I initially missed the 7.32am item on Today this morning but it concerns the demise of the Celtic Tiger and the response of the Irish Government. In fairness to the Irish Government they have tried to grasp the nettle of the ballooning costs of the State sector, unlike our delusional Brown and Darling. Naturally the BBC are very alarmed at the prospect of a shrunken State sector and so, as one B-BBC reader observes

“The entire thrust of the programme was to warn this country that cut backs in the public sector will inevitably cause crime and social injustice. At one point he actually asked a group of homeless, drug addicted teens, “Do you think you could turn to crime?

The BBC is setting up the future agenda. When Cameron comes to power and once cuts are instigated in the public sector, the BBC will wail and beat their chests at the sheer awfulness of it all. They are simply using Ireland as a dry run.
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  1. Gosh says:

    It will be awful, and there will be more crime. Only yesterday we heard how cases for social workers for children on the at risk register have jumped in NI, this year.  We have a dead child in our midst, in awful and sick psychological circumstances, if there are no resources poured into areas like social work, and cuts are devistating, we could end up with a lot more.   Unfortunately that is the reality of it.


    • 1327 says:

      It will be awful alright. Imagine a country with no community play organisers and no council waste snoopers ! God help us how will we cope ?


  2. NotaSheep says:

    I heard that Today programme article this morning and it was just an extended warning against following the Irish example and cutting public spending and services because of the social unrest this might foment. Cue lots of concerned leftists and the disadvantaged alluding to trouble brewing and bemoaning the discrimination that methadone addicts face. No mention was made that Ireland and indeed the UK have been living above their means for years and the money (or rather the finance) has run out. Surely the argument that we cannot continue to overspend forever should at least have been made; but no, this is the BBC where public spending is sacrosanct and you can keep raising taxes on the middle classes by calling it txing the rich knowing that most will not leave the country.