Jeremy Hunt talks to Andrew Neil about what the Conservatives are planning for the BBC after the next election. It’ll be interesting to see how far, if at all, these moves will address the bias.

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  1. Biodegradable says:

    “Not available in your area”



  2. Martin says:

    Simply scrap the tax and let beeboids pay for their Cocaine at the expense of others and not me. I couldn’t care less who runs the BBC then.


  3. John Anderson says:

    Hunt’s answers were “measured” ,  mostly PC.   But he at least raises 3 key issues –

    1  the question of political bias among BBC journalists,  quoting Andrew Marr.  Now where did he see that quote ?

    2   the endless inflation of the BBC budget will be stopped

    3 The BBC Trust is a mockery and will be jettisoned

    At thios stage there is no point the Tories seeking to antagonise those 1000 BBC news hacks,  look what has happened to Obama’s stupid all-out attack on Fox News.   Why6 stir up a hornets’ nest ? 

    Sotflee,  softlee,  catchee monkey.

    Once the Tories are in power,  the next review of the BBC Charter and the licence fee will begin,  with many many months for public consultation and lobbying.   Methinks the Tories will turn a tin ear to the BBC,  and pay far more attention to its critics.   There WILL be changes,  the question is how radical those changes will be.

    I’d still like to see Andrew Neil as Director General.  That single appointment would alter the political balance of BBC news output.  


    • Travis Bickle says:

      No.  What the tories will do – the moment they take power – is walk into the DGs office at the BBC, hand oustretched and say:

      “Right, the propaganda machine is now ours.  So keep the wheels turning.”

      If anything, the tories are trying to put the frighteners on the BBC in the desperate hope they will give them an easier time come election.


      • Jack Bauer says:

        Interesting concept. How does that work? 

        Is this new “conservative” perspective uploaded (a la the Matrix) into the brains of the progeny of the post-war Marxist claptrap twhich asses for an education at the liberal arts colleges?

        Or are they all sacked. Starting with Paxman and Mr I’m fwee Humphrys?

        We need to know.


  4. Guest says:

    John Howard. Please can we have him as next PM?


  5. Travis Bickle says:

    If anything this proves conclusively that the Tories aim to do nothing to the BBC except play their game.


  6. John Anderson says:

    A big cut in the BBC licence tax – maybe on a tapering basis – is equivalent to a cut in income tax.  The Tory Chancellor will be looking for ANYTHING to soften the pain of the economic mess he inherits – and will have no chance of normal tax cuts.


  7. david cross says:

    travis you are spot on
    i heard a squirming interview with jeremy hunt on the iain collins show on talkspoert radio on 28th oct a couple of days ago . hunt talked of his support for the b.b.c and added how david cameron wrote in the sun newspaper during the ross/brand scandal . that the consevative party still supports the b.b.c and the tv licence . so in a nut shell this site is full of conservative leaning supporters slaging the anti conservative lefty b.b.c off .  yet when the conservatives come to power they will still suppoert the three thousand million pound tv poll tax . that gives £125.000 per week of tv tax payers money to ross . and the conservatives will NOT stop this .