The misreport

Jobs could go to fund Afghan war
The defence secretary is due to detail cuts, which could see thousands of jobs go, to pay for new equipment in Afghanistan

I give you no more than the headline and the introduction (but the report is bad enough). It sounds from this as though the Government is pulling out all the stops for Afghanistan, doesn’t it? It sounds as if they have the priorities right and a spirit of sacrifice? In fact, the Government is cutting the Defence budget in a time of war (helllllloooooo?), because they will not cut elsewhere, because they have proved incompetent in managing any kind of budget for anything whatsoever. The idea that there is a positive side to this (ie. winning in Afghanistan) is just pure silage of Brownstuff, tying in with the Prime Mentalist’s ‘gallant visit’ so nicely promo’d by the BBC the other day. And the deeper truth is that Defence is one of the few targets the Mentalist’s “moral compass” will consider for cuts while he ringfences or even cushions HealthnEducayshunnBenefits to assist his election chances. The man is sick, obviously, but the BBC laps such putridity right up.

It is difficult to find a healthy approach to defence in the UK, but at least this report is closer to the truth.

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4 Responses to The misreport

  1. Martin says:

    Just heard Bill Turnbull interview some Labour droid on BBC breakfast. Labour droid commented that closing an RAF base was GOOD NEWS. Turnbull of course lapped that right up. Why is it that if it had been a school or hospital closed by a tory Mr Turnbull would have been foaming at the mouth?


  2. Martin says:

    Wow, Bill Turnbull gave Quentin Davies an easy ride on the BBC, Eamon Holmes asks him about his expenses.


  3. Grant says:

    I still can’t stop laughing at the photo of Gordon the Moron in his helmet and flak jacket in Afghanistan. Our brave PM hero doesn’t realise what a total buffoon he is.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Come on people!…all we need do is send the Taliban a picture of Bob Ainsworth with his ludicrous syrup straight from the neck of John Bolton and they`ll flee! They thought THEY were the experts in rug making!

    Well it would be funny if this Private SpongeBob actually was not sending other peoples sons to their deaths so Obama can pose at Arlington!
    Ainsworth-a flatfoot note in history…don`t mark his cap in anything other than a light pencil …he`ll not be trubling the historians for too long!