….Australia, in particular. Turned on the BBC evening news and caught an item suggesting that this horrendous Climate Change thingy that requires us to pay more tax and subsidise third world kleptocracies is also causing Australians to change their “no worries” lifestyle and retreat from the ocean due to the coastal erosion! Just another little doom and gloom care of our AGW propagandists at the State Broadcaster. Meanwhile. I’m feeling their outrage of the death of “cor blimey” true blue Brit Akmal Shaikh. It’s just AWFUL when …erm…heroin traffickers meet justice, just so bloomin’ unfair? Mind you, he was “mentally ill” apparently or so the BBC state as if it were a fact rather than an opinion.

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  1. deegee says:

    Everyone I knew living in the Sydney suburb of Bondi Beach is still there.


  2. John Horne Tooke says:

    Funny how every natural phenomena is always blamed on “AGW”. Coastlines never changed before AGW was invented.

    I wonder if the BBC ever examine the “real” causes of erosion which is man made.

    And the addition of a relativly small part of CO2 to the atmosphere is not one of them.

    I suppose its easier to blame CO2, instead of getting involved in all that complicated science. All we have to do is raise more taxes for Brown to spend on the unemployment that he has caused and bingo, the coast of Australia will stabalise and maybe grow a few yards, the sea will stop rising, the sahara desert will bloom and we will all be happy and content.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      You think the BBC might consult its archives to check out the 1953 floods of low lying coats in England and Holland.

      307 people in the UK were killed and almost 100,000 hectares of eastern England were flooded, while in the Netherlands, 50 dykes burst and 1,800 people drowned. The sea reclaimed over 200,000 hectares of polder country.

      Mmmm, let’s see… coastal erosion and flooding over 50 years ago. Damn that man made global warming.


  3. deegee says:

    Some times you can tell a lot about BBC attitudes from the captions accompanying the BBC’s The Year in Pictures

    Image#2 Barack Obama who made history by becoming the first black president of the United States was sworn in as 44th US President by Supreme Court Justice Jon Roberts.

    Leaving aside that Jon Roberts looks suspiciously like Michelle Obama how does the BBC define ‘Blackness’? One parent WASP, one a Kenyan who split before the young Obama knew him, raised by white grandparents in Hawaii and later by his Indonesian stepfather the young Obama has very little to do with the ‘US Black Experience”. Perhaps the BBC has adopted the US racists’ ‘One Drop Makes You Black’ Rule?

    Image #5 Here a young boy reacts upon seeing his father return from a 12 month tour in Iraq.

    Mum looks awfully pregnant. It’s not clear how she achieved that condition if Daddy was away 12 months.

    Image #9 Leaders of the G8 developed nations pledged $20 bn for efforts to boost food supplies to the hungry on the final day of a summit in Italy.

    When did Gaddafi join the G8?


  4. Martin says:

    Notice how the BBC have had to go to the other side of the world for a climate change story. As I pointed out a while back Harrabin has had to shelve his annual warmist story from the UK, Europe and the USA due to the blanket of snow we’re all under so they mince off to Australia for some made up lie.


  5. Lloyd says:

    Earlier this evening – in a drunken haze – i’m sure I recall somebody on BBC News talking about the implications of a sea level rise of 6 metres (just the 6) at Bondi Beach.


    • John R Smith says:

      You certainly did. The alcohol obviously hadnt completely overcome you.

      The overpaid Beeb Global Cooling Denier (troughing nicely in Australia) then used the mythical 6m number to show maps of the area with the sea flooding thousands of properties as it miraculously rose to heights undreamt of even by Al Gore.


  6. Gosh says:

    Whats Akmal Shaikh got to do with global warming in oz?  imv any country can execute brits, impound their submarines, tell the Brits to shut their mouth and all the rest of it because Britain is now a third rate power. Even bankers are looking at it as a bigger risk than Italy.  Britain is no longer a world power,thats hardly the fault of the bbc, though I’m sure it played a part in creating a world view.   Anyway all the faux outrage from Broon will amount to nothing, when they didn’t go in and get their people and submarine the world and its terrorists know that Britain is all mouth, and even a third rate country like Iran can tell the brits to shut their mouth.

    Labour took the great out of Britain all by themselves they didn’t need the beeb.   


    • Marky says:

      The BBC sure has played its part in creating an atmosphere in every home up and down the country leading to Britain having little self-belief. Also the BBC has given Labour lots of support helping it along the way, all paid for by the telly tax if you like it or not. I think it’s underestimated how much power the BBC has to subtly or not so subtly change the way we think. Good old aunty beeb, the militant in sheep’s clothing.


  7. cassandra king says:

    Take away a nations self confidence.

    Take away a nations self belief.

    Take away a nations pride in its history and historical achievements.

    Take away a nations desire to take risks and enjoy adventure.

    Take away a nations patriotism,folk history and identity while imposing foreign cultural equivolence.

    To destroy a nation and build a new one from the wreckage has been a primary goal of the BBC, so far they have done a very thorough job, thay have played the game exactly according to the well known script, the revolutionaries handbook.



    • John Horne Tooke says:

      You may have seen this – but it explains the “liberal” mindset to a tee.


  8. cassandra king says:

    The BBC are peddling the line that the terrorist attack on the US Delta jet was in fact a “Christmas day failed bomb plot”!!!

    The BBC have a way with words dont they?

    The truth is that the actual terrorist attack was succesful in all but igniting the explosives which failed by a miracle and a passenger who battled the terrorist.
    The success of the terrorist mission can be measured in more ways than just whether they brought down the airliner, the attempt to smuggle a bomb on a jet was successful, the fear and alarm it spread was successful, the costs and delays this attack has brought about was successful, the free advertising and media attention for the terrorists was a successful outcome for the terrorists.

    This was not a failed plot it was a 95% successful terrorist attack that succeeded in most of its aims.

    The BBC supporting terrorists and evil for years, with your money of course!


    • Peter G says:

      You’ve said some bat shit mad things in your time Cass, but this post beats them all.

      Well done.


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        So making everyone scared to board a plane is not the intention of terrorism? Do you know what terrorism means? It is not only their aim to kill but to terrorise, to make people scared.

        This person got a plane with the intention of blowing it up – he failed this time – but he almost didn’t. Through these actions he has terrorised many people who were not even on the plane. Terrorists have made boarding a plane a long and tedious ordeal for millions of people. Once upon a time you could get on a plane just as you got on a bus.

        Any attempt to blow up planes no matter if they are succesful or not is an act of terror. It is not only physical but mental. This was not an unsuccesful terrorist attack it was succesful in spreading panic ie “terror”.

        I suggest you look into what the terrorists aims are before commenting further.


  9. Llew says:

    BBC this morning gleefully highlights the headline from the papers that the FTSE100 has now returned to pre Leeman Bros failure levels. Of course they don’t remind us that the level is still well below the level Labour inherited 12 years ago.

    However they don’t find a headling and remind us that our economic growth has been lower this last decade than any decade since the war.

    They also don’t find a headling and remind us that Britain is still the only G20 Nation in recession.

    The BBC – ignoring any story that is harmful to Labour – a totally different stance from what they took during the last years of Major’s Government.


    • Peter G says:

      ignoring any story that is harmful to Labour

      That is a classic. Let me ask you, have you ever actually watched/listened to the BBC? Ever?

      Absolute fucking hilarious. This site is dying a slow death. Like Labour, ironically.


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        If you are such a know it all as far as the BBC is concerned please enlighten us to the points raised. Is Llew incorrect? Then plese explain where it is wrong.

        Absolute fucking hilarious. This site is dying a slow death.”

        More Jonathan Ross like language. No it is the people who attack free speech that will have a slow death, but it will come and the sooner the better.


  10. 1327 says:

    While I certainly don’t agree with executing drug smugglers (or the entire war on drugs) the Akmal Shaikh story is yet another example of shoddy BBC journalism. From what I read I doubt he had bipolar syndrome since that doesn’t affect IQ but everyone seems to have taken that for granted because it was in a press release. As far as I’m aware there has been no investigation into Mr Shaikh’s recent activities. For instance what has he been up to ? who are his friends ? and where has he been living ? Indeed does he have a criminal record in the UK?

     In many way this lack of coverage reminds me of the Gary McKinnon case where news stories consist of reading out press releases from his campaign team. You would think someone would want to do some independant investigation wouldn’t you.


  11. Umbongo says:


    You would think someone would want to do some independant investigation wouldn’t you

    Indeed – “someone” might turn up the occasional inconvenient truth: for instance: that “bipolar disorder” does not mean that you are raving mad or that you are unable to distinguish between right and wrong or unable to recognise criminality
    or – on another topic – that Al Gore’s propaganda film (now shown in all UK schools at taxpayer expense) is largely an avalanche of tendentious and incorrect crap
    or – on yet another topic – that the FTSE indexes are largely driven by earnings generated abroad by companies which happen to be quoted on the LSE.  In other words, the “good” performance of FTSE indexes says very little about the performance of the UK economy.

    BTW none of the above will get much mileage from the £850 million BBC “news” service.


  12. Martin says:

    Anyone else notice a different tone from the drug addled beeboids over this latest act of aeroplane terrorism? With Bush it was all about American foreign policy form the beeboids, yet here the BBC seem to totally forget American (Obama) foreign policy. not only that but reading an article by Ginny Hill on the beeboid site about the Yemen (apparently she’s an expert – so I guess in beeboid terms she can find it on a map) she totally fails to mention that half of the scum released at Gitmo (by Bush for the most part) have ended up heading the towel heads in the Yemen.

    Why is this not mentioned by the BBC? Surely it’s relevant?


    • Peter G says:

      ‘drug addled beeboids’

      You need help “Martin”. You probably suffer from a rare disorder. It’s a form of mental illness.

      Either that, or you’re just fucking stupid.


  13. Peter G says:

    Mind you, he was “mentally ill” apparently or so the BBC state as if it were a fact rather than an opinion.

    Do enlighten us, Lord Vance of Ulster, with the facts then. I assume you have seen the evidence that he is not mentally ill? I assume you have proof of these claims either way? No, course you fucking don’t. It’s just your big mouth opinion like always. All talk, no evidence. No wonder you didn’t get elected. No wonder this site is a joke – a home for weirdos and bigots. You lead this rag tag crew of tossers – congrats sir.


    • Marky says:

      Aren’t you being prejudiced against B-BBC, weirdos, bigots and tossers? So that makes you a bigot and I’m pretty sure you are a tosser as well. 
      As I have to pay for their biased shit no matter what I wish to watch and if that makes me intolerant bigot so be it. Until the BBC is history I will remain opposed to it.


    • 1327 says:

      The problem is Peter G several of us very much doubt the unfortunate Mr Shaikh had bipolar syndrome. He may well have had other mental health issues or he might not have but thanks to shoddy BBC journalism we aren’t likely to find out. You would have thought the worlds largest uniquely funded news gathering organisation would have looked into Mr Shaikh’s background to see if he did have problems and if he had why he had slipped through the NHS mental health safety net. Surely that would be a story ? Instead they read out some press releases and today the story has been forgotten.

      Not very good is it ?


  14. Dobryden says:

    It’s typical of the ‘leftie’, or, I suspect, homosexual ‘leftie’. like Peter G to castigate others for ‘lack of evidence’ or ‘bigotry’ and then to exhibit the same characteristics in the form of vilifying comments. I think this site needs to combat the bias of the left with its own bias and get rid of ‘followers’ like him until the BBC itself has been broken up and then we can display more tolerance, if absolutely necessary.


  15. I await images of melting ice in Antartica. Somebody should tell the BBC that it is summer down there.