is allowed to mention it.

    I’d love to hear an alternate explanation from a defender of the indefensible – or an actual BBC employee, if any still lurk here – how it’s not considered biased for a Jew to be a main reporter on the Jewish State, when there are no other main reporters in any other country who are ethnicially and religiously connected to the natives in an area where ethnicity and religion is the Number One Key Issue.  (Stringers and contract contributors don’t count.)

    Oh, wait, there’s the infamous Aleem Maqbool.  And he reports only on Palestinian issues. Hmmm.  I wonder what that says about the people in the Jerusalem office.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Peter G

    Grow up


  7. toddy357 says:

    no just a nobhead.that page about the one year old girl was just pure hamas propaganda.


  8. cassandra king says:

    The BBC report was pure Der Sturmer stuff, the report was oozing with poisonous propaganda badly dressed up as facts.
    The child has all the medicines it needs, Israel does not and never  has witheld any essential medicines even during the peace opperation cast lead.
    Hamas steals aid and medicines which it sells for its own funds, hamas is soley resonsible for the blockade which could end straight away if hamas wished it but they do not wish it they wish for war and conflict and sruggle and that is what they get.
    I notice Adler admit that medicines get through but then she lied about these medicines being too expensive so kids suffer and die, teying to conflate the blockade with dying kids. Of course she neglected to mention that the UNRWA provides free medicines to Gazans, their clinics are fully stocked, obviously the hamas gangster takke their protection cut like the scum gangsters they are.
    So the truth is that the report is a bag of poisonous libelous lies along the lines of ‘the eternal Jew’. the tragedy is that reports like this cost lives, Jew haing scum like the head of UNRWA and the BBC have blood on their hands.


  9. Philip says:

    The striking thing about most anti-Israeli invective (apart from its sheer, often anti-Semitic venom) is its lack of factual content. This is partly due to the left’s general inability to form a cogent argument; and their penchant for compensating for this with emotive abuse.   
    Some of it is due to lack of availability of opposing views, due to left-dominated media. 
    But when the lies are exposed these chuckleheads rarely have anything to say. 
    Viva Palestina!


  10. Millie Tant says:

    You are the bad hat, Peter G. What this calling people “love”, then in the same breath, swearing and insulting them, all because you don’t share their opinion or point of view? Get a grip!  😛