Anyone catch wee Douglas Alexander being interviewed on Today this morning @ 7.12am? It seems that the ideal way to assist our soldiers is to send in 1000 UK civilians including “a number of economists” – and that’s what Dougie announced. This nonsense was taken by Sarah Montague without comment. What next- a legion of aromatherapists?

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5 Responses to HOPELESS IN KABUL

  1. Umbongo says:


    Following on from suggestions made by the government’s chief scientific adviser on Today yesterday, I’m shocked that no-one from the Brigade of Climate Scientists (army nickname – “The Warmists”) has been posted to Afghanistan.  Maybe they’re all in Copenhagen defending the PM.


  2. David vance says:

    Yes – we need eco-warriors, economists and aromatherapists, possibly with a brigade of social workers and equality commanders, to defeat the Taliban. Thank god for men like Alexander and a media which continually asks the hard questions…. 


  3. Martin says:

    How about sending them some of our finest leftie feminists?

    Yasmin Alabi Brown
    Julie Bindel
    Clare Short
    Polly Toynbee

    They could sit down with the Taliban and explain how they totally understand Islam and want only to be treated as equals.

    I’d expect to hear the thud of severed heads within 30 seconds.


  4. Doubting Richard says:

    I would say that actually they probably need economists quite urgently, and the idea is very sound. The problem is they need economists who know what they are talking about, and since no-one actually has any of those it is a little pointless!


  5. Grant says:

    How about 1000 beeboids at their own expense ?