The boy David Miliband has been revealing the real post-Lisbon EU agenda today; that he and the rest of his rotten party want Tony Blair to become president of Europe, and the UK itself to be a vassal state in the pursuit of EU goals. As usual, the BBC gives him acres of space to push his federalist views, both on the website and on most major news programmes such as World at One.

And what’s almost completely missing from this fawning coverage? Any idea – as was clearly expressed on June 3 in the European elections – that the whole vast EU edifice stinks, that Britain hates Tony Blair and that what the EU is doing is against the wishes of the British people.

The only opposition that WATO could muster to the Miliband’s mad dash to crown Tony Blair was French foreign affairs spokesman Bernard Kouchner, whose only objections were that Blair had not joined the euro and that us Brits did not like the EU enough.

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  1. George R says:

    BBC ‘Newsnight’ has item about Blair for EU Presidency tonight.


  2. George R says:

    Note for BBC:  the end of free speech, via European Union – no criticism of Islam allowed.

    “European Union set to outlaw objections to Islamic practices”


    Let us read and support Geert Wilders while we may:



  3. NotaSheep says:

    The bit of the BBC report that really irritaed me was”The foreign secretary said a strong EU should not be opposed on the grounds of “hubris, nostalgia or xenophobia”.”  Indeed not but waht about “logic, sense and a love of freedom”?


  4. Kevin Humes says:

    Sean Gabb said to the Tory youth movement:

    “On the first day of your government, you should close down the BBC. You should take it off air. You should disclaim its copyrights. You should throw all its staff into the street. You should not try to privatise the BBC. This would simply be to transfer the voice of your enemy from the public to the private sector, where it might be more effective in its opposition. You must shut it down – and shut it down at once. You should do the same with much of the administration. The Foreign Office, much of the Home Office, the Commission for Racial Equality, anything to do with health and safety and planning and child protection – I mean much of the public sector – these should be shut down. If at the end of your first month in power, you have not shut down half of the State, you are failing. If you have shut down half the State, you have made a step in the right direction, and are ready for still further cuts.”


  5. Haslemere Tapper says:

    BBC seems to have learnt nothing from the Jonathan Ross affair – see this blog post: http://lordstansted.blogspot.com/2009/10/bbc-thinks-anne-franck-is-most-amusing.html

    I wonder what the reaction would be if it had been said by Griffin of the BNP.


  6. Grant says:

    Surely a corrupt, war criminal, egotist like Blair is the perfect symbol for the EU ?


  7. Niall Tullow says:

    Here we go again.  Also watch out for Heseltine all over the media saying the CCC (Camerons Caring Conservatives) must not hold a referendum on Europe as it will ‘weaken Britain’s standing’.

    We were promised a referendum by NuLab, they sold us down the river.  The CCC are preparing to sell us down the river.

    I am definitely voting UKIP and considering voting BNP.  What other choices do I have?


    • David Morris says:

      Well if you want to keep Labour in power vote UKIP.  If not then consider whatever you like.

      Your choice really it is (barely) still a democracy after all


      • Bob says:

        disclaimer: if you live in about the two seats where that might make a difference, vote for who you want – Tories will win, or rather, Labour won’t


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Not federalist.  Soviet.


  9. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    This is just laughable. I dislike the EU, I dislike Blair even more. But I don’t blame the BBC for reporting what the Foreign Secretary said about the EU presidency! It’s like this; I hate Man Utd, but I don’t blame Sky Sports for televising a game where they win and talking about how they played.

    If you guys actually picked the correct targets you might achieve something. Shooting the messenger is such a waste of time.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      If you read the article a little more carefully, you will see it does not criticise the BBC for reporting the Foreign Secretary’s utterings. The criticism is for a lack of balance in the report.


      • Bob says:

        that’d be a lack of balance that didn’t tell us:

        “that the whole vast EU edifice stinks, that Britain hates Tony Blair and that what the EU is doing is against the wishes of the British people.”

        right, is that the current Tory policy?

        Nick Robinson meanwhile is giving a fair bit of coverage to Cameron’s opposition to ‘il presidente’ – if I were to pick that article on its own I could use it in exactly the same way as this one to show a tory bias, no mention of labour responses etc etc – and this is why this case, like most, falls flat on its face