Sexy Danish Model Photos

Hat tip to Deegee in the comments for drawing attention to the BBC slide show about an “Oxfam exhibition of photographs taken in Peru by model Helena Christensen to document climate change”.

Yesterday I noted that the BBC’s World Have Your Say blog was expressing despair over its failure to inspire interest in the topic of climate change. The WHYS team might consider that one reason so many people are turned off by the BBC’s approach to this subject is its readiness to promote the vacuous bullshit observations of hypocritical flyby celebrity eco-activists.

The Christensen photos highlighted by the BBC are mediocre at best (which is particularly disappointing given the huge potential of the subject matter) and furthermore, as Deegee points out, the captions seem to contradict the pictures. One reads, “These mountains were covered with snow years ago and they’re not anymore [sic]”, and yet we see snow-covered mountains in shot. Another says, “Obviously, the waterfalls are less frequent and the rivers are drying out because of the disappearing glaciers”, but there in front of us is an impressive looking river.

The caption for the final picture quotes Christensen as saying:

“The most important thing is to stop the huge emissions of carbon dioxide into the world.”

Well, that’s pretty rich to say the least. Last month she told the Times that she “divides her time between Copenhagen and New York, but has a soft spot for Essex” because her agent’s charming home is there:

The house is near Stansted airport, which is extremely convenient — you step off the flight and feel you can almost touch the house — but thankfully you can’t hear the planes because the landing strip goes the opposite way.

With those convenient carbon-spewing planes out of earshot it’s so much easier to keep the plight of those poor Peruvians out of mind.

(Follow the Times link for Helena’s amusing tale about a swimming rodent she once saw. The long winter evenings must just fly by.)

The message is clear – if your charity tin says “climate change” and has a picture of a celebrity on it, the BBC will help with your PR without a second thought.

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7 Responses to Sexy Danish Model Photos

  1. Martin says:

    Ah but it’s OK for liberals to pollute, THEIR pollution is in the name of saving the planet. It’s the unwashed scum and their £49 Easyjet flights they want stopped.

    They want you to walk or use some clapped out bus but THEY have to have that Rolls Royce take them to their place of work THEY are important people you know.


  2. John Anderson says:

    There are more and more stories in major media asking “Whatever happened to global warming”.

    Here’s a new one today at Der Spiegel :

    The wheels are coming off the climate nuts’ wagon.


    Last time I flew over the Peruvian Andes there was loads of snow.  But what do I know about climate change,  I don’t have a degree in English like Roger Parrotin’.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC is now actively suppressing the truth and promoting junk science.  Al Gore has now admitted that carbon dioxide isn’t the main cause of “Global Warming”.  In fact, all this carbon footprint reduction authoritarianism will – even if we accept for the sake of argument that AGW is somehow real – have far less of an effect on it than advertised by Warmists and their nunzi at the BBC.

    So by giving the oxygen of publicity to this nonsense about “Climate Change” affecting some dark-skinned people living below the industrial line (so to speak), the BBC is very nearly engaging in criminal negligence.


  4. John Horne Tooke says:

    Has Harribin ever mentioned Miskolczi`s Greenhouse Law? I doubt it.

    Ferenc Miskolczi is an atmospheric physicist specializing in atmospheric radiative transfer. As a senior principal scientist he worked on several NASA projects related to atmospheric remote sensing problems and the evaluation of the Earth’s radiation budget. In 2005 he resigned from the AS&M Inc. (a NASA contractor). His recent interests are in quantitative radiative transfer problems of the planetary greenhouse effect.

    To see the importance of Miskolczi`s New Greenhouse Law see here:

    This is very important peer reviewed research on the “greenhouse effect” – yet the BBC have never mentioned it. Yet they are happy to
    listen to celebraties or dishonest politicians.


  5. Martin says:

    We should have a politician emission control policy


  6. Guest says:

    I am pretty sure some folk around the world could live with a little less BBC-supported ‘awareness’ from various concerts, art projects and polar bear ads, and a little more DOING to ease various global problems.

    But that wouldn’t generate the necessary to fly hither and thither doing stuff that buys a Prius as a 5th car in the stable just for awards night outings.