Well folks, we are almost at year end and I thought you would like to share your moment of the year for BBC bias. It’s so target-rich. Remember the hatred shown towards Israel when it sought to cleanse Hamastan? Remember the outrageous enthusiasm with which the BBC embraced the coronation of Obama? Let’s not forget the kindness shown towards poor useless Mr Brown, even as he bankrupted the Nation! Then there was the mockery of Sarah Palin, the hostility towards the Conservatives, the endless apologies for Islam, the relentless assault on Christianity, the propagandising for the gay lobby, the love-in with the AGW cultists…..the list goes on. So, your outstanding moment of BBC bias in 2009….??

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39 Responses to BBC MOMENT OF THE YEAR…

  1. David Jones says:

    I think it’s the anti-Israel bias that annoys me the most.

    Incidentally I’m reading “The Israel Test” by George Gilder. It argues how important Israel and the Jews are to the rest of us. Interesting.

    My other Christmas reading is “The Road to Serfdom” – F Hayek and”The Plan” – Carswell and Hannan (not started that one yet).


    • Peter G says:

      I think my moment of the year was seeing the Daily Telegraph quote this website for an article.

      I used to like the telegraph, now they scrape the barrel with reporting on shit like this site.

      I also enjoyed all the paranoia and panic here. And bigotry. Ill informed debate. Opinion presented as though it was fact. I loved all that shit.

      Happy new year Vance. Before you really go crazy and do something bad, please remember to send me a copy of your book. I’m looking forward to it.


  2. Martin says:

    So much crap from the BBC to choose from.

    The anti Israel stuff is probably the top one I guess but for me it has to be ex druggie Richard Bacon and Anita Annand fawning over the black Jesus, it just showed total and utter 100% bias.


    • Peter G says:

      Martin’ obsessions

      1. Turds
      2. Gays
      3. Richard Bacon
      4. Drugs
      5. People from a non white background

      Martin,have you ever considered writing a book? I ‘d love to read it. Your life story, mixed in with general opinions perhaps. Kinda like Obama’s books. “The Audacity of Turd” perhaps.


  3. mookster says:

    back in August, the ‘is it OK to break the law to save the planet’ item on the awful ‘Big Questions’ debate show…..


  4. Marky says:

    How about the Nick Griffin edition of question time (no I’m not a fan at all) and the Euro elections with Polly (with a face like a slapped haddock, aghast at the UKIP gains) et al. Both totally biased but then what can you expect from the BBC pigs?


  5. Marky says:



  6. Grant says:

    The photo of the ridiculous BBC airhead, Anita Anand, wearing an
    ” Obama ” woolly hat.
    Pure BBC bias.


    • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

      That was probably last year, during the campaign.


      • Martin says:

        Actually that’s a good point but I think they were fawning over Barry at his investiture (or whatever it is) as well. There is so much Barry O fawning by anand and Bacon it’s hard to tell when one bit ends and another starts

        Oh and the Radio 5 line up for 2009 is a doozy. Vicki Pollard 10-12 (hard left) followed by the totally talentless Gabby Logan (really hard left and Tory hater)12-2 and then the even more hard left Richard Bacon 2-4. Jesus pump that shit into Gitmo and the towel heads would be coughing quicker than sticking 1000 volts through their nuts.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      According to the BBC she was reporting on the merchadise put out by all the political parties.

      I asked the BBC for a photograph of her wearing a McCain T-Shirt but as yet I have had no reply.


  7. Llew says:

    Apart from the obvious “most of BBC’s news & current affairs output” I would suggest Harriet Harman gently tapping David Dimbleby’s arm during Ian Duncan Smith’s valid reply on Question Time and David giving her the “I will obey” signal.

    It clearly showed how Labour give instructions to the BBC and I am sure it happens all the time behind the scenes.


  8. Gosh says:

    My magic moment is when the bbc were forced to suspend Jonathan Ross and Russel Brand, after 1,000’s of calls of complaint.  It goes to show there is strength in numbers and they couldn’t push the people around all of the time.  A moment of comeuppance for them.


    • Atheist Ranter says:

      yes but remember that most of those ‘complaints’ were after the event, in that they appeared after it was televised that some people had complained.  Bandwagon jumpers that had not even seen the event, most of them.  Sheep being another term…


      • Marky says:

        So you never get annoyed reading or watching things after the event even though you never witnessed the event? Mmm…


  9. John R Smith says:

    I daren’t go back to check – I can already feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it!!


  10. David Morris says:

    Anything that comes out of Harrabin’s mouth.


  11. Craig says:

    As you say David, so many target!
    What about Michael Crick moaning on his blog about how the rest of the media were attacking poor Gordon Brown and his poor Labour party too much, while they should be criticising the evil Tories – as he’s been doing all year?
    Or Jim Naughtie interrupting the hell out of any senior Conservative he comes across, while gently stroking any left-of-centre guest who crosses his path?
    Or the BBC burying Climategate under an avalanche of AGW believers, most of whom already work for the BBC? And interviewing a shameless Sudanese delegate at Copenhagen without ever asking him about his genocidal bosses?
    Or Radio 4, stacking its current affairs programmes with left-wing guests, while consistently sidelining right-wing guests? (Tonight’s ‘Talking Aloud’, for example, featuring four left-wingers – a Guardianista, a Demos-bod, a far-left academic and a geezer – discussing education and social mobility – and that’s not even including presenter Laurie Taylor).
    Or the ongoing worship of Barack Obama (as in Justin Webb springing to the defence of Obama on this morning’s Today)?
    Or any edition of Gavin Esler’s Dateline: London  (starring Abdul Bari Atwan) where presenter Esler gives us the benefit of his left-liberal insights?
    Or anything the BBC says about Israel and Gaza, Gaza, Gaza, Gaza, Gaza? Wicked Israelis planting evil olive trees?


  12. Craig says:

    Or Mark Mardell on Today slagging off UKIP as a bunch of blazer-wearing racists during the run-up to the June elections (before he went on to slag off the Republicans in America?)
    Or the ubiquity of Vince Cable, Danny Blanchflower and John McFall on any programme discussing the economic collapse throughout the first nine months of the year – at least? And Will Hutton everywhere?
    How about the hostility shown towards the Sri Lankan government and armed forces during their successful campaign to beat the Tamil Tigers by military means (The BBC said that could never happen).
    Or the relentless attacks on the European allies of the Conservatives (and, to a lesser extent, UKIP), while ignoring all the fascist-allied, anti-semitic, terrorist-supporting corrupt goons in Labour’s Socialist group in the European parliament – not to mention the ex-Communists and former secret police informers, Nazi impersonators and homophobes in the same left-wing grouping? Dreadful.
    Or Emma Jane Kirby in Paris slagging off Sarkozy for pandering to the far-right in daring to take action in the wake of immigrant booing of the French national anthem? Or the attacks on the Swiss for voting to ban minarets?
    Or BBC reporter Sophie Hutchinson’s party political broadcast on behalf on the Labour Party over their education record on Newsnight in August (one of the most blatant pieces of Ballsian propaganda I’ve ever heard?)
    Or the stomach-turning eulogies to the saintly Ted Kennedy from Kevin Connolly, Glenn Campbell, John Humphrys and, of course, Justin Webb?
    As you say, so many targets!


  13. Martin says:

    So much BBC crap, I really wish the MSM would wake up about the BBC. I guess too many of them share the same dealers though.


    • Peter G says:

      Yeeeees the “MSM” is really shit isn’t it? What with all that ‘fact checking’ and ‘professional’ reporters. What the world really needs is uniformed tossers, punching away at their keyboard about a news story that makes them angry. That will inform the public far better. Who needs standards in decency, or language when you can have Paul Staines, Martin, and AN Other idiotic blogger who once was stuck ranting in a pub but now can spread his filthy bollocks opinion to the whole planet. Ain’t technology wonderful?


  14. Martin says:

    Don’t know if this has ever been posted before but nice ot see that the BBC has actually been asked about drugs though.

    although how the BBC can clearly state no money is spent on illegal drugs is beyond me. How do they know what beeboids waste OUR money on?


    • Marky says:

      “The BBC has a zero tolerance policy towards illegal drugs”

      It would be interesting to see the BBC do some random drug testing on their personnel. I think what they mean by zero tolerance policy is more, we know many take drugs but we turn a blind eye policy.


  15. jpt says:

    Climate change.


  16. Millie Tant says:

    Someone mentioned Gavin Esler above, which triggered my memory of Esler on Newsnight saying of the cold-blooded murderer at Fort Hood: “…[name] who happens to be Muslim…”

    Happens, eh? Just happens, yeah. Pure Beeboid rubbish.


  17. deegee says:

    For my money Profile: Hakimullah Mehsud By Syed Shoaib Hasan BBC News, Islamabad Page last updated at 15:03 GMT, Tuesday, 25 August 2009 16:03 UK deseves the prize. If Mehsud had a press agent I doubt a more hero worshipping piece would have come out.

    The article has all the hallmarks of classic BBC bias and more.

    For use of weighted language: spectacular raid, audacious capture of 300 Pakistani soldiers, clearly someone to be reckoned with, pleasant demeanour and cheeky smile, talented, his ability to handle a Kalashnikov and a Toyota pick-up were legendary

    For the rags to riches story of the poor boy with little education who rose to inspirational leadership.

    For the unique personal interview of a man wanted for Terrorism without once using the word ‘terrorism’.

    For the failure to convey any negative counter opinion of Mehsud whatsoever.

    For failure to note the Pakistani news channels report on August 8, 2009 that Hakimullah Mehsud was killed after shooting erupted between his camp and that of Wali-ur-Rehman during a shura to determine the successor to the slain Baitullah Mehsud.

    For failure to note Pakistani intelligence officials who believed that the militant’s younger brother had returned from fighting in Afghanistan to assume the elder’s identity in an effort to project an image of stability and cohesion amid a power struggle among TTP leadership. (Details Wikipedia)

    For the flattering, smiling portrait accompanying the piece.

    For all these I nominate this profile for this most biased of 2009 award.


  18. Biru Wang says:

    After a while, you get so hardened by the blatant bias that it often does not register anymore.  However, the following comment struck home for me: just a week or so ago, the legendary Richard Black got some “anonymous source” allegedly say to him on his blog that climate skeptics must have had some traumatic experiences in their childhood to make them into what they are (i.e. implicitly, twisted, frustrated and phsychologically damaged individuals).  I don’t believe at all that someone mentioned this to Black, but even if they had, he should have balanced such a comment with one concerning the dubious makeup of AGW alarmists.   


  19. Anonymous says:

    BBC moment of the year for me is every Friday at 6.30. I used to listen to Radio 4 in the car whilst driving home, but The News Quiz and The Now Show are so lefty infested that I cannot listen in case my fury affects my driving.


  20. Philip says:

    It’s normally the institutionalised hatred of Israel that disgusts me. That and their unquestioning adherence to hard Warmism.
    But this year, what characterised the Biased BBC more than any of this was the Nick Griffin/QT lynching- whatever you may think of Griffin, this was the nadir – the point at which they really dropped any pretence of objectivity and bared their Marxist teeth.  


  21. Wally Greeninker says:

    For me Jack Dee ending ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’ with the line:
    “As the gentle donkey of hope enters the peaceful tranquility of Bethlehem and has his ears blown off by the Israeli army” a few weeks ago, represented the nadir of the BBC year.


  22. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So hard to choose….

    The BBC editing President Obamessiah’s inauguration speech to give the impression that He was more right-on about environmental stuff than hwat He actually said.

    The time when Kevin Connolly lied about the character of Tea Party protesters like myself and insulted us using a sexual innuendo.

    All the other BBC reports about Tea Party protests in the US.  Oh, wait:  there weren’t any other reports.

    Mark Mardell openly expressing his astonishment on EU election night that the Continent hadn’t stampeded towards Socialism when Capitalism had clearly failed.

    Various Beeboids on EU election night slandering the Tories for associating with alleged extremist groups.

    Every report about Israel’s attack on Gaza to stop the rockets which dishonestly fails to differentiate between Palestinian civilian and Hamas casualties in their ghoulish body count.

    The false representation – and subsequent sympathetic portrayal – of Zelaya’s ousting in Honduras as a “military-led coup” (ooh, arreasted at gunpoint, ooh) without reporting the truth that it was a quite legal decision by the Congress and Supreme Court, or that the BBC’s beloved Hugo Chavez was backing Zelaya.

    All BBC reports on the US health care “reform” issue, which genuinely promote the domestic agenda of a foreign government and are not actual news reports.

    Warmism propaganda in the face of the CRU emails.

    Mark Easton’s piece on voters in one town turning to the BNP, which featured a zoom-in on a Cross of St. George flag, in a context which presented it as a racist symbol.

    Jay Hunt saying that Carol Thatcher couldn’t keep her job because she wouldn’t apologize in an approved way and admit to thought crime, but later on the guy from Strictly Come Dancing did keep his job because he did apologize according to the approved formula, even though what he said carried more weight in British society and he said it right to the target’s face.

    Anything by Matt Frei.

    Justin Webb reasurring you all that The Obamessiah’s apology speech to Iran was smart diplomacy.

    Happy New Year to all, in spite of bias at the BBC.


  23. Guest says:

    The BBC editing President Obamessiah’s inauguration speech’

    Newsnight is certainly a major contender when it comes to enhancing the narrative to suit an evident BBC perception of how events should be interpreted.

    Sadly this year has seen too many instances where reporting has moved through commentary to propaganda.

    The latest low was for, me, the ‘science experiment’ they conducted recently, with David King given free rein to claim whatever he fancied, a carefully selected rocket scientist destroyed her professional credibility but ensured a new broadcast career, and one the BBC’s famous ‘carefully selected audiences’ performed Damascene conversions on cue.

    And they thought… still think (if the latest exchange I have had from the bots at ‘complaints’ are to be believed) that they were neither at fault nor doing the cause of informed environmental debate any harm.


  24. AndyUk06 says:

    The BBCs relentless smearing of Sarah Palin. 

    It kinda sums up the BBC when a decent, brave, intelligent gifted woman is so feared that she was smeared by vermin like Marcus Brigstocke, Matt Frei and Justin Webb.

    That she brings out such coarse hatred in these people is probably because deep down they know she is so superior to them in so many ways. Palin’s mere existence distresses them and reminds them of their own inadequacies.


  25. George R says:

    BBC’s director general Mark Thompson: justifying his high salary and expenses (and those of his BBC chums).

    E.g. June 2009:

    “Mark Thompson defends high BBC salaries and lavish expense accounts”

    And today:


  26. George R says:

    The wrong kind of ‘diversity’ for BBC?:

    “Half of BBC staff reject move North”