Fanfare cancelled

Yesterday I was rather sickened to see close-up the visage of our Prime Minister(discredited to all but Labour loyalists and those who know nothing about him ie. gullible foreigners) splayed across the BBC frontpage. Not another interminable G20 pose-fest, I thought. Not another opportunity for G. Brown to mince across our screens flaunting his moral compass. Yet it was: Gordon had yet another populist wheeze- a tax of financial transactions- to “save the world” with.

The BBC was kindly obliging him, as they have always done. They seemed to sense a chance to hype Gordon as the world’s saviour again- which bombast is the only way to cover the reality that he is the world’s biggest bust as an economic manager and political leader.

Well now the latest pose-fest seems to have squibbed, the BBC having to play backstop for the Prime Mentalist. Despite another grotesque miscalculation on the part of HMG, the BBC report covering the event now simply leads with the glossy affirmation that “G20 vows to spur fragile growth”. Gordon’s latest serial embarrassment is slipped surreptitiously in lower down as having “received a lukewarm response from other G20 countries”. This is just prior to Geitner’s statement of a “very broad consensus that growth remains the dominant policy imperative across our economies”.

Watching the C4News clip here, I almost laughed when Geitner prefaced his rebuttal of Gordon’s scheme by saying that he wanted “to show the appropriate deference to our hosts” (Gordon/UK). Interestingly, Gordon’s gesture did seem to meet a little gleeful approval from the French. And of course from the BBC, until the wind changed.

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8 Responses to Fanfare cancelled

  1. Martin says:

    Yes I was posting on this yesterday. The BBC had a headline that said that the response to Brown was “lukewarm” this is of course crap as we all saw, lukewarm means that people are not keen but not totally dismissive, but Geithner was TOTALLY dismissive.

    The BBC really is up Brown’s arse and it doesn’t smell nice.


  2. Hurf Durf says:

    The Yurpan-Socialists and Omoron like Brown , yet reject his international reforms, because they know he will destroy Britain. The contrary view among those towards David Cameron reinforces my view that the Conservatives are the best party to stand up for Britain’s interests.


  3. Name Here says:

    Lukewarm must be the understatement of the year. The Russian Finance Minister had this to say: “I am a sceptic on such taxes. Gordon Brown is known for always raising taxes”. When the Russians have him down as a communist tax-raising lunatic, you can tell he’s finished.


  4. Heads on poles says:

    Sky were showing an interview with a US attendee where the praise for Brown was so faint that he may as well give up now.
    Sky were using words like ‘ridiculed’ and ‘ignored’ – a little different from those coming from Aljabeeba.


  5. Bob says:

    UK politics – the ‘lukewarm’ story is far higher than the ‘fragile growth’ article

    as is ‘ex-defence chiefs round on Brown’


  6. James says:

    In a nutshell, Brown’s plan was (a) “save the world” by pumping public money into the banks, then (b) fund that injection by sucking money out of the banks. Perhaps we should try a smaller scale pilot scheme, paying Brown’s salary out of his own pocket?


  7. John Horne Tooke says:

    “The response ranged from massive enthusiasm from some campaigners to near rejection from at least one finance minister.”

    Now lets see who is enthusiastic:

    “Many development campaigners, groups such as Oxfam and Actionaid, have been seeking such a tax for years.”

    I thought so unelected “campaign groups” are enthusiastic – while elected politicians are not.  The BBC seem to love the unelected, the people who like them have only one purpose to bankrupt the west and make it weaker. The same people who are all climate scientists who know for sure that the world will end in 25 days.  Why does the BBC see “campaign groups” as important players when the ordinary voters views are worth nothing.?

    As Peter Taylor says:

    “..NGOS have grown from a few small back-street offices into a multi-million dollar international organisation – in the case of Greenpeace, with a fleet of ships, modern office suites, staff and pension funds…”

    The democratic deficit is truly astounding – unelectd EU commisioners, and powererful unelected political “campaign groups” now rule  and the ordinary voter in the street has no say in his destiny.


  8. John Horne Tooke says:

    And right on cue the BBC conduct another “GlobalPoll”

    “Capitalism flawed, says 1989 poll”

    But thats not what they think in the UK. The BBC once again comes up with its ant-capatalist agenda. We pay for the BBC – it is our voices that should be representented not some revolutionary living in Mexico or the Ukraine.