Interesting to reflect on the news the BBC reports that Gordon Brown is to provide extra equipment for our Armed Forces in Afghanistan to the tune of £150m (over 10 years, natch). This £150m is not new money, however, and must be found from the existing MOD budget. Last week, the BBC reported Brown committing an extra £300m to a Climate Change Fund for chirpy third world kleptocracies and since there was no mention then of cuts elsewhere, we can assume this was “new money” he found. So, you might then ask yourself why it is that not one intrepid BBC journalist wondered aloud why an extra £300m can be conjured up on the one hand for Copenhagen cultists but £150m for our military must be financed by cuts elsewhere? Is there no BBC curiousity left these days? Can’t the State broadcaster ask difficult questions of this government, and if not, why not?

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  1. Grant says:

    A rhetorical question, David, but let’s see if any lefties post here to try and defend the BBC’s disgusting, biased behaviour !


  2. fred bloggs says:

    Broon makes his commons statement yesterday, knowing their is a damming ONS report to be published TODAY.  How convienient!


  3. Guest says:

    There’s none so blind…

    Now, funny thing about Nelson and ‘I see no ships!’?


  4. NotaSheep says:

    Because the BBC is institutionally biased towards the Labour party?


  5. Martin says:

    Actually it was the reporting of these public sector jobs ‘cuts’ that I found interesting. The BBC is spinning this as NO cuts. The BBC failed ot pick up on the Scottish jobs being saved over the pointless aircraft carriers whilst TORY jobs will go at Cottesmore (Rutland Ken Clarke MP).

    Of course this is just another example of the hate that the one eyed mong has for the forces.

    I heard Labour MP Quentin Davies (he of the bell tower) getting an east time across the BBC today over this.

    So according to Davies the rAF operates 4 types of combat aircraft at the moment (Harrier, TornadoX2 and Typhoon) and this is too many.

    Well the Harrier has to stay in service otherwise what is the point of the current Navy carriers? The JSF is still years off.

    The Tornado ADV is just about finished anyway and the GR4 is reaching the end of it’s life (it’s been in service longer than the Harrier GR5/7/9)

    Neither the Tornado or Typhoon is an aircraft that can be deployed rapidly to back up troops and both require a large fixed runways to operate from.

    Why isn’t the BBC asking WHY the extra helicopers were not purchased years ago when they knew the Afghanistan war was ramping up? Why? Becuase the one eyed mong refused to spend the money.


  6. dave s says:

    I know it would cause an almighty fuss but we could just abolish the RAF. Give the helicopters, Harriers and transport planes to the army and dump the Eurofighter. If we must have such a plane for home defence let the Navy operate a few F16 or the new F35 or similiar from Yeovilton. Our whole defence policy needs a serious overhaul.Think of the savings at the MOD with no air force to administer.
    Somtimes I wonder what the MOD is really for.


    • George R says:

      Yes, while Labour cuts Defence, it increases mass immigration from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Somalia and Nigeria, as well as giving the governments of such countries extra British taxpayers’ money labelled ‘climate’:

      Multiculturalism writ large by Labour; no concern at BBC:


    • Martin says:

      The aircraft carriers are the waste of money. You can’t operate them without airborne early warning and they don’t have carrier based aircraft capable of doing that. During the Falklands they rigged up Sea Kings to carry a basic radar to provide some early warning but we lost several ships to sentry duty because of the lack of a look down radar.

      These two carriers would be sitting ducks for anything like a surface skimming missile, so we wouldn’t be able to operate them without either land based AWACS cover (in which case why would you need the carriers?) or US cover.

      These two carriers and the aircraft to put on them will cost billions each. Totally pointless.


      • dave s says:

        You forgot the jobs created in building them. That is the whole point. Never mind if they are any use. Labour voters must be kept happy.
        BTW I wonder if the new Daring class destroyer will ever get it’s missiles. A navy man I know told me on Saturday that there is a big hole where they should go! When I asked him why it did not have the Aegis or Arrow system he just laughed and said
        “What with our MOD”
        You are quite right about the carriers. He said much the same thing.


  7. thespecialone says:

    I did wonder where the extra money to save the planet was going to come from.  Maybe Gordon has lent it from Al Gore or one of the other now mega-rich shysters. 


    • Martin says:

      Would that be Al Bore the science expert who tells us that the Earths core it hotter than the Sun and that there is no snow left at the north pole?