Hi all. Just to say I have returned from my break over in the States and am pleased to report I have not caught any BBC output for the past 10 days! Instead, I tuned in to watch the excellent Fox News for some fair and balanced news – putting all points of view. My thanks to all my fellow writers for stepping in here during my absence – I will return tomorrow when the jetlag has worn off! Thanks also to all who have emailed me during my absence, I will respond in due course.

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13 Responses to BACK!

  1. Marky says:

    Wel come back on a bad day.


  2. Bob says:

    “Instead, I tuned in to watch the excellent Fox News for some fair and balanced news – putting all points of view.”

    words cannot describe my amusement


  3. david cross says:

    conservative shadow chancellor george osbourne says he will crack down on obscene public sector pay . he will not however stop the biggest public sector payment in britain , that of jonathon ross who gets six million pounds of tax payers money per year making him the highest from the public sector . why is there no mass demonstration and public outcry about this money that ross recieves ?


  4. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    I always wondered how much of this site was ironic comedy, and when I saw the fox news comment I got my answer.

    When I was in Russia I too avoided the dreadful biased BBC and instead chose the far better balanced state media, which stripped away all the nonsense stories about violence, and economic mess, and told me how well Vladimir Putin was doing and how strong Russia was. Britain needs more media like that; all this negative stuff on the BBC (what some poor souls call ‘reality’) is dreadfully depressing.


    • Martin says:

      Haven’t you got anything useful to do tonight? like perhaps smash some McDonald’s windows in?


  5. Guest says:

    And yet, and yet, those who are free to leave cannot, for reasons best known only to them, bear to do so.


  6. Anonymous says:

    ‘ I tuned in to watch the excellent Fox News for some fair and balanced news’

    David, please take this in the spirit it’s meant, but comments like this do immense damage to the credibility of this site.

    There have been some fine, well argued posts recently, all to little effect when they’re followed by the above.


    • Paddy says:

      I find Fox a  onesided and a bit blinkered but in no way is it as shot through with Bias as auntie.

      Yes it is openly republican but , having watched it a few times it regularly has democrat guests on to defend/support their positions. In this way it far exceeds the beeb in terms of balance.

      How often have we seen panels solely composed of comentators from the left. If fox did this regularly (with right wingers) they would lose any credibility they still have. Fox draws a clean line between its journalist and commentators. It is undeniable that some of the commentators are biased to the right wing but there is regularly someone from the left and  journalstically fox takes a much more centrist tack.Yet auntie regularly has left only editorial and does this with impunity.

      Its funny the knee jerk reaction of leftists to the mention of Fox and yet if you actually take time to analyse their content although it is consitently right of centre it is often less slanted and biased than the supposedly impartial beeb.


  7. David vance says:


    Yes, it’s such a shame I am back, right? Get over it.


    I imagine you do have a problem with words.


  8. Guest says:

    ‘Fox News for some fair and balanced news – putting all points of view.’


  9. Grant says:

    So which is more biased, Fox or the BBC  ?

    At least I don’t have to pay for Fox.


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Fox News is not the official state broadcaster of the US, with a special place in the public’s eye, spanning generations.  Big, big difference.


  11. David vance says:

    Nor does Fox demand we all fund it. 

    I find the quality and depth of Fox news coverage vastly superior to the dismal BBC. The hosts are more informed, the panels of commentators more varied and the pace much faster.