13 Responses to GETTING IT RIGHT..

  1. Martin says:

    The BBC really are pathetic, it’s more and more obvious this guy is a Muslim fanatic hell bent on killing non Muslims, yet the BBC are in denial.


  2. NotaSheep says:

    That BBC article has been up almost since the news of the attack by the murderous Muslim Major broke.  http://notasheepmaybeagoat.blogspot.com/2009/11/fort-hood-multiple-murder-story-and-bbc.html

    The BBC knows the “truth” and they will push it until a court convicts Major Hasan; then the BBC will move into miscarriage of justice probably due to a racist jury mode.


  3. John Horne Tooke says:


  4. Bob says:

    well, they pondered that on Friday, as did we here


  5. Travis Bickle says:

    It’s all about the muslims!  The sweet little lambs of Islam!!!  The world must be turned for the muslims!!!  Save the muslims!!!!!!!


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The bias at the BBC prevents them from doing a report on how Muslims erroneously believe that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were and are specifically against Islam.  It’s simply not true, yet is the prime motivation for this latest example of the delusional nihilism of far too many of these people.

    It seems like a perfectly straightforward topic for the BBC to discuss, given that every time there is an incident like this they make sure to point out that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had “radicalized” the erstwhile peaceful Mohammedan, seeing as how they saw it as a war against Islam.

    The fact the BBC never points out this fallacy betrays their own intellectual failure on the issue.  This biases their coverage from top to bottom.


  7. Marky says:

    “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” B. B. C.


  8. Philip says:

    It’s exactly this mental illness (let’s call it pre-emptive dhimmitude) that plays into the hands of the promoters of Jihad.

    CAIR (massively powerful US Muslim lobby group and currently an un-indicted co-conspirator in a Hamas funding case) has been advising mosques to request police protection, despite the fact that there have been exactly zero retaliatory acts since Hasan’s Jihad.


    • deegee says:

      Has the feared revenge ever happened?  
      In 2006 Police fears of threat to Muslims Nope, didn’t happen.  
      Mr Memon says the vast majority of Muslim citizens in America are “able to live peaceful lives”, even though they have probably suffered some discrimination, if only a hostile look, since the 11 September 2001 attacks. 
      The psychologists would call Muslim ‘fears’ projection – a defense mechanism in which one attributes to others, one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or emotions.  


  9. Grant says:

    How many  ” muslim leaders ”  have condemned the murders ? 


  10. George R says:

     Of course, for the BBC, Obama’s denial of truth, justifies the BBC’s own denial:

    “Obama sorrow at Fort Hood service”


    As ‘Jihadwatch’ points out, opening paragraph:

    “The cognitive dissonance here is that Major Hasan and many other Muslims clearly believe that their faith does justify these ‘murderous and craven acts.’ By ruling out a priori any investigation of that fact, Obama is foreclosing on any serious analysis of what motivated this attack. That in turn will foreclose any serious analysis of what can be done to prevent there being another like it.”



  11. Teddy Bear says:

    The BBC loved to show every one of Bush’s oratory faux-pas, and many crap comedians made a good living out of it working for them. (Rhetorical) How is it they haven’t done the same for Obama’s oops?


  12. Grant says:

    I don’t recall the BBC showing any of Obama’s many gaffes, which are on Youtube.  Surely it can’t be anti-Bush pro-Obama bias ?