Question Time today comes from Weston-super-Mare. On the panel are Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and self-promoting turncoat Shaun Woodward, the Conservative Shadow Security Minister Pauline Neville-Jones, the Liberal Democrat spokesman on communities and local government Julia Goldsworthy, the deeply unfunny commentator Will Self and the rowing champion, double Olympic gold medallist, television presenter and writer James Cracknell.

David Vance will be picking up the live-chat baton here at 10:30pm, assisted by TheEye. Hope you can make it!

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8 Responses to QUESTION TIME 12th NOVEMBER

  1. Grant says:

    Is this a new QT policy to have 2 arty-farties on the panel ?   What next ?   3 ?  Why not just have 5 and forget the politicians altogether ?

    Can anyone remember the last time anyone from business or science was on ?


  2. George R says:

    On the BBC’s ‘ENTERTAINMENT’ page (and you can’t say fairer than that:

    “David Dimbleby injured by bullock”

    And he won’t be doing  his ‘impartial’ chairing of ‘QT’ this week.


  3. Grant says:

    The bullock has been reading this website   !


  4. John Horne Tooke says:

    How is it that any “social commentator” is always a lefty.? Don’t they have any right leaning “social commentators”?


  5. Robert Soul says:

    That Will Self really is a horse’s arse. Is that the best they can do?


  6. NotaSheep says:

    Will Self I just about understand being on the panel but Ja\mes Cracknell? A great rower but…


  7. Grant says:

    Neville-Jones seems to appear quite regularly on QT and always makes a fool of herself, really out of her depth in politics. Is that why QT invites her so often, I wonder ?


  8. Niall Tullow says:

    Will Self really is an arse but he’s turning in to one of those always (and only) on the BBC types like Tim Brooke-Taylor.

    He’ll be playing Mornington Crescent next.

    How edgy…