As is usual, Biased-BBC will be holding a live-chat in parallel with Question Time tomorrow night starting at 10:30pm UK time.

The panel in Llandudno will consist of the former home secretary Jacqui Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan MP, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and meteorite-man Lembit Opik MP, Plaid Cymru’s Elfyn Llwyd and John Sergeant.

Yours truly will, in the absence of David Vance, be promoting myself from assistant moderator into the big seat for the evening. Please join us!

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  1. cassandra king says:

    What is the betting that the question time format suddenly changes back to its original form?

    No loaded questions, no Dimblebore ‘randomly'(my arse)picking audience questions, no special advice to boo and jeer.

    Of course the loaded panel will reain and the loaded audience will stay the same, the ever partial Dimblbore will still help and assist Smith just as he did last time, or was that Harman? they all look alike to me!
    A loaded panel this time? The BBC must think the public are cretins, they invite the left to dominate and they exclude the right and when they cannot exclude the right they try and sabotage them with dirty tricks.

    The fact that the BBC tries the trick of saying that the question time show is a seperate production company is most telling though!
    In fact this seperate production company is entirely run by ‘ex’ beeboids and newlabour supporters(funny that eh?) a seperate company staffed by beeboids/friends’N’family that is as close to beeboid land as possible enjoying subsidised income paid for by the taxslave, hows that for beeboid dishonesty?


  2. Grant says:

    So  five from the left including Dimblebore and one Tory.  BBC bias situation normal !


  3. sue says:

    Has OMTE gone on holiday with David Vance or are their simultaneous absences  a coincidence?


    • cassandra king says:

      I have a soft spot for OMTE, yes I realise I am a heretic and deserve a good thrashing’N’stuff!


  4. Philip says:

    A particularly fine bunch of planks for tonight, then  *DONT_KNOW*