I am sure you may have seen this “Tory Muslim Peer pelted with eggs” story. A B-BBC reader points out….

You have to get to the 3rd para before you realise she’s been pelted with eggs by fellow Muslims. It could have been the BNP or EDL or even those equally fascist Zionist Jews. But no… So why not,”Muslim protesters pelt tory peer Warsi with eggs” as a headline?

I suggest that the reason is simple – the dhimmified BBC wants to play down the rampant intolerance of a significant section of Muslims living in Britain.

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  1. Lloyd says:

    If the perpertrators had been the BNP the headline would have included the words “BNP” “Attack” “Muslim”. Besides, the report makes clear it was’nt these sorry excuses for men who threw the eggs, so it must have been somebody else – maybe it WAS the BNP! 
    I know she is a conservative but I don’t quite understand why the word “tory” needs to appear in the headline?


  2. George R says:

    Yes, the BBC’s predictably dhimmi headlines serve the BBC’s political purpose of shielding Islam.

    Unlike the BBC, the headlines in these newspapers make clear that it is MUSLIMS who are the perpetrators:

    1.) “Baroness Warsi pelted with eggs by Muslims”  (‘Times’)

    2.) “Muslim protesters pelt Tory peer Baroness Warsi with eggs during walkabout in Luton”

    3.) “Warsi egged by Muslim protesters” (‘Yorkshire Evening Post’)


  3. deegee says:

    I thought the BBC was in two minds about this story.
    Tory pelted with eggs = GOOD 🙂
    Muslim pelted with eggs = BAD 🙁

    The issue is not that Warsi was attacked by hooligans who happened to be Muslims. The point is that she was attacked because they were Muslims who didn’t approve of her type of Islam.

    We see she doesn’t hide her hair in a towel (BTW aren’t raw eggs supposed to be a recommended shampoo?); that she won’t stand up (publicly, at least) for replacing Common Law with Sharia Law and doesn’t take the submissive posture Muslim women are supposed to “Who do you think you are?”.

    Actually I would like to know who does she think she is? When asked, possibly in a less tense and frightening situation, who do you represent what would she answer?


    • Marky says:

      “Baroness Warsi told the BBC that the men were “idiots who did not represent the majority of British Muslims”.”

      Do we have any idea what the majority of British Muslim men think about westernised career Muslim women who don’t know their place? Had this been BNP thugs throwing eggs, I wonder would she have said that they were idiots who did not represent the majority of British National Party members?


  4. Millie Tant says:

    Usually the BBC goes to great lengths to avoid using the M word in headlines and reports. Strange, then, that they have put it in this headline.

    Oh, I see now: they use it when the victim is a M. But in the very same headline, they omit it when the perpetrators are M.
    That must be the rule in the BBC handbook.


  5. Martin says:

    I just heard Simon (Communist) Mayo going on about hung Parliaments again with that great man of the people (NOT) Lord Steel.

    There will be no hung Parliament, the Tories will get a working majority, the BBC need to wake up, the BBC will be finished off by the Tories once and for all.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Martin – I agree with you quite often – but your expectations from the Tories will not be met. Cameron will fall in line behind the beeb just like his mentor Tony Blair.


  6. Martin says:

    Yet more beeboid crap on the 6PM news. Adam Brooks claiming that Barry Obama attends the repatriation of the dead from Afghanistan and that HE now allows the coffins to be photographed (unlike that nasty Boosh bloke)

    Funny that FOX NEWS pointed out that the media won’t print those photographs or even attend the repatriations themselves and that Barry has only done it once.

    Oh and even worse is the BBC wanking on about yet more climate change nonsense.

    When interviewing some moronic so called climate scientist talking yet more bollocks about sea levels, what the camp male beeboid SHOULD HAVE ASKED is the following.

    1. Why should we believe you when you’ve been caught out fiddling the data and in fact of telling clear lies?

    2. Will you publish ALL your data for these claims and allow it to be independently verified (as REAL science does)

    Of course the camp male beeboid only had ONE interest, The scientists bottom, he wanted to get up it.

    Then just now on the 6PM news we had David Shitman spouting even more crap about how “we” the proles think man made climate change is a load of bollocks. That’s because it is Shitman you thick camp beeboid.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Baroness Warsi seems to be holding the same offical line as the BBC:  that fundamentalist and radical Mohammadens aren’t the proper ones, and don’t represent the vast majority of Muslims in Britain, who are supposedly moderate or whatever.  She has said the same thing in the past.

    This would be a perfect opportunity for the BBC to engage in some real Social Cohesion business and encourage all these so-called moderate Muslims to support Warsi and speak out against these Sharia-demanding fundamentalists.  Will they do it?  Or will they simply move on and not use her to promote Social Cohesion because she’s a Tory?


  8. Martin says:

    Looks like Italy is next on the list to hold a referendum on the non religion of peace lot.  Good for them.

    Anyone else find it interesting that Gary McKinnon is about to be extradited to the USA for his alleged “crimes of terrorism” and our corrupt left wing losers seem very willing to let him go, yet that bushy bearded hook handed towel head twat Hamza is STILL in our prison and the Government has been fighting HIS extradition to the USA. Why might that me?

    Hmm. McKinnon white English male (probably a Tory voter)

    Hamza vile Muslim scumbag (Liebour voter along with the other 4 million idiots)


  9. Enzo says:

    scumbags the lot of them. this country is finished. today the EU became our new overlords too. great. whats the point in our elections anymore – labour, tory, lib dems , who cares?? its the eurocrats who rule us now. they are no doubt working on a way to bring the pound down even more so that we are forced to join the euro – the one evil european comitment we have avoided thus far.


  10. Bob says:

    This is just silly – they say it’s by muslims, but it’s still not good enough for you, even when it’s patently obvious in the second paragraph, all because it’s not in the headline, which as we know has to be under 33 characters


    • Martin says:

      Stop taking Coke Bob, the BBC should have had MUSLIM in the headline, the whole story is about the views of Islam.


    • deegee says:

      Research has constantly shown that many readers skim and read only the headline. Others read the headline and the first paragraph. The further you go in an article more and more readers drop out. This is why it is so important headlines are give the synopsis of a story and are not modified or even contradicted by the text. Journalism 101.  
      Baroness Warsi was taking part in a walkabout in the predominantly Muslim Bury Park area of Luton when she was confronted by a group of protesters. It is not patently obvious that the protesters were Muslim. In an area predominantly of one ethnic group the protesters could have been from the minority ethnic group living next to the dominant group or even ‘outside agitators’.  
      The BBC’s commitment to accuracy is a core editorial value and fundamental to our reputation. Our output must be well sourced, based on sound evidence, thoroughly tested and presented in clear, precise language. We should be honest and open about what we don’t know and avoid unfounded speculation. If we, the listener/reader, have to speculate then the output is hardly clear and precise as specified in the BBC Guidelines.  
      Sloppy writing by itself is not an idicator of bias (although within the remit of B-BBC) unless, as in this case, the impreciseness can be confidently predicted to work in favour of one side.


  11. Enzo says:

    bob – typical leftie pro-islamic response. forget the issue of the headline, the problem here is that the bbc are trying to portray this as a typical egg pelting. as if it could have been yobs chukcing the eggs. well it wasnt – it was islamist scum. the same types who shouted at our soldiers. the same types who no doubt hate what this country stands for.


    • Bob says:

      a typical egg thorwing where they said she ‘wasn’t a proper muslim’ by those who ‘bring muslims into disrepute’

      this isn’t pro-islam, it’s not-anti-islam, I shouldn’t really need to point out that calling a religious group scum would itself be biased


      • Enzo says:

        so if we shouldnt call people who heckle our soldiers scum, what should we call them? what about people who praise the bombers that kill our soldiers? who preach jihad? scum seems an appropriate word to me, feel free to suggest others though.


        • Bob says:

          well firstly, it would be highly unprofessional regardless

          secondly – how do you know who these people are? You don’t know that they preach jihad, you don’t know they are the same people who praise bombers, they certainly could be, but it’s an assumption and a sweeping generalisation about a religious group


          • deegee says:

            How do you know who these people are? Exactly! The BBC should have told us in the headline and first paragraph.


  12. Enzo says:

    no you’re right, maybe they were just going about their daily lives reading chaucer, watching last of the summer wine, discussing how great democracy is, baking a cake – that sort of thing – when, out of nowhere, some ghastly tory peer shows up and they thought, ‘you know what? i’m gonna pelt that cow with eggs’. no reason, no motive. couldve been anyone who threw eggs at her. just like it could have been anyone who strapped bombs to their chest and blew themselves up on a train – oh no wait, it was muslims with a bushy beard and a little white cap.


  13. wally says:

    One of the protesters interviewed by the BBC was a radical Muslim according to the undhimmi website:


    “One of the protesters against Baroness Warsi, Saiful Islam [Anjem Choudary-supporting troublemaker and al-Muhajiroun member – don’t the BBC know this? -Ed.], told the BBC they were “against everything she stands for”.

    He said: “She is not a practising Muslim. Clearly by looking at her she does not represent Muslims.”

    He said he and his fellow protesters did not throw the eggs at her.”


    When asked if she is a Muslim or a British citizen first, she answers, in almost exactly the same form of words as Salid Malik dealing with the same question, that she puts the interests of the people of this country first. This is a clasic bit of ambiguity – playing to two different audiences – since to a devout Muslim our best interests would be served by our all banging our heads in the direction of Mecca – or at least living under the rule of people ho do so. Traditionally and doctrinally Muslims have never been too fussy about the means of achieving such an end.

    According to Private Eye, while a redoubtable supporter of human rights at Westminster, when speaking Urdu to audiences up north, hellfire is too good those sodomists.


  14. magiclantern1 says:

    On another (but probaby relayed) matter, hasd anyone else noticed the stinking BBC’s current penchant for holocuast jokes?

    I try avoid what passes as “comedy” on the bbc as far as possible but in the last 3 weeks I have heard 3 “jokes”. One was about Anne Frank father buying her a drum set (I think for Christmas, just to put another dagger into the corpse og a little girl). The other, by that incredibly unfunny fat, screaminng women (who now has her own tv show???!!), and ther last one about something being as rare “as Hitler in Berlin in 1944 trying to get a bagel” (geddit? you see there were no bagel shops cos the joos were getting industrially murdered??!!! Hilarious!!!!!!) And then the effing bitch comments – “You can laugh, I’ve had that one passed!” (You see, its the joos who control the media so we need permission…).

    Not being Jewish I don’t know how Jews would react. but if I were them I would take a leaf out of the islamist book and thereaten to blow the xxxxs up.

    PS Didn’t notice any “jokes” about slavery or islam. Hmmm, wonder why?


  15. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    Enzo – your posts here have confirmed what i did not believe possible; namely that you could out-bigot, and make others here look intelligent by comparison. congratulations big guy.


  16. George R says:

    More BBC ‘TODAY’ dhimmi indulgence of ‘Islam4UK’, and egg-throwers, and campaigners for Shariah law to be imposed on British people.

    Hardly a Webb interruption even.

    “Politicians dictate to Muslims”       (!)

    There is no BBC counterview such as the following, allowed by BBC ‘Today’ this morning:

    Allison Pearson  –

    (Scroll down to):

    “Courage to confront bigots who hate Britain”  *

    ( * Courage, of which the BBC seems to have none.)


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So Justin Webb on Today talks to one of those fundamentalist Mohammedans who confronted Baroness Warsi the other day.  Ol’ Justin give the guy free reign to explain how it was merely about how Warsi doesn’t represent proper Islam and Sharia, and shouldn’t be telling Muslim women or any Muslim how to be a good British Muslim.

    Webb does bravely ask if it was okay for Muslims to disagree on how to live their lives, but it was very gentle, and he certainly didn’t want to push the issue at all. 

    Unfortunately, the BBC bias reared its ugly head when Webb asked how much the war in Afghanistan had prompted the confrontation.  This is completely irrelevant, of course, because the incident with the egg-throwing and shouting – not to mention the guest’s entire point – was about fighting against the liberalization and integration of Mohammedans in the UK.

    But Ol’ Justin and his Beeboid producers don’t want to go there.  No, they want to use any opportunity to find outside influences causing any negative behavior from Muslims.  The BBC wants you to think that Warsi’s support for the troops is an important factor here.  Complete and utter nonsense.  Beeboid blindness and bias always makes them try to shift blame away from Muslims for everything.

    So where was Baroness Warsi, or anyone from her group who was there the other day?  Any other point of view on offer, other than Webb pointing out that yelling and throwing eggs didn’t make the fundamentalist Muslims look to good?  He’ll probably get heat from the PC police over his use of the term “thuggish”.

    But still, as I said before, this would be the perfect opportunity for the BBC to play up some of those moderat Muslims they keep telling you are the majority in and future of Britain.  Due to their bias, that won’t occur to them so they instead run to get one of the fundamentalists on air so they can explain themselves, thoughtfully aided by Justin Webb.