Question Time 10th December

In what appears to be a blatant bit of ratings tourism, Question Time tomorrow comes from Wootton Bassett and is set up to be completely devoted to the war in Afghanistan. The panel will consist of former head of the British Army General Sir Richard Dannatt, Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, and former News of the Screws editor Piers “Moron” Morgan (as Private Eye styles him). Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell will be on, presumably to shield Bob Ainsworthless from the public, as will Salma Yaqoob, the leader of Respect.

George Galloway has already got his ha’pennyworth in the much ignored Swindon Advertiser saying that the panel is biased in favour of the war, and the local mayor is boycotting it because he wants to talk about something, indeed anything, else.

As usual, Biased-BBC will be hosting a live-chat on this blog to follow the discussion – chaired by our very own no-nonsense David Vance and with All Seeing Eye helping proceedings through to the end of This Week. For those playing QT Buzzword Bingo this week, we’ll be playing by the Pre-Election Rules where Thatcher‘s are wildcards and G20 scores double points. Good luck and see you here at 10:30pm!

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14 Responses to Question Time 10th December

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree

    Moron and the Paedophile Worshipper Salma will be no match in brains or debating ability for pro-war panellists


  2. John Horne Tooke says:

    Salma Yaqoob “She was born in Bradford but grew up in Birmingham.” So she is not an Afghani – so why her? Is she representing the Taliban?

    Whats wrong with Malalai Joya? Granted she is against NATO in Afghanistan, but then again she against everyone who meddles there, but at least it would be a voice of some Afghanis.


  3. John Horne Tooke says:

    Funny how the far left “scrutinise” the panel on this issue but not on any other. It didn’t seem to worry them in September 2001.


  4. Bob says:

    I’d like to know who else you want – because there are already two anti-war commentators (even if one is moron), two are the labour and tory seats, the other is a former army chief – were the army chief anti-war you would have three non-politicians against the two politicians, which could arguably be worse – the only way to balance it would be to add a sixth seat for the lib dems

    Ratings tourism yes, but I doubt the whole episode will be on Afghanistan, there’s really only one question to ask, probably be the first twenty minutes

    and the audience are always asked those questions, getting bored of that coming out every time someone tries to stir a controversy


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    “..I’d like to know who else you want”

    Who are those comments for?  It is Galloway who is critising the panel as far as I can see. My only quip is that there should be someone from Afghanistan at least.


    • Bob says:

      my apologies, it wasn’t aimed at you, nothing wrong with wanting an Afghani – it was a general response to the post’s leaning that it was pro-war


  6. dave s says:

    It is wrong to hold this circus in Wootton Bassett. To do so cheapens and degrades what the real people of England , not goverments or media whores , are trying to do to show what our returning dead young men mean to them.
    A good friend of mine, who lives closeby, has been attending since the start. He says you have to be there to understand. It is not for politicians or fools like Dimbleby.
    The BBC should be ashamed of itself


  7. Enzo says:

    proof that QT is rigged
    proof the al beeba broadcasting corp is biased
    proof that it needs to be shut down


  8. ryan says:

    Sixth panelist today to ensure QT is sufficiently bias. We can only hope that the good people of Wotton Bassett support our troops, their heroic actions and the decision to fight back against the terrorists and those who harbour them.


  9. Enzo says:

    Off topic but….…nborn-son.html

    Couple flee Britain amid fears social services will ‘kidnap’ their unborn son
    A couple who claim social services “kidnapped” their baby daughter for adoption are due to flee Britain today to prevent their unborn child being taken into care.

    The couple with with one of their baby’s first toys Photo: DANIEL JONES
    The pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, intend to travel to Spain because they fear social workers will try to adopt their son, who is due in February.
    Their daughter was taken into care in October last year when she was nine weeks old after Suffolk County Council raised concerns that they were unfit to bring her up.


    • Bob says:

      off topic but…

      had they been left with the child and it became another baby P or what-not it would be ‘where were social services’, ‘incompetence’ etc


    • Umbongo says:

      Interesting – but what’s it got to do with BBC bias?


  10. cjhartnett says:

    Question Time?…as I said last week the only question is why on earth is it still on? Completely irrelevant and fatuous. Presumably it acts as a lightning conductor for us to rage impotently whilst the State sordid bandwagon runs on empty whilst we moan at a Dimbleby!
    When did it die?…Grayson Perry? the fifth panellist when introduced?…not worth the research so I`ll not go further!
    Still  it gives Opinionated Beyond your Education a chance to see some of the worst of contributors to bBBC-hope you`ll give them no excuses to quote you tonight!


  11. Hurf Durf says:

    Good to see the Socialist Workers Party clowns get butthurt and eat their own.