Question Time 3rd December

Question Time is once again upon us and today it comes from London. The gurning faces behind the table this week are ex-Foreign Secretary (no laughing at the back) Margaret Beckett, the Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, BBC favourite and all round flip-flopper St Vince of Cable, Clive Anderson and Kirstie Allsopp.

TheEye will be humbly assisting David Vance in the live-chat which accompanies Question Time starting here at 10:30pm and carrying on until either This Week finishes or the alcohol runs out. As usual, B-BBC Buzzword Bingo will be played, and recent weeks have shown that players with “blame Thatcher” on their cards have been winning quickly. Good luck this week, contestants! All welcome…see you here later.

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7 Responses to Question Time 3rd December

  1. smallheathen says:

    My nominations for Word Bingo are “Toff” and “Eton”


  2. Llew says:

    “Cast Iron”, “got everything wrong” and “Spain attended G20 meeting” perhaps?


  3. Guest says:

    Lo, Saint Vince! (for it is he!)! We should all be greatly humbled when in His prescence, O Prophet of Mansion-Tax!


  4. thespecialone says:

    I wonder if ‘climate change/global warming’ will come up?  Not dont the politicians will all nod in agreement that despite CRU, MMGW is a fact.  Morons.  I hope Anderson and Allsop have the guts to say the science isnt settled.


  5. David Mosque says:

    I am aiming to be there. I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere in Scotland, but nothing, nothing would prevent me from watching and commenting on St Vincent of Cable, for he is our redeemer.


  6. james caine says:

    I’m betting on the words “peer-reviewed”.


  7. cjhartnett says:

    The only question that this hopeless smugfest “Question Time”needs to answer is why the hell it is still on?
    Well done all of you who stay up to watch it…with Grayson Parry,Marcus Brigstocke and Kirstie Allsopp we are getting the mick taken out of us.Maybe the Beeb hopes that an EU lime green nazi party will be welcomed if the alternative is to be Theresa May or Margaret Beckett for example. Rohypnol of the soul