Hi folks. This is the last open thread from me for a while so please use it wisely! I will be back for the QT Liveblog.

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  1. George R says:

    BBC’s political propaganda for Human Rights Act; BBC gives 90% of its report supporting the Act, only about 10% to Tories’ plan to abolish the Act:

    “Human Rights Act defended by DPP”

    ‘A Tangled Web’:

    “Scrap Human Rights Law?”  (by David Vance)

    Melanie Phillips:

    “The Human Rights Jihad”


  2. Martin says:

    So what a shock, the government and the Police have been caught out ONCE AGAIN fiddling the violent crime figures.

    How often do we hear prats like Sheena Easton spouting the Government lie that “violent crime is falling?” what like knife crime?

    I’m sure Easton will find some excuse to explain this away.


  3. Biodegradable says:

    BBC historical revisionism:

    Jewish-Arab crime film captures tensions

    So much here to fisk and so little time, bt this part sticks out like a sore thumb:

    Until the war during which Israel was founded broke out in 1948, Jaffa was the considered the cultural capital of what was then British Mandate Palestine.

    The State of Israel was declared at a special session of the United Nations, during which declaration Israel accepted the original “Two State Solution” and offered a hand of peace to the Arabs, who rejected the resolution and then, only then, once the State of Israel was formerly declared and was in existence, did the massed Arab armies declare and wage war against Israel.

    Israel was not founded during a war.THE DECLARATION OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL was in fact made in a moment of relative peace. War was declared on Israel and Israel defended itself. A war that still threatens Israel’s very existence in which Israel continues to defend itself.

    The BBC is knowingly distorting history in order to maintain the narrative that Israel is a war-like nation whose existence is due to (a) military aggression and (b) the “stealing” land from some imaginary and invented indigenous population by European immigrants.


    • sue says:

      Bio, that’s terrible, but typical. I saw something very similar on that subject before. The BBC thinks Israel was founded as a result of a war in 1948, or now, during one. I haven’t time to comment or post today, but just to mention that I also saw a history programme about I/P where the narrator said that Israel started the 1967 war because it was ‘fed up’ with Arab terrorists and border skirmishes.


      • Biodegradable says:


        “border skirmishes”

        Like those “crude, home-made rockets (that rarely cause casualties)”


  4. Anonymous says:

    David Vance blows goats.


  5. Urban Tory says:


    I’m new here and really impressed with it all but has anyone else noticed that when you post on the BBC anything that is remotely anti governmental/ pro conservative or pro Israeli it takes a hell of allot longer than a pro Labour/Hamas comment. 

    I did a quick test on this last week with two fake accounts posting on the same article one being sceptical and realistic with another gushing with praise. Surprise surprise the gushing comment which i sent at exactly the same time (well maybe a second or two later) was posted an hour and seventeen minutes later.

    This may be nothing new but it seams more like censorship to me, more Pravda than free press and freedom of expression 


  6. deegee says:

    Terror suspect arrested in Boston

    Be thankful for the ‘T’ word but we have to guess the religion that was the ideological basis. One co-conspirator, named as Ahmad Abousamra, who the authorities say is now in Syria. “They discussed their desire to participate in violent jihad against American interests and that they would talk about fighting jihad and their desire to die on the battlefield,” also allegedly travelled to the Middle East in February 2004 hoping to attend a terrorist training camp, with the aim of fighting US and allied forces in Iraq


  7. Ralph says:

    BBC ‘insiders’ have been telling their trade paper [] that Baroness Warsi ‘can be a bit shrill’ and that they had hoped the Tories would have chosen someone ‘who is a bit more erudite’.

    If Griffin doesn’t implode they’ve already lined up someone to blame.


  8. Teddy Bear says:

    When I saw this headline Israel Rejects Police Abuse Probe listed among the BBC main stories of the Middle East today, I wanted to see just how ‘the Israeli authorities were again flouting human rights as deemed by the ‘superior civilised nations’ in their cruel and harsh treatment of ‘innocent’ Palestinians.

    To understand just how ludicrous is this story, you just have to view the video yourself, and what the BBC make of it. Then compare it by example to the Palestinian police action after capturing 2 Israeli off-duty reserve soldiers who inadvertantly wondered into Ramalla back in October 2000.

    BBC ‘Clutching at Straws’
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      • deegee says:

        The BBC Middle East division operates almost entirely from Israel. It is the safest place in the M.E., with the highest technology, press freedom, 1st world standard of living, high standard of English including two English language dailies and some English language TV and radio AND alcohol is freely available. It should be no surprise that Israel receives a disproportionate coverage of both hard, soft and filler news.

        Without people permanently on the ground the BBC is limited to parachuting correspondents in when a story breaks and/or the surrounding country lets them. Not conducive to investigative journalism.

        However, speaking as an Israeli resident I am not happy with the idea that the police use ‘light blows’ on anyone, even if they are equal opportunity abusers. Police are expected to show higher self control than ordinary citizens and are given the authority to use appropriate force – heavy blows or even lethal force that ordinary citizens don’t have. This is a heavy responsibility. Israel strives to maintain the highest standards in all areas, not easy when your provocative opponents have no rules.

        It is unfortunate that the BBC can not or chooses not to report on far more severe abuses in Palestine and across the Middle East. It’s a little like reporting on shop-lifting in Cambridge rather than murder in Bradford. Nevertheless, this is a legitimate story. I don’t think this story is finished.


  9. Marky says:

    BBC Headline: Michelle Obama’s hula hips

    “Democrats are an opinionated bunch”

    They don’t like anyone else being opinionated though do they?

    “After weeks of public feuding between the cable news channel and the president’s top aides, Obama seemed to agree with statements by his advisers that Fox is not a real “news station.”

    BBC still silent? Had this been Bush…


  10. Grant says:

    Sue 18:06

    The stupid Beeboids just can’t accept that the Israelis pre-empted the Arab , and quite pathetic, “military”  plan to destroy Israeli 1967.    Probably the greatest military action in history since Trafalgar  !     


  11. George R says:

     Some BBC ‘Newsnight’  political propaganda priorities indicated here:

    1.) Iran regime not so bad. (BBC’s M. Urban)

    2.) Climate: situation is really, really, really desperate, and needs more of Labour’s really, really, really desperate policies (BBC’s S.Watts)


  12. Anonymous says:

    Well what do you know, straight after the one man and their mob debacle, the BBC are now repeating the “Islamic victimhood” panorama programme, just to attempt to indoctrinate that little bit more.

    The BBC are becoming an outright farce for New Labour propaganda, and virtually everybody other than the Socialist left can now see right through it.


  13. Umbongo says:

    1.  What has Denis Macshane got on the BBC?  Fresh from his disgraceful conduct on a recent Newsnight where he was outed on quoting false statisctics on sex trafficking, there he was on Today this morning for what exactly?  Apparently there is world-shattering news that he is to officiate at a ceremony in Rotherham to commemorate the Corn Law Rhymes penned by Rotherham poet Ebenezer Elliott in the 19th century.
    2.  Today also kept up its eurocentric agenda by hauling on notorious EU fanatic Alistair Horne to plead for the UK – or, at least, UK minus Scotland – to adopt European time.  He accused Humphrys of being a eurosceptic (a first surely!) for Humphrys’ having the effrontery to pose the odd mild question.  However, fair to say that later in the programme no less an EU fanatic than the aforementioned Macshane admitted that an opinion poll had confirmed that most people here did not want to adopt Eurotime.  It won’t stop them of course.  This issue is now firmly on the agenda and is raised regularly every 6 months.


  14. George R says:

    BBC’s parallel  ‘multicultural’ universe (and not a little BBC political propaganda):

    BBC’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ –

    1.) ‘Tale of two Pakistans’.

    Political massage: Islamic jihad is only a part of Pakistan (by BBC’s Mohammed Hanif).

    2.) ‘Returning to ‘the Jungle’.

    Political message: the desires and needs of  illegal immigrants in Calais camps,  should dictate British (and EU) immigration policy (by BBC’s Andrew Hosken).


  15. George R says:

    Will BBC report and support this?:

    “Pakistan: Christians launch movement to repeal blasphemy laws”


  16. deegee says:

    I just checked these BBC nature video clips. Epic humpback whale battle filmed

    I’m a little curious. Do British surfers get the clips with or without the advertisement for Intel and the South African Tourist Board attached?


  17. George R says:

    David Blackburn, in ‘Spectator blog’ on BBC’s –

     ‘The thick of it’



  18. james caine says:

    Nothing about this on the BBC:

    “The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.”,,a


  19. Guest says:

    Light-hearted is good.

    In praise of scepticism

    But, just wondrin’… who might the folk be that he includes under ‘..our attitude to climate sceptics’?

    But at least it got it published.


  20. Guest says:

    What a Marroon…

    AM: ‘The polls have shown…’

    Alan Crozier: ‘Er, one poll, for BBC’s Newsnight has…’

    AM: ‘Cluck, cluck, cluck…’

    Moving on to stats, he then gabbles like a headless chicken, arguing who voted for what, and seems stunned by a very calm Mr. Crozier conceding totals of those that voted but pointing (to my hearing, for the first time) out a majority of the workforce were not in favour.

    Broadcast only mode at its worst.


  21. George R says:

    This sort of disclaimer should accompany virtually every BBC report of acts of violence in an Islamic country:

    ‘Because the BBC is a dhimmi organisation, it does not want to use the phrase ‘Islamic jihad’, nor the word ‘Muslims’ to describe the instigators of the daily violence in the Middle East, so we will continue to print bland reports with impersonal headlines, like this:

    “Twin Baghdad blast kills scores”

     Unlike the BBC, ‘Jihadwatch’ provides information on the nature of the perpetrators and their motivation:


    “With this, the jihadists aim to demonstrate they can still attack high-value (and what should be highly secure) targets. The selection of targets — the ‘Baghdad governate building’ and Justice ministry — underscores the jihadists’ intention of imposing Sharia law: Though Iraq’s constitution says that ‘no law that contradicts the established provisions of Islam may be established,’ those who want Sharia are not inclined to be satisfied with a partial or symbolic implementation — something the West should stop to consider as well.”


  22. George R says:

    BBC allowing itslf to be used again by Gitmo detainee.

    BBC’s ‘impartial reporting’ as personified by BBC’s Mr. Esler, where he takes the side of ex-Gitmo detainee. Another BBC Islamic poster boy.

    “Return from Guantanamo” (audio, Radio 4)


  23. Will says:

    Why the constant need for “holy city of Qom”? Can we expect Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea & Royal Leamington Spa in future news bulletins?


  24. david cross says:

    listened to talk radio interview on 27th oct 09 with jeremy hunt and iain collins . hunt fell over himself with praise for the b.b.c . he qualified his support for the b.b.c  by adding how david cameron wrote a piece in the sun backing the b.b.c during the ross/brand scandal  . so in a nut shell . under the future incoming conservative government a british soldier injured on incapacity benefit will get full medical to make sure he is ill enough to recieve  the £86 per week tax payers handout .  but the consevative government has told the b.b.c and jonathon ross he will still recieve his £125.000 per week tax payers handout .


  25. david cross says:

    simple question does the incoming conservative government have the power to end the outdated anachronisic left wing propoganda machine that revieves over three thousand million pounds called the b.b.c  licence fee . yes or know