Organic Bias

Here’s a publication we don’t hear much from on this blog – Farmers Guardian:

COUNTRYFILE, the BBC’s flagship rural programme, has been accused of a bias towards organic farming…
During the show Mr Craven interviewed a representative of the Organic Trade Board, a spokesman for leading organic brand Duchy Originals and the branding expert Marcel Knobil, who was given the task of coming up with a new marketing campaign to promote organic food scales.
However, the programme did not include any interviews with representatives from the non-organic food industry.

The chief exec of the Crop Protection Association has written to Sir Michael Lyons reminding the BBC “of its obligations to licence payers to remain impartial on all controversial issues.”

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3 Responses to Organic Bias

  1. Backwoodsman says:

    Beeboids would be more at home on planet Zog than they would in the countryside. They produce misleading , patronising and factually inacurate farming and ‘rural’ programmes.
    The normal beeboid, urban , nulab bias is all there – organics being a typical example – reponsible for 3% of our farming produce, it probably gets 50% of  the air time.
    Luckily, there are now two proper rural TV satelite channels, dealing with issues the bbc wont touch , so things are improving. 


    • Roger C says:

      Too much horse & not enough country on both of them but I agree, heaps better than the BBC.


  2. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    I suppose there is a bias towards organic food on these dreadful cooking shows on TV, but thats mostly because it’s the trendy thing to be into.

    Personally, i’m biased against organic food – tastes horrible most of the time.