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It must be time for a midweek open thread.

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  1. Ian says:

    Btw – did anyone catch PMQ’s? Did anyone mention NeatherGate?

    If not, we can only draw our own conclusions as why CMD’s mob are so reticent.

    To quote Bob – it would appear a “conspiracy” of silence.


    • Bob says:

      No PMQs but:

      Speaking in the Commons, shadow home secretary Chris Grayling said:

      “What, of course, Mr Neather, the former adviser concerned, said was that the policy of rapid expansion was done to put pressure on the right.
      “Would it not be utterly disgraceful for a government to make immigration policy not in the interests of the country but the interests of a political party and is that what happened?”

      the conspiracy goes on!!


  2. George R says:

    BBC’s default political position on Middle East:

    as implicit lobbyist for Organisation of Islamic Conference,  (OIC).

    BBC’s Mr. Marcus goes to town in Washington ‘bigging up’ the emerging ‘liberal ‘ lobby  on Israel, backed by George Soros,:
     J Street:

    “J Street fills gap on Washington map”

    Of course, the BBC ignores the criticisms of ‘J Street’ made by e.g. Melanie Phillips:

    “With ‘friends’ like these, who needs enemies?”

    Meanwhile the OIC continues with its campaign to end free speech, and, in particular, of any criticism of Islam.

     The BBC, not an upholder of free speech, is not interested.

    ‘Jihadwatch’ is:

    “Islamic countries pushing global ‘blasphemy’ law”


  3. Martin says:

    Anyone see Bob the Knob Ainsworth get a right kicking on ITV News? I’ve never seen a Labour politician get a kicking like that on the BBC, ever.

    Then on Radio 5 I heard some stupid female beeboid trying to defend the one eyed idiot’s U turn on the TA cuts. Apparently it was all to do with that great man John Reid who told the one eyed fool that this was not a good idea and apparently he decided to change it. So nothing to do with Cameron giving one eye a kicking over it at PMQ’s the other week or Liam Fox pointing out that cutting TA training when many of them (including a mate of mine) are off fighting in their foolish pointless war.

    The BBC must really think people are idiots.


  4. jeff says:

    I’m afraid that if anyone is waiting for Cameron to make any mention of Neathergate then you’re in for a long wait. Call me Dave won’t do anything to upset the Guardianistas and the Islington set. He knows darned well that, barring some awful catastrophe, he’s won the next election and this old Etonian spiv isn’t going to rock the boat. Since 1997 the British people have been lied to and now we have the evidence. Sir Andrew Green said that this was “dynamite”. Just don’t wait for Dave to light the fuse!


    • Martin says:

      I thibk call me Dave is right to ignore it, the leftist scum at the BBC will be looking for any excuse to suggest he’s got similar views to theBNP.


  5. George R says:

    “France to launch national pride campaign in battle against Islamic fundamentalism”

     Will Labour (and BBC) support similar campaign in Britain?


  6. George R says:

    BBC may pick this up later , complete with bland headline.


    “Imam killed in shoot out with police in Dearborn”


    “When was the last time a Buddhist monk, or a Hindu guru, or a Christian priest, or a Jewish rabbi was killed in a shootout with police?  Are all religions basically the same, do they all teach the same values? “


  7. Pounce says:

    I like many other people (But not many coloureds) give blood. You see as a healthy human being I feel I should at least help my fellow man by giving blood. I’m B+ which while not that rare (its common in coloured people) isn’t as readily available in the Uk as it should be.

    Anyway, that’s by the by. When I give blood I am given a huge card to read which asks a lot of questions about my life style

    Drug user, Gay, had a recent Tatoo, Do you had sex for money, have you been abroad to a country that has malaria? You get the drift.


    Well it appears the bBC has picked up the banner for Gay men who because of their life style are forbidden to give blood. Excuse me I don’t mean to be bloody homophobic but Gay men are to all extent and purposes categorised as a High risk group when it comes to HIV. While I accept that 90% of gay men don’t have HIV . The fact remains they are at risk. After the debarkle we saw in the UK with contaminated blood during the 80s and 90s. You’d think the bBC would see common sense about trying to change the rules so that a high risk group isn’t seen to be discriminated against due to a politically correct agenda.


    The bBC article mentions that ;

    “The public is often being urged to give blood, to help those that need it.”

    Now if it all about getting people through the door, why doesn’t the bBC target the ethnic minority in the UK. (Of which I am one) Because as I mentioned above every time I have given blood I have been the only coloured person doing so. (And I have been giving blood for over 20 years)


    But I suppose that wouldn’t be deemed politically correct, would it.


    • Paddy says:

      Here bloody Here,
      When should PC come in to the provision of health care.
      I sell for a living and am discriminated against because I travel to areas with bloodborn diseases. This has meant my blood donation has been sporadic and has only occured at least 6 months after visits tp danger regions,but most importantly it has prevented any disease I may have caught being passed on to innocent bloodusers.

      Like it or like it not anal sex spreads blood diseases. Gays on the whole practice anal sex. Therefore gay men have a statistically higher propensity for blood diseases.

      By excluding gay men from giving blood the transfusion service is doing the same as it is doing to me. It is much more important to reduce the risk of infecting critically ill patients than to appease the feelings of a high risk group.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So the first two segments on BBC World Propaganda America are about suicide bombs in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Of course, Matt Frei and Orla Guerin wring their hands at the carnage and senseless loss of human life.  Children are killed, and coffins roll in, intones Guerin.  Back in the studio, Frei Boy puts on his somber voice talking to some pundit of Arab descent.

    When the hell will the BBC ever be honest about the fact that this is really Muslims killing Muslims?  All BBC reporting has the agenda of focusing on blaming the political and US angle.  Oh, Frei Boy asks that, since women and children were kiled this time (he paints this incident as unusual, which shows how pathetic he is), “what’s the point of it?”

    Start talking about Muslims killing Muslims, BBC, you dishonest bastards.


  9. Marky says:

    Entirely predictable, unlike global warming.

    HYS “Would you change your diet to help the planet?”


  10. cassandra king says:

    Ooooh NOOoooo!

    The coast of Wales is under threat from rising sea levels brought on by ‘climate change AKA global warming’ the coast will have to be evacuated and abandoned and relocated inland(on mountains?) perhaps we should bring our trops home to deal with the emergency and maybe the EU will donate funds and shelters to house all the refugees? Are the refugees fleeing now? Has the government imposed a state of emergency, maybe we should have a fund raising effort to buy lifeboats to ferry the victims to higher ground?

    The today show seemed no extra comment was needed or any information like actual sea level rise as of the last ten years OR how many years it would take to take the sea to rise to a level that would overwhelm flood defences and flood coastal areas.

    Lets see if we can extract some realities from the scaremongering for Copenhagen shall we? At current rates of sea level rise it would take centuries to overwhelm sea defences along the Welsh coast, so when they take of evacuation no wonder they feel unabe to report the timeline involved!
    Can you imagine the depths to which these propagandists have sunk to when the authorities will resort to scaremongering and alarmism to get their political will obeyed.
    Lets be clear about rising sea levels, they have been slowly increasing at a tiny rate from the last ice age and there is no reason to believe that the sea level will in fact continue to rise, the government is lying to us and creating fear and uncertainty to peddle its agenda and the BBC is actively helping them spread their lies.
    Perhaps they meant rainfall and ‘forgot’ to include rainfall in this emergency statement?
    Their is no evidence that rainfall has increased beyond natural variability so perhaps there is a problem with the decade long neglect of flood defences/drainage channels/river sediment blockages.
    Sea defences can be improved and drainage channels cleared and improved, building on flood plains could be stopped and dams created, all of this takes money of course but the tragedy is that this money is being squandered on a faked up scare!

    I suppose the fake report was intended to create fear and add to the list of fake reports leading to the Copenhagen summit of lies and liars, this doesnt excuse the BBC from any blame, they peddle the obvious lies of a lying government, they support the lies of the ecofanatics, they support all of this for political reasons and thats why they should be smashed, no reform no privatisation just the wholeslae destruction of a treacherous monlith.


  11. George R says:

    A ‘wedding story’, approvingly reported by BBC’s Mohamed  Hassan.

    Of course, the BBC headline has a key word edited out:

    Muslim “Somali man ‘112’ weds girl 17”


  12. George R says:

    BBC report:

     ” Iran worker ‘jailing’ angers UK”

    No doubt David Miliband is angry enough to stamp his foot at the Iranian regime’s actions.

    But the BBC refers to no practical reprisals which a British government could take, including the necessary action of closing down the Iranian regime’s 24/7 ‘PressTV’ operation in London.


  13. George R says:

    “More than 100 BBC senior managers to go”

    How can this be, when the BBC has been forever making out that the BBC is such an efficient organisation?

    Perhaps public criticism of the BBC is having some effect.


  14. Guest says:

    Just watched The Trust’s Mr. Lyons on the BBC Lunchtime news being ‘interviewed’.

    An ‘experienced’ journalist/talking head reads a script created, one presumes, by competent news gatherers and overseen and approved by all manner of creative and other ‘maangers’.

    And he trots out an issue of high pay (or bonusses… didn’t quite catch it) that allows Mr. Lyons to smirk and reply that he’s quite wrong, as…. he’s refused it.

    Either the whole news team are incompetent from top to even more bottom and couldn’t find much less verify a fact if their lives depended on it, or this was some bizarre set up to make the troughing berk seem less greedy. This was an employee talking to one of his overseers! you’d think they might, juts try and get it right.

    Either way,the breezy indifference of an in-theory ‘professional’ newsreader at being TOTALLY WRONG (or not knowing enough to counter) beggars belief.


  15. Biodegradable says:

    When will we see a BBC presenter apologise for unbalanced reporting?


  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Once again, the BBC reports on a minor announcement about a domestic policy in a foreign country.  This is of no interest or importance whatsoever to the British public.  However, because it is part of His Plan For Us, the BBC simply must keep you up to date on every single development in the US health care issue.

    Pelosi unveils House health bill

    Pretty mundane, and nothing that affects any of you.  Of course, because it’s something Beeboids support, their visceral bias prevents them from reporting one important aspect of this story:

    In a public space, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has blocked public access to a public announcement on somethng that is being forced on us.  Only members of the public with special permission could attend a public announcement on public policy in a public space.

    The authoritarian tendencies of the Democrats in charge get bolder and bolder.  The BBC doesn’t want you to know that because they approve.


  17. Martin says:

    BBC 6PM News. USA is coming out of the recession, the UK is not. No mention that this is due to the incompetence of McTwat.  Why not? We all know the BBC (see excellent blog on Guido’s site) and the other leftist media were ready for an onslaught of George Osborne last week when our last quarter figures were published.

    Of course it all backfired on the BBC, so all of a sudden we are left in the dark as to WHY we are still in recession when most of the world no longer is.

    The BBC also buried the McNulty story well down in the news along with their own issues over managers pay at the BBC.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The US is not coming out of the recession.  Our government masters are making it worse. 

      Feds overstated stimulus jobs by thousands

      New home sales drop, durable goods orders up

      Mass Layoffs Summary

      A transitory stimulus bubble is not the same thing as true recovery.  An honest news organization would also find time to mention that much of the stimulus was started during the Bush Administration.  Instead, the BBC misrepresents the “Cash for Clunkers” scheme, and refuses to inform you that most of The Obamessiah’s stimulus cash has barely been spent.  Of course, since promoting Him is more imporant to the BBC than factual reporting, you don’t get to learn any of this.


  18. George R says:

    Go to ‘Fox News’, not BBC, for reports on USA:

    1.) ‘Fox News’:

    “Son of Radical Islam leader killed in FBI shootout caught in Canada”,2933,570146,00.html

    2.) BBC:

     “Islamist dies in FBI Detroit raid”


  19. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Now the BBC seems to be openly supporting ousted Honduran leader Zelaya.

    Honduran rivals resolve deadlock

    As I’ve been saying for some time now, the BBC has been totally dishonest in their reporting on this story.  They have continuously refered to Zelaya’s removal as a “coup”, which it isn’t.  They have continuously portrayed Zelaya in a sympathetic light, often describing his arrest and removal from office in ominous tones (“at gunpoint”, etc.), and even done a report about how awful it was for him and his supporters being trapped in the Brazilian embassy for a while. IN fact, it was only recently that the BBC finally began reporting that it was in fact the Supreme Court which voted for his removal, and told the army to arrest him.  They have finally stopped lying about him being removed by an army-backed coup.  Now it’s just a plain old coup.

    The BBC has never, ever told you that Zelaya is supported by their beloved Hugo Chavez.  They have never told you that Chavez abetted the illegal act which got Zelaya kicked out.  Of course, that would put him in a bad light, and we can’t have that.  Instead, the BBC keeps telling you how much the US supports him.  Now, when was the last time the BBC reported the US President’s support of a foreign leader as something positive?

    An honest, unbiased news organization would be telling you that Zelaya is supported by both The Obamessiah and Chavez, and you would get a bit of analysis about His embrace of Chavez, and how that relationship is helpful in this situation.

    The most blatant bit of BBC bias in this particular report can be found in the inset “Analysis” from Stephen Gibbs.

    The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has described this agreement as “historic”, that suggests we are extremely close to a deal.


    The BBC is on-side.  Anyone following their reporting on this story won’t be surprised by this, but Gibbs gives it away.


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    How interesting thet that BBC finds time to report this:

    Nine missing after US air crash

    but not this:

    2 men shot in legs outside LA synagogue

    One is a mundane story about a military helicpoter crash.  No larger issues involved, nothing that doesn’t happen fairly often, sad as it is.  Yet, a rare incident with hate crime overtones is ignored by the BBC.  There have been two big Islamo-nutter terrorist busts in the US in the last couple of weeks.  The BBC quickly swept those under the rug, of course, because it puts the lie to the far Left’s contention last year that this kind of thing would stop once we entered The Obamaessianic Age.

    I guess because there were no dead Jews as a result of the shooting, the story is even less appealing to the BBC.


  21. George R says:

    What is the BBC’s main non-news story as lead on its so-called ‘News Front Page’?-  Some favourite propaganda, woolly non-story about the BBC’s wonderful EU, climate, and how vital its is for richer countries (which contain poor people) to give even more money to poorer countries (which contain rich people) :

    “EU push for climate funding unity”

    Reference to opposition to Blair as EU President is rather hidden at end of piece.


  22. Guest says:

    18:30–19:00 The News Quiz
    Series 69, Episode 6
    6/9. Sandi Toksvig chairs. The panel includes Jeremy Hardy, Paul Sinha and Sue Perkins.

    3/4 homosexuals.
    That’s “diversity” for you.


  23. Wally Greeninker says:

    “One Flew over the No 10 bunker says:Oct 30th, 2009, 8.37pm

    It is widely reported that there is an EU force patrolling the waters of Somalia. In addition the latest kidnapped Brits yacht was located by ‘an EU vessel’. The vessel concerned was in fact a comissioned warship of Her Maj’s Royal Navy.”

    This is certainly how the Beeb has been reporting things – the EU hasn’t got a president or foreign minister yet but it appears to have a navy already!


  24. Wally Greeninker says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention that the section in quotes above, is a comment from a poster over on Guidos’s.


  25. Roger C says:

    The BBC has been very sympathetic to these poor Somali pirates. It speakes volumes that the pirates contacted the BBC direct to put their ransome demands and all night the news has stressed the reasons the somali scum are doing this (we have “hurt” their fishing!) No consideration for the poor victims as usual.


  26. Guest says:

    “Hello, this is the BBC… how would you like your terrorist demand directed and promoted?”

    Guess it’s just a another unique service.


  27. Paddy says:

    Peacenic Hippy BBC disingenuous sly bXstards

    Note they dont mention the PPU when mentioning the white poppy.

    Also note they dont mention where the money goes.

    At a time when our soldiers are being maimed, when they need all the financial and moral support they can get it is just like auntie to hide a sales pitch for conshies in its ‘news’ output.

    And opinionated pingu and scott I am not anti peoples right to protest for peace just the hijacking of a national fundraising campaign for injured veterans and most importantly i am against our national broadcaster hiding propoganda for people who would steal from the injured and the families of the killed.


  28. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The biased Narrative continues from Jeremy Bowen.

    Obama yet to deliver on Middle East

    Bowen muses about The Obamessiah and the peace process.  He wheels out the standard lie of the Bush-hating media.

    It was supposed to begin to repair the damage done to America’s standing in the Muslim world, and especially in the Arab Middle East by his predecessor.

    Honest people will remember that the Palestinians and much of the Muslim world – especially the Arab Middle East – danced in the streets with joy on September 11, 2001.  George Bush had been President for less time than The Obamessiah has been now.  Furthermore, it was considered a big deal for Europeans to show sympathy for and solidarity with us after the terrorist mass murders because most of Europe had a negative attitude towards the US already.

    Back then we were told that they already hated us for whatever nasty opression we had done to Muslims and whomever else, we had it coming, etc.  Within a few years, the Narrative had shifted to the evil Booooosh being the reason they hate us.  Thus history is rewritten to suit the biased BBC.]

    I’m not even going to bother with the rest of Bowen’s piece, as he has once again discredited himself as a journalist.


  29. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s some news about the US President’s actions you won’t hear from the BBC.

    Newly disclosed emails link White House directly to NEA politicization scandal

    Former actor and present White House associate director of public engagement Kalpen Modi was directly involved in planning the controversial conference call hosted by a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) flack to encourage tax-supported artists to create propaganda for President Obama according to emails obtained by Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

    This is both illegal and totalitarian. But the BBC doesn’t want you to know anything negative about The Obamessiah.  No, it’s still all Hope and Change, and the regular stream of encouraging BBC reports on the progress of favored elements of His domestic agenda.

    The BBC’s pro-Obamessiah bias is making them hide this story from you, while instead informing you of specific domestic policy platforms.


  30. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s some news about the US President’s actions you won’t hear from the BBC.

    Newly disclosed emails link White House directly to NEA politicization scandal

    Former actor and present White House associate director of public engagement Kalpen Modi was directly involved in planning the controversial conference call hosted by a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) flack to encourage tax-supported artists to create propaganda for President Obama according to emails obtained by Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

    This is both illegal and totalitarian. But the BBC doesn’t want you to know anything negative about The Obamessiah.  No, it’s still all Hope and Change, and the regular stream of encouraging BBC reports on the progress of favored elements of His domestic agenda.

    The BBC’s pro-Obamessiah bias is making them hide this story from you, while instead informing you of specific domestic policy platforms.


    • Scott M says:

      The BBC’s pro-Obamessiah bias is making them hide this story from you”

      Was the BBC responsible also for a lack of discussion on the topic from mainstream US press, I wonder?

      There doesn’t seem to have been much discussion about it beyond the specialist arts press in the US, apart from some reports on blogs using language that makes it hard to separate fact from cant.

      Given that the BBC’s never been very good about reporting arts news and that it’s hardly a burning topic in the US media outlets it regards as trustworhty sources, I’m not sure it’s unsurprising it hasn’t grasped the significance.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Once again you need to be reminded that the behavior of other news outlets is irrelevant to the BBC’s responsibility.  Of course, it’s also the case that most of the US media is afraid to report on His flaws as well, considering the White House attacks and demonization of FOX News.

        I should also point out that this isn’t “arts news”.  This is political news.  As for trustworthy sources, the Washington Times is legit, and Yosi Sargent got sacked over this story. It’s real, and your attempt to dismiss the story as illegitimate is in error.


        • Scott M says:

          Wow. You’re really angry, aren’t you? Somebody tries to engage with the issue and you just snap at them like they’re nothing for having the temerity to even engage.

          It doesn’t exactly make you look particularly level-headed, I have to say.

          If you want people to engage with you, calm down and try to come across as less of a patronising old git. Ta.


          • David Preiser (USA) says:

            You call that snapping?  Haha.  So now instead of debating you’re just going to insult me in an attempt to distract and stifle debate.  Nice.


            • Scott M says:

              David, you use your haughty attitude and patronising demeanour to “distract and stifle debate”, so take that beam out of your own eye, my friend.

              I could talk about the 21 arts orgs who issued a joint statement to support Obama’s healthcare plans, the issues over Kathy Washington’s inclusion on the conference call, and more — but I’d rather do it with someone who doesn’t come across as a total berk.


          • Guest says:

            Just wondrin’ if such as this would be allowed in an outing on the forums of the organisation default ‘defended’ (though the BBC must cringe at all ‘supportive’ posts they get that simply damn them further by association), if rather ironically. 


            • Opinionated More Than Educated says:


              Have read this four times and it still makes no sense. Fancy another bash, but with the words in some kind of order?


        • Tarquin says:

          “Once again you need to be reminded that the behavior of other news outlets is irrelevant to the BBC’s responsibility.”

          I wasn’t aware the BBC had a responsibility to cover the US exhaustively, particularly in areas their own press haven’t even covered, what with being funded by the British taxpayer and all


  31. George R says:

    Of course, the BBC ignores the ISLAMIC JIHAD element to this Somali piracy.

    BBC report: “Ransom demanded for yacht couple.”

    Here’s a corrective piece of 6 months ago:

    “What Piracy? This is the same old jihad.”  (by Raymond Ibrahim.)


  32. Marky says:

    Money returned by Islamic group
    An Islamic organisation funded by the Scottish government has had to return more than half the public money given to it.

    Whenever I see this sort of non-article from the BBC there’s quite often something else…


  33. Teddy Bear says:

    I read in the Daily Mail today that British nuclear expert’s 17th floor UN death plunge ‘was not suicide’. The article tells that this man whose job involved monitoring nuclear activity, and had a wife who worked as well for the UN nuclear agency IAEA, and a 3 year old son together, was originally thought to have committed suicide by ascending to the 17th floor of the UN office building where he worked in Austria and plunged to his death. Since his family thought it very strange that he would have committed suicide, as ‘he was not that type’, requested another doctor perform a second post mortem. The result was that this doctor suspected suspicious circumstances.

    The Daily Mirror also carries this story and tells too of a Brit who died in similar circumstances in the same building 4 months ago, but I could find no further verification of this.
    The Mail however tells of another similar case – Under a year ago, an American died at the IAEA in strikingly similar circumstances, his body being found at the bottom of a stairwell.
    Consider that both had ‘chosen’ to plunge to their deaths on the inside of the building, and had been found at the bottom of the stairwell. If I was planning suicide I would be afraid to hit the side of the stairwell on the way down and merely injure myself so I’d choose the scenic route.
    Consider too, that the recent plunge happened on the same day that the BBC reports Iran nuclear fuel deal ‘agreed’ . These talks were held in the same building of this apparent ‘suicide’.
    Now is that a coincidence or not?
    I can say that I trust the UN IAEA as much as I trust the BBC. Bear in mind that it was Hans Blix who headed this organisation during the beginning of Saddam’s nuclear exploits, and who confirmed to the world that Iraq was clean. That was until Israel bombed the Osiris reactor and showed the IAEA up for the sham it was. But the IAEA was happy to use Blix again in the lead up to the present Iraq conflict and deposition of Saddam.


  34. Teddy Bear says:

    So I looked to research a little more on these apparent ‘suicides at the UN. I found this one of an Austrian UN woman who also apparently dived to her death from the 19th floor of the UN building in NY as reported by the Daily News . Delving further I discovered she also had IAEA connections.
    Maria DiBiase WMR has learned from UN sources that the 19th Floor from which UN employee Maria DiBiase plunged to her death in the early morning of February 17, houses the Department of Peace-keeping Operations/Field Administration and Logistics Division (DPKO/FALD). The offices also house the code machines used for the encrypted fax machines used for DPKO activities in addition to a spare set of code machines used for DPKO rapid response teams. DiBiase, an Austrian national, was a computer specialist for the UN and a former Conference Services staff member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria. WMR has learned that the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) maintained in a special UN’s computer database all the files on Sadaam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program retrieved from compact disks provided to UNSCOM by Saddam’s government prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The database is said to include all the black market nuclear suppliers involved in providing materials to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Libya via Turkey and the A Q Khan smuggling network. The list reportedly includes front companies in Switzerland linked to Marc Rich, the American fugitive pardoned by President Clinton, and Dick Cheney. DiBiase is said to have arrived at work Sunday morning to finish a project that was due on Monday morning. WMR has been told that there may have been a “black bag” operation taking place on the 19th floor at the same time DiBiase arrived at work. The UNSCOM files reportedly validate much of former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds’ recent claims on nuclear smuggling that appeared in the London Sunday Times.

    Something stinks – really stinks.
    Did I mention that the BBC carries no coverage of any of these deaths? But it reports in glowing terms the highly suspicious deal done by the IAEA with Iran (linked above).