Poor old Bishop Venner – he has come running to the BBC to say that he is sorry if anyone has taken offence at his suggestion that the Taliban could be admired. Using the normal political formulation for something that looks like an apology but actually isn’t, he digs the hole deeper by adding…

” It was one small phrase in quite a long interview, and a phrase that simply said you cannot describe everybody under one heading as Taliban as being equally black, equally evil,” he said. “These are human beings and there are some amongst them who could – we don’t know – who could perhaps be people with whom at the end of the day we could do business. “

Moral equivocation is very much at the heart of the BBC agenda and so it must be a dream for them that this clerical clown comes out and praises Jihadists for their devotion to Islam.
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14 Responses to BISHOP VENNER

  1. George R says:

    Yes, Bishop Venner’s pro-Islamic jihad Taliban remarks fit politically with BBC Lyse Doucet’s remarks of 2008:


  2. cassandra king says:

    Humanity? huuuh? Am I hearing it correctly or have I gone mad!
    Lets examine the humanity of the taliban shall we?
    Beheadings, hacking a human beings head off with a knife, is that showing humanity?
    Stoning women to death, denying them education, buying and selling them as children to a life of slavery with the threat of death ever present if they step out of line, is that showing humanity?
    Suicide bomb mass murder, is that showing humanity?
    The only devotion the taliban have is the love of death and evil, they are as close to pure black evil as its possible to get.
    I would like this Venner to sample the delights of taliban humanity, perhaps then he woudnt be so quick to admire people who happily burn teachers alive and stone women to death as entertainment, its always easy for a snivveling coward to pontificate from miles behind the combat zone.


  3. George R says:

    New BBC report:

    “Armed forces bishop says sorry for praising Taliban”

    Will BBC’s Lyse Doucet now do the same? (se 12:42 pm above.)


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Come on “you guys”…let`s chill!
    Look…we are where we are..and God (being a gas) isn`t going to worry too much about what Bishop Brennan says. A Woodbine Willie without the ciggies-or indeed the willie come to think of it!
    If old Venner is the Armys “bishop of choice” then old Rowan has got problems other then the fact that he was recently cold shouldered by the vol au vonts.These NuLabor lavender sachets of ministers can be so hurtful can`t they?
    The wonder isn`t that he is already slurping Taliban sandals-but that it took him so long(12 hours?) before doing so! Must have missed the early morning camel!

    Where are the old time prophets like-well Robert Runcie?
    That he is now a fiery prophet in comparison to the current crop of gummy bears says much about why the Taliban will win this battle without too much bother.

    No doubt Venner is blessing the white flags even as we speak!


  5. Philip says:

    Taliban education policies – and I’m talking specifically here about their intensive programme of school refurbishment – particularly girls’ schools – is something we should also admire them for..


  6. JohnW says:

    Oh….remarks taken out of context were they? I think I just heard the Global Warming conspirators saying something similar.

    What is it about these snivelling hand-wringing lefties that make them incapable of honesty and calling it like it is?


  7. John Horne Tooke says:

    “”Release International can confirm the death of an 11-year-old boy in the Taliban attack against Christians in Karachi last week. Irfan Masih was shot during an attack by Taliban militia against the minority Christian community in Taiser Town, Karachi. He died later in hospital.

    Three nights beforehand Taliban militants chalked threats on the church and Christian homes in the town warning Christian residents to convert to Islam. The population of Taiser Town is overwhelmingly Muslim.”

    I wonder how he would chose the “nice” ones to talk to.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Cue Sir Hugh Orde and his kind to help resurrect last year’s BBC Narrative that Afghanistan should be solved like Northern Ireland.  Surely there are some decent Taliban willing to talk things out, right?


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I just read Robert Pigott’s “Analysis” inset.  He reveals exactly the bias people here are complaining about.  Venner “misread the national mood”?  It’s not that he was wrong, says Pigott, but that he said what he said at the wrong time.  In other words, Pigott agrees with him, and thinks that the public is just in a bad mood because they’re unhappy about troop casualties.  Oh, and let’s make sure to tamp down that latent racism in Britons and remind them that “Britsh Muslim groups insist” that the Taliban aren’t proper Muslims.

    Pigott isn’t analysing, he’s dealing out talking points, even going so far as to repeat Venner’s defensive remarks.


  10. Enzo says:

    now they are trying to fake documents to implicate iran trying to make weapons of mass destruction….


    Source: ‘Alarming’ secret document details Iran’s nuclear goals

    What more can the New Labour criminals do to bankrupt this country literally and morally?


  11. Enzo says:

    No, it is NOT about, ‘point of YOUR DELUSIONAL view’,
    but about Bothering to Study what REALLY IS going on
    In All The REAL World…
    Into UNRECOGNISABLE Grim Horror Stories
    …but UN-twisting,
    the LIES written in For Causing, EYE SHUTTING FEAR...


    • Boris Godunoff says:

      Keep rambling on with garbage – looks as if another inmate was released too early.


  12. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    Surely fanaticism is what marks most evil ideologies and causes, rather than being a sign of virtue?

    Would one praise the red guards for their devotion and commitment to Chairman Mao or the SS for their loyalty to Hitler? Surely the Taliban’s fanaticism comes under the same category.


  13. Grant says:

    John Horn Tooke 19:56

    ” You have taken that attack by muslims on christians totally out of context “.

    Bishop Venner