It’s my view that the BBC most naturally aligns with the Lib-Dem’s political axis these days. So when Nick Clegg pops up Today to announce his Party’s “radical” tax reform, he is given an easy ride. I listened to the interview with Naughtie and there were a few gems in it. Clegg got to claim that “if we are to defeat climate change” without any comeback. He also was allowed to waffle on about the ludicrous “Mansion Tax” – with Naughtie helpfully echoing this piece of class war verbiage – without any serious economic analysis being brought to bear – other than that Saint Vince had evidently got this wrong first time round. Clegg was also able to attack the Conservatives by contorting their plans and all without interruption from Naughtie. I believe the BBC relates to the pathetic wealth de-distribution envy that drives the Lib-Dems and perhaps that is why Clegg and Cable get such an easy ride. Thoughts?

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  1. Atheist Ranter says:

    It’s so very sad.  Sad that the BBC can not be trusted to give a fair representation of just about anything.  Climate change is the big one, they are brain washing our children with a one sided and mainly incorrect political slant towards carbon taxation.  They should be prosecuted.


  2. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    But Tory spokesmen get an easy ride too, isn’t that bias also….? Could it be that rather than bias, there are a lot of BBC journalists who are rather hopeless at thinking for themselves and take everything at face value?


  3. Martin says:

    More crap from the BBC tonight.

    “…It has been blamed for concreting over the countryside, and running up endless air miles importing food and trucking it the length and breadth of Britain, but is Tesco now leading the business fightback against man-made global warming?…”

    Firstly beeboids there is NO evidence that man made climate change is real, can’t you lot get that through your Cocaine riddled brains?

    First the beeboids had Barry O saving the world, now Tesco.

    Pathetic crap. Is there some back Coke doing the rounds at the BBC?


  4. Bob says:


    and they really loved that failed first attempt at the mansion tax


  5. Martin says:

    Good point about the Limp Dems, the beeboids keep bigging them up in the hope that they might hold the balance of power at the next election and do a deal with McLiebour.

    That won’t happen, even a total idiot like Cameron is going to beat McTwat and the BBC will be toast.

    Oh and notice how Barry’s plan to offer the hand of friendship to Iran isn’t working? So much for Barry’s groveling.


  6. Katabasis says:

    You might enjoy my accounting of a recent encounter I had with Clegg and Paddy here